Generate More Sales in eCommerce Store with Thank You Page

Thank you page on your eCommerce store can increase more traffic and thus more sales. In fact, “thank you” page is a critical component of an eCommerce checkout process. The fact is that most eCommerce stores waste this opportunity.

Most marketers think that the eCommerce “thank you” page is the end of the sales funnel. That’s somewhat true. When customers reaches your “thank you” page, it means that they trust you with their money.

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eCommerce Security Threats and Protection Plan for Your Online Store

With the popularity of eCommerce business, you have to be aware about eCommerce security threats and take proper protection plan for your online store.

It is very easy to become an online store owner but difficult to keep it safe from hacking, phishing and other cyber attacks. It is a nightmare for most of the online business owners. 

Rather than wait until one of these eCommerce security threats attacks your site, you should work on building a proactive protection and prevention plan to secure your eCommerce store

Let’s check out the common eCommerce security threats and solutions to fight back.

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Magento vs Shopify: Which is the Best Open Source Platform?

The battle between eCommerce platforms never come to an end. This time the battle between Magento vs Shopify. Both of them are the most popular eCommerce platforms on the market today. 

Just think you have chosen the wrong platform to start from scratch. This can be really time consuming and also frustrating.

But don’t worry, we are here to save you time and remove frustration.

Our comparison between Magento vs Shopify will highlight their differences and help you decide which one is the best platform for you.

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Weebly vs Squarespace: Side by Side Comparison

Weebly vs Squarespace is a great match. The fight between two biggest website builder tool.

For those who don’t know about website builder, website builders are online platforms that allow you to create your own online store, without knowing any coding knowledge!

Ok…No more talk. Let’s move to our main topics. Comparison between Weebly vs Squarespace.

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WooCommerce vs Wix: Details and Side by Side Comparison

Comparison between another two popular eCommerce platform WooCommerce vs Wix. You can build online store by using both of this platform. The main difference between this two is: WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin and Wix is a cloud based website development platform.

Let’s move forward and see the comparison of WooCommerce vs Wix.

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Top Instagram Marketing Tools for Rapid Ecommerce Growth

With the popularity of Instagram, Instagram Marketing Tools are also becoming popular day by day. It is one of the most significant social media channels for brands to focus on right now. And if you’re not still using it with proper Instagram Marketing Tools, you’re missing out on something big!

Whether you are running a small business or high volume enterprise business, including Instagram in your marketing strategy is quiet essential.

In this article, we’ve put some top Instagram Marketing Softwareto help you turbo-charge your Instagram account, grow your followers and drive engagement for your brand.

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PrestaShop vs WooCommerce: Details Comparison

PrestaShop vs WooCommerce another comparison between two popular eCommerce platform. PrestaShop & WooCommerce are both open-source platforms to build eCommerce websites. Hence, the dilemma of choosing one between PrestaShop vs WooCommerce can be mind-numbing.

In this article, we’ll compare PrestaShop vs WooCommerce focusing on the basic and advanced criteria on both of this platform.

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Dokan vs WCFM Marketplace: Side by Side Comparison

Dokan vs WCFM Marketplace…yes it’s now time to compare WCFM marketplace to Dokan. Both Dokan and WCFM are multi vendor marketplace plugin based on WooCommerce. You can create multi vendor marketplace by using any of this plugin. But which one is best?

All marketplace plugin cannot fulfill your complete requirement. Some are good, some are very good to use according to customer reviews and ratings. We are also going to make a comparison between Dokan vs WCFM Marketplace. The comparison which we are going to make here is not for promoting purposes. Rather just to help you to choose the best WooCommerce multi vendor plugin.

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WooCommerce vs OpenCart: Which one is Better eCommerce Platform?

WooCommerce vs OpenCart – As the title sounds, it is the comparison. Both are open source eCommerce platform and have the leading tools and features that will simplify the setting up of your online store. One of the most important choices to make when starting your store is the selection of right eCommerce platform.

Let’s dive deep into this two popular platforms and start the comparison of OpenCart to WooCommerce.

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The Ultimate Guide to WooCommerce SEO

WooCommerce SEO. Do you want to improve your WooCommerce SEO? Is your WooCommerce store SEO friendly? Are you looking for to maximize the visibility of your online store to search engines?

SEO plays an huge role, where all websites including eCommerce sites rank in search results. If you want to improve your site and make it easier for people to find your products in search engines, then you need to optimize your online store. By optimizing your online store and products you can reach more people and make more sales.

For Search Engine Optimization, you need to develop some strong keywords that are used throughout your eCommerce site. These focus keywords should be fitted to your product pages, rich snippets, meta descriptions, woocommerce URLs, permalinks, image name and alt text, in addition to the rest of your content.

In this article, we’re going to take a deep dive into the WooCommerce SEO and how to optimize it with some useful tips and discuss our picks for the best free SEO plugin for WordPress.

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