A Close Look at the WooCommerce Memberships Plugin

A Close Look at the WooCommerce Memberships Plugin

WooCommerce Memberships plugin allow you to create and sell online membership access to your site. It also restricts access to posts and pages on your website. Memberships also integrate with WooCommerce Subscriptions to sell memberships and provide expanded features like upgrades or downgrades for memberships.

Membership Plans

You can sell online membership access by tying membership plans to your products. This lets you to use multiple products to sell access to a online membership. You can assign one product, or you can option not to sell the membership and only grant access manually.

  • Grant unlimited online membership plans (e.g. Silver Membership, Golden Membership etc)
  • Assign membership manually from easy to use admin interface
  • Sell a online membership with different products, i.e., a monthly recurring or yearly payment option
  • Access to membership content with a product purchase
WooCommerce Membership

WooCommerce Membership Products

  • Can convert any simple or variable WooCommerce product to membership product
  • Choose any number of membership plans to grant access to when product is purchased
  • Ability to set up optional expiration time to make sure that users are only getting what they are paying for.

Restrict Content and Products

You can restrict posts, pages, custom post types and taxonomies easily with WooCommerce Memberships. This means that some of your site content can be public while other content is only for members.

The most unique features of WooCommerce Memberships is the ability to drip content. You can schedule when members should have access to your content after a membership has started. so that members do not get access to all of your content immediately after signing up.

WooCommerce membership access restriction

Managing WooCommerce Memberships

Your customers may have multiple memberships, and WooCommerce Memberships makes them easy to manage.

The main feature of WooCommerce Membership is, Membership will be cancelled when corresponding order is cancelled or refunded or membership expiration time has been reached. Membership will be cancelled if corresponding Membership Plan is deleted.

You can also grant or cancel Membership manually from membership plan page. You can configure the grant and cancellation emails and sent to customers automatically.


WooCommerce Memberships product is also a subscription product, it will be activated and deactivated together with a subscription. Memberships lets you handle all content restriction, but Subscriptions let you:

  • sell recurring memberships with monthly, weekly, yearly billing
  • Memberships can use Subscriptions as a payment plan, but has control to support installment payments
  • let membership upgrade or downgrade by switching a subscription
  • let pause memberships
  • use free trial periods
  • Content restriction and dripping can include or exclude free trial periods.

Import or Export Members

WooCommerce Memberships allow you to Import any CSV file and Export members to a CSV file so that you can get member data out of WooCommerce and into other tools.

WooCommerce Import/Export

Selling Memberships to Companies or Group of Companies

To get this extra feature you have to purchase Teams for WooCommerce Memberships extension separately. This extension adds on to WooCommerce Memberships and allow you to sell access to a group of users instead of an individual.

Get Start of WooCommerce Memberships

To get start:

  • Buy this plugin
  • Download and Install WooCommerce Memberships
  • Create your Members and Membership plans
  • That’s it.

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