5 Simple Ways to Increase Your E-Commerce Website Conversion Rate Greatly

Fund the 5 simple ways you can increase your ecommerce website conversion rate greatly.

1)Simplify (or shorten) your payment process
Many times I visit a Web site and I am semi-interesse with a product. I could buy, I couldn’t. So now, I’m on the fence once you put the product in my cart.

But then I go to the box and see four or five steps. Ehh, I really didn’t this product.

What has happened here? I’ve been on the fence about a product, but the long process of secure payment I had too much time to think about the product that does not sell in the first place.

Let me give you a great example of a website that eliminates this long process of payment. It calls to Amazon. You may have heard of him.

His “1-Click” command allows registered customers (who have opted) to click on a button (a button. SIMPLE..) To buy a product. This is easy right?

But this is exactly the right number of measures for your ecommerce site? Unfortunately there is no one right answer. Depends on your site, the products it sells, and users who come to your website.

In addition, the length of the buying process is less important than simplicity. You can have a buying process a step that requires so much information that the process is not really simplified.

The best way to find what works best for your site is to test. To do this, you can use a tool like Optimizely.

Increase Your E-Commerce Website Conversion

Increase Your E-Commerce Website Conversion

2)Optimize your Web site for mobile

This strategy seems pretty common sense, but you will be surprised by the amount of e-commerce sites are not yet optimized for mobile devices. With the increased use of smartphones and tablets worldwide, Web sites that are not optimized for these devices suffer from lower than sites that are optimized conversion rate.

In fact, a third of all e-commerce purchases were made on a smartphone during the holidays 2013, Custora shopping season.

And not only that, but two of three clients prefer to access a mobile Web site a mobile application (Source: KISSmetrics). I know that I am part of the two-thirds who do not like to download a mobile application. Why should I leave my mobile browser to buy a product? I want to buy now!

3)Speed of your web site

A Web site can kill slow e-commerce conversion rates. In fact, a delay of one second in the response page can cause a reduction of 7% of the conversion, according to KISSmetrics. Taking a little further, a delay of one second in an electronic commerce site making 100,000 dollars a day could cost $2,500,000 a year in sales. Sounds like something useful in research?

Fortunately, there are many different ways to increase the speed of your site. I recommend to launch your web site via Google PageSpeed Insights. It will scan your site and make recommendations to speed up your site. Pass the recommendations to its development team. Your bottom line will thank you for

4)Create a sense of urgency
Anyone who has seen an infomercial knows strategy. “Call the next 10 minutes and get free shipping!” “Call now – left only 100 widget!”

That is what you do as a consumer, if you were little interested in the product? Brands you say to yourself: “I will not miss’d better hurry and act now..”. This is what is called the fear of getting lost (FOMO) and is a true psychological state. Seriously.

This strategy is powerful, to use it. Here are a few ways:

When the products are low in stock
Display when a sale will be more than one product
Show free shipping will be more than one product

5)Allow users to buy a product without registering for your site

How many times have you been somewhere ready to buy something, you start the payment process and prompts you to create a site account? If you’re like me, it feels like all the other times that I buy something online. What is this?

Well, frankly, it’s silly. I say this because the research actually shows that 26% of users leave payments due funnel be register before checking.

You can see on FinishLine.com I can choose at checkout as a guest. Yes, now we are talking.


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