A Complete Guide to Keyword Research for Ecommerce

There many ways to increase your website’s traffic and one of the main reason it all starts with good keyword research.

Keyword Research for an eCommerce website is different from a blog or other websites. It is the foundation of every SEO strategy, especially when it comes to onsite SEO. A good keyword with a rightly executed strategy will help you make sales in your eCommerce store.

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Powerful Ways to Use Chatbots for Marketing and Sales

With some powerful ways chatbots can fit into your marketing strategy.

Chatbots is the most tools for Marketing, Sales and Customer service. One of the main reason of its huge popularity is that it is powered with artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP). As AI and NLP-powered computer programs, chatbots are capable of conducting human-like conversations via text and audio platforms.

In addition to customer care queries, AI-powered chatbots can be part of your marketing initiatives and help push your customers seamlessly through your sales funnel. Here are some powerful ways chatbots can fit into your marketing strategy:

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Instagram vs Facebook Ads: Which One is Better for eCommerce Store?

Instagram vs Facebook Ads, which one works better for your eCommerce store? Both the platforms are most interactive and used social media platforms. Although Facebook is older and has a larger user base, Instagram is steadily gaining popularity, especially with the heavy adoption of new features like Instagram Stories.

If your brand is active on both Facebook and Instagram, the best approach is to activate ad campaigns on both networks. But with a fixed or tight marketing budget, you may need to ask yourself where you should devote the bulk of your ad expense: Facebook vs Instagram Ads. The answer can be determined by identifying which platform will bring in the most revenue for your eCommerce store.

This article will help you to launch a successful social media marketing campaign through the right channel.

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Alibaba vs AliExpress: Which One is Better for Dropshipping?

Alibaba vs AliExpress: Which one is better for Dropshiping? It is the most common question when anybody think to start a dropshipping business. Both are online marketplaces but the main difference between Alibaba vs AliExpress is: Alibaba is exclusively intended for B2B transactions, whereas AliExpress is open to consumers.

AliExpress and Alibaba are both the parts of Alibaba Group of companies. That means, both of these companies are owned by the same company, but they are vastly different from each other.

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Comparison Between CS-Cart vs X-Cart Multi-vendor

CS-Cart vs X-Cart, another comparison between two multi-vendor marketplacet. Nowadays most of the people want to build their own Amazon like marketplace. Somebody likes to use open source platform or somebody like to use SaaS.

In this article, we’ll make a comparison between CS-Cart vs X-Cart. Let’s start………

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Setup a Banggood Dropshipping Store with WooCommerce

There are different plugins to setup Banggood Dropshipping Store. But with ShopMaster you can easily import products from Banggood to your WooCommerce store with a single click.

In this article, we will show how to import Banggood products to your dropshipping store automatically using ShopMaster WooCommerce plugin.

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Generate More Sales in eCommerce Store with Thank You Page

Thank you page on your eCommerce store can increase more traffic and thus more sales. In fact, “thank you” page is a critical component of an eCommerce checkout process. The fact is that most eCommerce stores waste this opportunity.

Most marketers think that the eCommerce “thank you” page is the end of the sales funnel. That’s somewhat true. When customers reaches your “thank you” page, it means that they trust you with their money.

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eCommerce Security Threats and Protection Plan for Your Online Store

With the popularity of eCommerce business, you have to be aware about eCommerce security threats and take proper protection plan for your online store.

It is very easy to become an online store owner but difficult to keep it safe from hacking, phishing and other cyber attacks. It is a nightmare for most of the online business owners. 

Rather than wait until one of these eCommerce security threats attacks your site, you should work on building a proactive protection and prevention plan to secure your eCommerce store

Let’s check out the common eCommerce security threats and solutions to fight back.

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Magento vs Shopify: Which is the Best Open Source Platform?

The battle between eCommerce platforms never come to an end. This time the battle between Magento vs Shopify. Both of them are the most popular eCommerce platforms on the market today. 

Just think you have chosen the wrong platform to start from scratch. This can be really time consuming and also frustrating.

But don’t worry, we are here to save you time and remove frustration.

Our comparison between Magento vs Shopify will highlight their differences and help you decide which one is the best platform for you.

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Weebly vs Squarespace: Side by Side Comparison

Weebly vs Squarespace is a great match. The fight between two biggest website builder tool.

For those who don’t know about website builder, website builders are online platforms that allow you to create your own online store, without knowing any coding knowledge!

Ok…No more talk. Let’s move to our main topics. Comparison between Weebly vs Squarespace.

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