How to Create SEO Friendly URL To Rank in Search

What is an SEO friendly URL and how to you create it? This question may come in your mind. SEO friendly URL is one of the important tasks to rank in search.

With competition higher than ever to rank as high as possible in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP), your small business can increase its rank though one simple change and it is optimizing the URL structure.

URLs can seem complicated to the visitor and understanding their best practices can feel overwhelming. Let’s go through some best practices to ensure every link on your website is well-optimized for SEO.

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How to Set up an Online Auction Website

Online auction websites are not particularly new, but have gained in popularity in recent years. An online auction website is where you buy or sell a product based on a bidding system. You can create your own auction website easily.

These sites are very popular among people because they don’t really have to do something special. It is a good way for seller to sell old things and buy cheaply for buyers. One major thing, there is no guarantee for the product that a person will buy from an online auction website.

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How to Create Rental Marketplace with WordPress

Rental marketplace is a quick buck idea, where the vendors, as well as marketplace owners both, can earn a profit. A vendor can rent out high demanding equipment and also the ones they don’t want to use anymore. On the other hand, marketplace admin can keep commission fee for providing services.

If you are looking to create rental marketplace, you are in the right place. In this article, we will discuss how to create a rental marketplace with WordPress.

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Marketplace Website you Should Know for Inspiration

Online marketplaces are incredibly popular selling channels amongst consumers across the world. There are plenty of marketplace websites that you should know for inspiration. However, we have put together a complete list of online marketplaces websites that we believe have the potential to help you expand your reach, test new markets and ultimately grow your business across the world.

All the following websites use a diverse array of powerful strategies, either for their newsletters, shopping cart or their landing page.

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Most Common Challenges of eCommerce and their Solution

Are you someone who is running an eCommerce business? Well, you obviously can be! The main reason behind this true fact is that this sector of business is prioritized nowadays to a great extent as people like to buy online more and more. But whether you are an expert or novice in this sector, there is no doubt about the fact that along with earning a lot of money you are facing a lot of challenges of eCommerce.

We’ve listed some of the common challenges of eCommerce business can face and we would explain how to fix these problems. Even if you are thinking of starting a new eCommerce business, or facing any of these eCommerce challenges then you should pay close attention to the list and move in the right direction to overcome the challenges and achieve success.

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Checklist for Building a Successful Marketplace Startup

A marketplace is a platform where buyers and sellers can sells and buys products of each other. It usually improves efficiency in communication and payment. Though the definition is so simple, building a marketplace startup is much more difficult because you have to combine the interests of two parties.

Though marketplaces are tough to build, but they’re even harder to kill. They can be incredibly durable and profitable once they reach liquidity which is also hard part. Despite the difficulties, there’s a tried and true way to startup a successful marketplace, one that hopefully ends in success. Let’s start with the basics checklist.

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WooCommerce vs Sharetribe : What you Should Go for

Selling your own products and services online has become so easy. There are different tools and platforms that you can now use as a marketplace. Sharetribe can be one of the great platform of building your own marketplace where you and/or other sellers market their own businesses online.

Basically, you can choose it if you decided to create an online marketplace from scratch is not your option. But of course there are some Sharetribe alternatives. In this article, we’re going to talk about one of the most advanced and popular web marketplace platforms available – WooCommerce multi-vendor marketplace vs Sharetribe.

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Build Your Service Marketplace with WordPress In the Cheapest Way

A service marketplace is an online platform that successfully connects sellers and buyers for buying and selling of services between service seekers and service providers. 

Fiverr, Uber, AirBnB, or Thumbtack, these service providers have successfully built two-sided service marketplace platforms which connect both buyers in need of a service and sellers who offer it.

Marketplace for professional services such as Thumbtack, TaskRabbit deal in laborers and professional service workforce.

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How to Promote Your Local Business

Are you running a Local Business and not getting deserve money from that? Are you looking for the ways to promote your Local Business? Promoting a business is an ongoing challenge for Local Businesses.

Advertising can be expensive in most of the cases and way out of your budget if you’re just starting out as a freelancer or small local business. But with some clever thought, there are a few cheap ways to promote your local business.

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Why you should have a Blog in your eCommerce sites

If you are running an eCommerce site or a brick-mortar store with a website, you should consider to have a blog in your eCommerce site. Though your primary goal should be to drive as much traffic as possible to your online store, in an effort to convert that traffic into potential customers. There are two strategies you can use to achieve your goal.

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