How To Create a Facebook Shop page (Step by Step)

How To Create a Facebook Shop page (Step by Step)

Do you have a eCommerce store? Are you thinking to sell products from Facebook pages? You don’t know, how to create a Facebook shop page! To sell products through Facebook pages, you have to create a Facebook shop page.

Facebook allows you to add a Shop page section to your Facebook page so customers can buy your products directly from Facebook. In this article we’ll give you the step by step guideline how to create a Facebook shop page.

How to create a Facebook Shop Page

With more than three billion users, Facebook has become the must-have social networking platform.

Whether you are a big retailer or a small business, you can always add a shop page section to your Facebook page and start selling products in just a few minutes.

The advantages offered by a Facebook shop page are numerous:

  • The information communicated appear in the news feed of people who “Like” your page
  • Indexing in search engines since Facebook shop pages are public
  • Easy promotion to the outside of Facebook pages with widgets
  • Significant development potential due to large number of applications
  • Eligibility for the internal advertising social network
  • Internet analytics system

How To Create a Facebook Shop page

Step 1: Log in to Your Facebook Page and Open the Shop Page

To navigate to your Facebook shop page, first you have to logged in to your business page and make sure that you have the admin privilege.

By default, many business page have the Facebook shop page and you will see the page when you will log in into the admin. But your customer don’t see this page.

To get started, locate the shop tab on the left and click on it.

Shop Tab

If you’re facing problem to locate the Shop tab, the main reason might be you haven’t activated the right templates. To activate,

Go to, Settings > Templates and Tabs.

you will get a page like the following screen shot.

Current Template

Click on the Edit button as shown and you can apply the Shopping template. Now, you will get the Shop tab on your store, click on it.

Step 2: Set up your business details

After clicking on the Shop tab, you’ll see a popup message just like the below:

Set up Business Details

Click on Get Started blue button. You’ll see another popup asking you to add your business details. Select your Country/Region, Business type and type your address. When you complete all these, the Next button will visible. Now click on the Next button.

Lets Get Started

In the following next page you will see another page having the state in which you do business and your State tax registration number. You can skip this page for the time being if you want. But to some extend you have to tell Facebook your state tax registration number.

State Tax Registration Number

In order to get payment on Facebook, you have to specify your currency and fill your email address. So, at this stage you have to do it.

Get Paid on Facebook

Now, click on the Finish button.

Step 3: Set up payment to publish your shop

At this step, you will ask to set up your payments to publish your shop. Click on the Set Up Payments button to proceed.

Set Up Payments

After clicking on the Set Up Payments button, you’ll see a popup having Tax Details.

It’s a mandatory field and you have to complete the information right now. Make sure to add the correct information of your Business name, Employer Identification Number (EIN), your legal first name, middle name (optional) and your legal last name.

Tax Details

Now click on Save button.

The next step is to link your bank for payment (Keep in mind that some countries don’t have Facebook shop checkout, so the process may be a little different). In this page, type your bank routing number and account numbers, along with the name on the account and click on Save button.

Link Your Bank

Step 4: Add a Product to your Facebook shop page

You are almost ready to start selling. Now you have to add few products to your shop page, so that people can see those products and start buying.

Click on the Gear button and from the drop down menu, click on Manage shop option.

Manage Shop

Click on the Add Product button in the upper right-hand corner.

Add Product

When you will click on Add Product button you will get another product page for adding all sorts of information.

Add Product Details

Click on the Add Photos button to insert product photos that reveal what your product looks like. When you’ll click on Add Photos, then you will get an uploading interface. You have to upload your product photos from your computer to the Facebook page.

Now type the Product Name, give the Price and give some description about your product. You can copy paste the product description from your eCommerce store.

If your item has different color or size options, or you want to add some more variants, then click on the Edit Variants link to configure the variants offered through the product. 

You can also add the Shipping options here.

Step 5: Set up your shipping options

There are some extra settings to configure but that settings totally depends on your facebook shop categories. To find these extra settings click on Manage Shop tab on top of your Facebook Shop page.

Manage Shop(Extra Settings)

The main important part is to set up the shipping options. Under Shop settings you will get this option.

Here you have to Add the types of shipping like Standard Shipping, Expedited Shipping or Rush Shipping you would like to offer. 

After that, you have to explore some other settings like your return policy and customer support email.

Shipping Options

Step 6: Manage products

Say, you have uploaded a certain number of products. You can see all the items in a list. You can click on any of the product to modify. From the list view, you can see the photo of product, price and whether the product is visible to Public or not.

Product Management

You can also manage the inventory of your items and remove them from the store whenever you run out of stock. Just make sure to keep an eye on both your Facebook page and website to ensure that you always have the same inventory for your customers.

How To Create a Facebook Shop page: Final Thoughts

Hope the step by step guidelines of how to create a selling page on facebook helped you and you have successfully created a Facebook Shop page for selling your products from your eCommerce store. Unfortunately, the Facebook shop page haven’t the syncing features most online store owners would want, but you can visit the Shop Section Help Center, you’ll find details for everything from creating collections to accessing your shop settings.


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