All About WooCommerce Bookings Review and Installation Procedure

All About WooCommerce Bookings Review and Installation Procedure

WooCommerce is the best WordPress plugin for eCommerce platform. In WooCommerce there are many add-ons available to include various features into your website. “WooCommerce bookings” add-on is one of them which allows you to sell time or date-based bookings, adding a new product type to your WooCommerce site.

WooCommerce Bookings Main Features

Flexibility for creating bookable blocks

With WooCommerce bookings, you can define the visitors to determine the duration of a bookable block or you can set a fixed bookable block that the customer can book.

WooCommerce Bookings fixed block

You can also specify the length of each bookable block in terms of hours, days, weeks, months or years. This helps you to create a booking website of almost any subject.

Choose maximum bookings for a specific time slot

You can define a maximum number of bookings that are possible for a fixed time block. For instance, you have 10 VIP rooms in your hotel. So you can allow maximum 10 bookings for that room. When the 11th customer tries to book a VIP room, he won’t be allowed unless he chooses a vacant time slot.

Min max bookable block

If you don’t want to allow multiple bookings for a bookable block, you can simply set 1 as the maximum number of bookings for that block.

Custom bookings range

You can use the range settings to set the number of days in a year where you don’t want to allow booking. You can just add range and then select the start date and the end date and then set the criteria.

For example, if you don’t want to allow bookings for your hotel from Jan 1 to Feb 1 for the year 2019 for renovation and maintenance work. So all you need to do is create a range with start date Jan 1, 2019 and Feb 1, 2019 and set “allow bookings” as “No”. This will make the bookings dates unavailable.

Custom price range

You can set custom pricing with WooCommerce Bookings. You can hike the price during a specific time of the year or sell bookings at a discounted price for a week. WooCommerce lets you manage this very smoothly. You just have to select the date range and then set the price/offer for those dates. For example – You want to allow the visitors to book rooms at your hotel for 15% off during Christmas. So you can just create a range with the start date and end date and then set the special price for that duration.

WooCommerce Custom pricing

Other notable features

  • Allow bookings to extend up to overnight or into the next day.
  • Integration features with the Product Add-Ons extension allows you to add extras for each booking.
  • Send custom email notifications to customers.
  • View booking in Calendar format list.

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To install WooCommerce Booking,

  • From your WooCommerce account Download the .zip file into your desktop/laptop.
  • Now go to WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New to upload the downloaded file.
  • Finally Activate the extension.

Once installation and activation will complete a Bookings menu appears in your dashboard.

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