Online Shipping Calculators and Debug Mode in WooCommerce

It is highly recommended to enable the debug mode within the shipping plugin settings section that you are using to calculate the shipping cost within your expectation. When this option will be enabled add a product to cart and you will see useful information on the cart page and/or on the checkout page that explains why shipping costs are different from your expectation.

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Set Up Legacy Shipping Options in WooCommerce

A shipping zone is a geographic location where a certain set of shipping methods and rates apply. You can add as many shipping zones as you need as customers can see the methods available for their address only.

Shipping zones are introduced in WooCommerce version 2.6 to bring more flexibility while configuring your shipping methods. Legacy shipping methods (Flat Rate, International Flat Rate, Local Pickup and Delivery, and Free Shipping) are rejected. So, it’s highly recommended to you disable these and setting up new rates within shipping zones as soon as possible.

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How To Set Up Local Pick Up in WooCommerce

Local pickup is the third shipping options available in WooCommerce besides flat rate and free shipping. It allow users to collect the item(s) they purchased from your online store by themselves.

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Set Up Free Shipping in WooCommerce

Free shipping is a great offer to attract customers to buy products from online store. To attract your customers you have to set up the free shipping option in WooCommerce properly. In this article we will cover how to set up the free shipping in WooCommerce properly.

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Set Up Flat Rate Shipping in WooCommerce

WooCommerce offers a lots of cool features for shipping. Flat Rate Shipping is the free shipping method in WooCommerce. It allows you define a standard rate per item, per shipping class or per order. We will cover the set up and some additional options of flat rate shipping below.

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How to Set up WooCommerce Coupons

WooCommerce Coupons offers a great way to give your customers discounts on products or any services and can help promote sales across your shop. In this article, we will show how to create a coupon and talk about the flexibility of expiration dates and usage-per-coupon.

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WooCommerce Klarna Payments – Beginners Guide

Klarna Gateway is a plugin of WooCommerce that allow you to take payments via Klarna. Klarna gateway contains several different payment methods like KCO and KPM. KCO = Klarna Checkout and KPM = Klarna Payment Method (invoice & part payment).

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How to Setup PayPal Powered by Braintree in WooCommerce

WooCommerce PayPal powered by Braintree is a WooCommerce Plugin which allows you to accept Credit Cards and PayPal Payments Gateway via Braintree. It authorizes credit card payments and processes them securely with Braintree merchant account.

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How to Setup Stripe on WooCommerce

Stripe, the payment gateway offers several key benefits and is a great choice to use with your WooCommerce website. This payment gateway for WooCommerce lets you accept payments directly onsite and includes the option to accept Payment Requests (Apple Pay and Google Pay), SEPA and more international payment methods.

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Check Payments, Direct Bank Transfer (BACS) and Cash on Delivery in WooCommerce

WooCommerce offers some payment gateway that doesn’t require to be made online. Check Payment, Direct Bank Transfer or Bank Account Clearing System (BACS), Cash on Delivery are that type of Payment gateway. You can set up the check payments in the early stage of building your store.

Orders using Check Payments, Direct Bank Transfer and Cash on Delivery are set On Hold until payment clears outside of WooCommerce.

As the store owner, you should confirm that payments have cleared bank accounts before processing orders in WooCommerce.

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