What to Sell: Trending Niche Products to Sell Online in 2019

What to Sell: Trending Niche Products to Sell Online in 2019

Are you thinking to start eCommerce business? eCommerce business is getting competitor for the entrepreneur. A majority of eCommerce business fail because they can’t find trending products to sell online. This is why figuring out what to sell online and finding out the trending niche products to sell online is a strategy in and of itself.

To give you a head start, we’ve compiled a list of the trending niche products in 2019 that you can consider to sell online for free and what you can do to market those products.

Trending niche products to sell

There are many ways to make money online, hundreds of potential niches and millions of best products to sell online to make money.

The success of your eCommerce business depends on two things:

  1. finding the right products and
  2. the target market.

Let’s have a look of the chart of retail eCommerce sales worldwide from 2014 to 2021.

eCommerce Growth
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Finding The Best Niche Products To Sell Online

What to sell online?

There are two kinds of products available to sell. They are:

  1. Commoditized products and
  2. Niche products

Commoditized products

The most popular products that can be sold online. Commoditized products within specific categories are so similar to one another that the only distinguishing feature is pricing.

These products benefit consumers with increased access and lower prices. With truly commoditized products, consumers can draw comparisons and shop based on price only, with the assurance that the product with the lowest cost is the equivalent of higher-priced versions.

Examples of commoditized products are food, golf clubs, clothes, kids toys, etc.

Niche Products

Niche products are goods or services that serve a specific part of customers. These products are unique and one-of-a-kind, handmade products, making them some of the most popular items bought online. These products are often made in small batch runs or on demand. 

Examples of niche products are: unique beaded necklace, handmade frozen yogurt or leather iPad cases etc.

How To Find Trending Niche Products To Sell

Finding trending niche products is an important part of running an eCommerce business. You need to know what products or items will be popular before they peak. By ‘catching the wave’ you’ll be able to sell anything online rather than from the product’s decline. Every niche products has its own trends. 

In 2019, we’re watching the continued rise in athleisure, shapewear, posture corrector products, smart devices, and more. In fashion design, there are new trends each season for apparel, accessories, and shoes. When it comes to choosing a niche products, you’ll want an evergreen niche products with ever-changing trends so you can build a long-term business that generates a ton of sales from winning products.

The general process you can follow to find the trending niche products to sell:

  1. Research products ideas in Google Trends
  2. Find the market data to see if the industry sales is growing
  3. Narrow down the product categories using Google search volume
  4. Research blogs to find passion topics

Figure out your competitors, suppliers and manufacturers before spending any money. Look at their prices and inventory levels from the first day to see if they are successful.

eCommerce Niche Sweet Spot

When choosing a niche products, keep a tight focus and look for the sweet spot. But make sure you have a mixed of low, medium and high price points. Depending on your niche products, you might need to have a “loss leader” to bring in customers then up-sell them later.

Top Trending Niche Products for 2019

We’ve taken the time to search through many different industries and products to create this trending products lists and niches for 2019. Although some of these products are already trending, some products we anticipate to be trending in near future based on our insights and research. We strongly encourage you to conduct your own research and due diligence for each and any of these products or niches before you decide to start your own eCommerce business selling them.

Food, Health & Wellness Trending Niche Products of 2019


Matcha tea is an increasingly popular variation of green tea and is considered to be a premium product in 2019. It is finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea leaves. Like green tea, this product can be used as an ingredient in many other products as a flavor, infusion or extract.

For those merchants who are looking for a premium tea to sell, or premium tea-flavored or tea-infused products to sell, then matcha tea is worth looking into.

Matcha Tea-Trending Niche Products

Every year more and more consumers are becoming aware of matcha health benefits. According to a research, Matcha is a$300M market and expected to grow 8% each year.

Matcha Market Size Share Global Industry Trends Report 2014-2025


Green tea consistently been climbing as a trend since the early 2000. It is generally a healthier option than other beverages in its category, it contains less caffeine than other beverages and, most importantly, there are so many uses and variations of the product allowing for merchants to come up with new product ideas that incorporate green tea extracts in them.  

Green Tea-Trending Niche Products


“Detox” is a trending buzzword that can refer to many different types of products in the health and wellness industry. But now the trending of Detox is Detox Tea. Detox Tea also known as “Teatoxes,” claim to help consumers lose weight, gain energy and deplete harmful substances from their body. 

You might have seen detox teas being advertised on your Instagram and Facebook feeds in recent months as this trend has gained momentum.

Detox Tea-Trending Niche Products


Ketogenic diet is a high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate one. The diet forces the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates and has become popular over the past few years. 

Keto Foods-Trending Niche Products


Vegan food industry is booming and it is a market with a large scope as it isn’t mainstream. As it is soy products, vegan meat alternatives, vegan alternatives to household items like furniture and cleaning products, or even chains of vegan restaurants – there is so much untapped potential.

Vegan Foods-Trending Niche Products

Paleo Bars and Powder

The Paleo diet is nothing new in eCommerce industry.

Paleo enthusiasts are hardcore about their diet and their exercise routines. As such, they feel the need to put high quality foods into their daily food habits. Paleo enthusiasts have friends, that means if you sell to one, you’ve sold to many.

Though, it has lost a bit of its popularity – there are still tons of people searching for this.

Paleo Bars and powder-Trending Niche Products

Online Food Delivery

According to a research, Food industry is expected to reach $30B in sales by 2025.

Big companies like Blue Apron and Home Chef take the stress out of dinner. Amazon is also going big into this space should be a sign for every entrepreneur.

Online Food Delivery-Trending Niche Products

Beauty, Hygiene & Personal Grooming Trending Niche Products of 2019


We’ve talked about trending tea products already, coffee is also making an appearance in the trends forecast in the form of a body scrub. The company Frank Body started the trend, with a bunch of other players entering the market closely after. 

Coffee Scrubs-Trending Niche Products

Coconut oil can be used for a multitude of purposes like cooking, as a moisturizer, to make soaps, toothpaste, deodorant and more. It has become a more mainstream ingredient in the past few years, so consumers are interested in it and are already using it to fulfill various roles in their life.

Coconut Oil-Trending Niche Products


Beard oil is a cosmetic product that is used to nourish the skin under the beard, as well as the beard itself in order to keep it “soft, shiny, and smooth”.

It has been trending for the last few years and it appears that the trend is continuing.

Beard Oil-Trending Niche Products


Charcoal beauty products is now in everywhere including Facebook, Instagram or even in actual stores (both online and brick-and-mortar). These products boast the presence of activated charcoal. For example, in toothpaste it acts as a natural whitening agent and in face washes and face masks it acts as a purifier and helps to detoxify the skin.

On the vendor’s side, charcoal beauty products are one of the best selling online products in the beauty and makeup niche. The trend seems to continue this year as well with support from customers alike. These types of products are also great to dropship and ePacket delivery is easily available to most countries.

Charcoal Products-Trending Niche Products

Hair Removal

According to transparencymarketresearch, hair removal market is expected to grow 9% annually and reach $1.3B by 2022.

Hair removal is a broad category and you need to find a sub niche in this category.

Always this formula: product category for your target market, if you are struggling to come up with a niche.

Hair Removal-Trending Niche Products


Baylage is a popular form of hair coloring product that makes the hair look like it has natural volume with the use of highlights. This is a recurring trend in the fashion and hair industry and it seems more popular than ever.

Salons, stockists and individuals can all be targeted for sales.

These products can be used as hair toners, lighteners, spatulas, color application brushes, aftercare products (shampoos, masks, conditioners, etc) and more. 

As a lot of influencers on social media are continuously sporting the look, this trend continues to raise and the sales stay high. 

If you are looking to break into the beauty segment, especially the hair styling and care niche, the balayage products may be worth looking into.

Balayage-Trending Niche Products


The “dude wipes” are targeted to men across the board – from those who enjoy camping and outdoor activities, to those who have busy urban lifestyles. Due to the fact that dude wipes are a product that needs to be purchased regularly as it falls into the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) group, manufacturers are making “customers for life”.

Dude Wipes-Trending Niche Products


The silicone makeup sponge is a flat, teardrop-shaped sponge which helps individuals evenly apply liquid or cream makeup products to the face and blend it together.

As soon as this product hit stores it hit upon consumer’s interest and started to sell.

This a fast-moving consumer good and means that merchants selling this product are bound to have returning customers.

Silicone Makeup Sponge-Trending Niche Products

Cellulite Removal

Though cellulite removal is an “evergreen” product niche category, there’s a new product in this space that is quickly picking up steam.
The Anti Cellulite Vacuum is a high ticket item that you can use as the perfect upsell to a sample size cellulite cream.

It is relatively simple to use, individuals just need to apply the cup and move it around the target area.

This is one of those products that has the virality factor attached to it. You can find umpteen viral videos of influencers and customers using the cup and sharing their opinions and reviews of the product.

Anti Cellulite Cup-Trending Niche Products

Vape / E-Cigarettes

According to the research by businessinsider, the vape and ecigarettes industry is expected to grow to $61B by 2025.

This product is available in low, medium and high price points. If you closely focus in this industry, you could succeed in this niche.

Vape and E-cigarettes-Trending Niche Products

Fake Eyelashes

According to a research, this industry is expected to grow 4% annually to $1.3B by 2023.

In recent years this types of products experienced a massive overhaul in both style and innovation to make them more beautiful and functional than ever before.

The product falls into the category of products that can be upsold. In most cases, false eyelashes are bought in a bulk amount. Since these are disposable items, the chance of returning customers is extremely high. These are also a great to dropship since ePacket delivery is easily available. They are extremely light and cost-efficient to manufacture and ship.

Fake Eyelashes-Trending Niche Products

Clothing & Accessories Trending Niche Products of 2019

Baby Clothes

Baby clothes is always in need. This is such a broad category.

According to Statista, the downside of this industry is the only growing at 1% of this industry. The positive side is there’s millions of mommy bloggers ready to promote your product for a small fee.

This trending products generates $35K in monthly sales on Amazon.

Baby Clothes-Trending Niche Products


Enamel pins are a great fashion accessory as they spruce up anything from bags to jackets to t-shirts, etc. They can be tiny and still be called statement pieces. These pins are also used by companies, NGOs or individuals that want to represent that they stand for something in particular. A tiny product like this holds great social and cultural significance.

Enamel Pins-Trending Niche Products


Fitness leggings is another great product for dropshipper. These products are extremely light, come in a plethora of styles, fabrics, and colors, and are inexpensive to stock and ship. As a dropshipper, you can easily stock with multiple styles and options to test out what sells the best, while providing your customers with great options, which keeps them happy and coming back to your store.

Fitness Leggings-Trending Niche Products


Titanium rings are trending in a niche that is relatively harder to tackle under Men’s fashion, accessories, and jewelry. This product is the perfect amalgamation of masculinity which is the key combination to “making it” in this particular niche. Titanium is a premium material and relatively cheaper than other precious metals, and the fact that there are several ring designs to choose from to suit every taste, definitely bolsters its place in the trending category.

Titanium Rings-Trending Niche Products


Novelty socks are trending since few years, especially around the holidays.

They’re perfect product, comfortable, aren’t restricted to a specific gender, age or style and are simple to coordinate with an outfit, too. Keep in mind, while novelty socks are a great niche, regular socks have far more competition and the market is saturated for them. Novelty socks are a great alternative to the more traditional socks as the market is still growing.

Novelty Socks-Trending Niche Products


Leather bracelets have been gaining attraction for a while and cater to several different niches.

As a merchant, you can get this types of product in multiple colors and styles which means that it can be bundled with similar products to boost sales. Due to the low cost of sourcing and shipping, they happen to make a perfect product for dropshippers, too.

Leather Bracelet-Trending Niche Products


According to a research, Shapewear is expected to grow to roughly $6M by 2022.

Shapewear comes in different styles – some can be worn under clothing, some over and some come in the form of lingerie. You can find any style, color, and size to stock your inventory. You can also cater to the different needs of your customers.

Shapewear-Trending Niche Products


Social media has helped make minimalist watches extremely popular through influencer marketing which is one of the major reasons why this has been such a trending product category as of late.

If you decide to explore this niche, you could leverage the power that influencers have in the segment to make some really captivating ads and marketing campaigns. This may help boost engagement with your products brand and drive up those sales.

Minimalist Watches-Trending Niche Products


Backpacks have become a very popular trend in recent years. As a merchant, stock and sell different types of backpacks could be targeted to different age-groups, activities, and styles – such as to students, travelers, IT specialists, urban commuters, etc. This trend is a great way to explore the different direction that one niche product can take you in.

Backpack-Trending Niche Products

Home wares & Appliances Trending Niche Products of 2019


Chalk paint is a major trend in the DIY and home decor industry. With the influence of social media- specifically Instagram and Pinterest- on consumers, chalk paint has become very popular.

Chalk paint is a great way to give an old piece of furniture a different look. One of the reasons for it’s popularity is, it is a paint that requires no stripping, sanding, or priming. As a merchant, you can sell chalk paint or related chalk paint accessories to your market.

Chalk paint-Trending Niche Products


With the evolution of technology, mundane and everyday objects like mattresses have also become popular.

Few examples of the new breed of high-tech mattresses include:

  • track your sleep and sleep health
  • have an auto-temperature settings that cool down in the summer and heats up in the winter,
  • attached to automatic coffee makers and
  • have a built-in vibrating alarm system, to mention a few.

Benefits of mattresses differ: Some aid in orthopedic healing and others help with sleep disorders. There are some mattresses that e bundled up in a box so they’re easy to move into new places. It would be a very smart idea to jump on this trending niche product while the market still has space to carve out your own niche in.

Boxed Mattress-Trending Niche Products


Grill mats are another one of those mundane products that consumers may not necessarily think of buying, however, they do upsell very well. It make grilling easier by providing a non-stick surface that is easy to clean up. Due to the reasonable price, grill mats can be sold in packs to boost average order values.

Grill Mat-Trending Niche Products


Fairy lights are another popular product due to social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest. People have been using these for home decor, in restaurants, as holiday decorations and more. There are entire social media pages dedicated to teaching consumers how to utilize fairy lights for decoration.

Fairy Lights-Trending Niche Products

Windshield Protector

Car and automotive accessories is a great niche because the market for these products is relatively new to the eCommerce industry. One of the top most products in this niche is car windshield protectors.

The reason of popularity for this product is because it is a practical tool that is essential during the colder months or in places with lower temperatures. Stocking up on these can prove beneficial for consumers in the longer run.

The reason of this product would be great for dropshipping is because they are inexpensive to source and are eligible for ePacket delivery due to their lightweight and low price.

Windshield Protector-Trending Niche Products

Electronics Trending Niche Products of 2019


In this modern era, it is likely that nearly all lighting will eventually be converted to LED lighting. It’s much more energy efficient, lasts exponentially longer than regular bulbs, and better for the environment. There seems to be a growing trend for colored LED lighting to improve ambiance, and for “smart” LED lighting that can be controlled by apps and smart devices.

Smart LED Lighting-Trending Niche Products


In recent years you might have heard more and more about drones. Whether it’s about the military using them for missions or any other purposes. Amazon using them to deliver packages to homes. Some consumers playing with them as a hobby.

With more and more drones from companies such as DJI being sold, it appears they will only be getting more popular. As a merchant, think about whether you can sell drones, or whether you can sell drone accessories or services.

Drone-Trending Niche Products


Drone technology has continued to advance and the way people utilize them in their everyday lives has continued to evolve.

Auto follow drones are coming into trend now because their advanced technology allows users to manage the drone in a hands-free way. Also on the rise are underwater drones which help users to locate fish, sinking ship and chart underwater landscapes.

If harnessing drone technology isn’t your specialty, think about how your business can explore a consumer’s experience with their drone. What kind of products can you sell to make their experience more streamlined, stylish, or user friendly, no matter what they purposes they are using their drone.

Underwater Drone-Trending Niche Products

Virtual Reality

Virtual/augmented reality game get into the market for the respective accessories. Accessories are one of the best ways to get into a market you don’t have the technological experience to actually create a central product for. So, creating a supporting product that makes the main product function better is a great way to attract enthusiastic consumers.

Virtual Reality-Trending Niche Products


Smartwatches for kids, mindfulness watches, GPS pet trackers, wearable sunlight trackers, posture devices and more, that are riding the wave of the wearable technology trend.

Similar to the Virtual Reality trend, either start developing your own useful device or, if that’s not in your realm of expertise, focus more on accessories like cases, stands, covers, cleaners, cables or chargers.

Smart Watches-Trending Niche Products


With the advanced technology headphones are now becoming wireless and operating via Bluetooth rather than through the headphone jack.

Currently, consumers are starting to purchase wireless headphones. The technology is still being developed and the average consumer is still weary about cost, battery life and sound quality. With big giants like Apple and Google excluding the headphone jacks from their products, wireless is definitely becoming the way of the future and we expect to see wireless headphones improve drastically in this years and anticipate consumers will start making more and more purchases in their direction as it does.

Wireless Headphones-Trending Niche Products


3D printing is on its way to become part of mainstream business and consumer’s daily lives.

It’s likely that you don’t have the technical knowledge how to produce your own 3D printer. Leave that to the experts and focus on the accessories.

3D Printing-Trending Niche Products


One of the newer trends in the eCommerce industry is that of 360 Degree cameras. Initially, photographers would take multiple high definition photos and stitch them together using software to create a 360 degree photo. Now cameras that can actually shoot in 360 degree landscape, have become easily available.

One of the main reasons that 360 degree cameras have been trending and are projected to do well over a longer time span is because they are essentially “future-proof”.

360 Degree Camera-Trending Niche Products


Video security cameras and doorbells are great tools that have become increasingly popular with good reason. With crime and violence in urban areas, consumers have started taking safety .

Video Doorbell-Trending Niche Products


Bluetooth speakers still getting better and better each year with added features and additional functionalities. So, consumers are still turning towards them as their speakers of choice.

Especially as technology becomes even more wireless, customers are interested in speakers that can connect to their devices without any cables, and that’s why bluetooth and wifi speakers come into play.

Bluetooth Speaker-Trending Niche Products


The key to the success of GPS Tracker is simple. It provides a solution for a problem that nearly everyone faces at some point in their everyday lives. With Bluetooth technology becoming more involved in our daily lives, it would make sense to look into simple solutions that customers are looking for.

GPS Key Tracker-Trending Niche Products


The variety of products in this niche can range from unique to custom phone cases, screen protectors, chargers, USB converters, stickers, earphones (both the wired and wireless types), and much more. The more smartphones evolve over time, the more smartphone accessories will be created to improve customer satisfaction and enhance their smartphone experience.

The problem with this niche market, however, is that it is extremely saturated and there many competitors. Unless you have an extremely niche product idea, there is a chance that your store might not even get noticed. The key to gaining success in this niche is to have the right combination of a premium quality product, brilliant customer service and consistency.

Phone Case-Trending Niche Products


Portable Projectors come in different styles and types. They can be used for multiple niches, which makes them a versatile product. They can be used by consumers at home to watch movies on, at schools as a tool for teachers, in the workplace for presentations and, most importantly, on the go with minimal equipment and set up required.

Some projectors work by attaching to mobile devices or laptops which make them great. Other projectors can project stars-capes or constellations onto walls and ceilings which make them great for decor or educational purposes.

Portable LED projector-Trending Niche Products

Hobbies & Toys Trending Niche Products of 2019

Coloring Books for Adults

Adult coloring books became popular a few years ago and remained popular as time has gone on. Consumers have continued to express interest in their meditative and calming effects.

The success behind the adult coloring book from the fact that they incorporate other relevant trends into the contents of their pages. For instance, new coloring books are released all the time that depict scenes from popular movies and TV shows or other pop culture trends at the moment. These books can apply to so many different niches and markets of people. It all depends on the contents of the coloring book.

Coloring Books for Adults-Trending Niche Products

Bullet Journal

Journal products such as The Five Minute JournalThe Bullet Journal, The Happiness PlannerThe Anxiety JournalThe Passion Planner and the SELF Journal have become popular in recent years. Customers will tell you that these simple tools reap so many benefits that lead to improving their overall quality of life.

Bullet Journal-Trending Niche Products


Every year there comes a new product that turns into a phenomenon and tends to last for a quite a while. The last year was dominated by fidget spinners and related fidgeting toys. The spinner toy, the fidget cubes or the squishy toys that you can attach to your phone or laptop, they all were selling out like crazy.

Though these toys were initially created for those with anxiety and/or autism and have been around for over 25 years, later this became one of the must-have office toys.

Fidget Spinner-Trending Niche Products


Kids plush toys are the perfect addition to your store if you run a home or lifestyle business geared towards products for children. These types of toys have always been popular. There’s always a new type of plush toy that becomes the talk of the children’s community and is a must-have for every parent and child out there.

Kids Push Toys

Trending Niche Products: Conclusion

Take these trending niche products for 2019 into account. Integrate aspects of them into your existing business. Use them as inspiration to develop something new that consumers can get excited about.

Always consider the delivery time and the impact it has on customer experience. Customers might not want to wait 3 weeks to receive. If they are unhappy about delivery time, its unlikely they will buy again. This can cut into your profits.

We strongly encourage you to do your own research. Use these niche products ideas as a jumping off point. You can easily search the niche product with a passionate target audience to create your own brand.

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