An Overview of WooCommerce Pricing and Related Costs

WooCommerce is a free plugin that allows you to run a professional online store with WordPress. Both WooCommerce and WordPress are open-source and don’t cost to install but has some other associated costs.

You may not need all these features that we are going to mention in this article so the WooCommerce cost may vary, but it will give you a good idea what you should consider. You also have to keep in mind that when you expect a certain quality, you have to pay for it. The worst case that could happen to you losing money, time and valuable customers, just because you tried to save a couple of dollars at the wrong end.


A Hosting service also known an web hosting is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. You’ll also need some web space that allows you to install the latest version of WordPress. Installing WordPress and the plugin is very simple since this can be done within a few clicks. The more features you need (web space, staging area, support, etc.), the more you will have to pay. Here are some companies:

Hosting estimated costs: $120 per year


A Domain is your store’s online address, such as Any professional online store should have a professional domain like .com, .net,, etc. Many hosting companies also offer you to register a domain through their service. This could save your money, however you can also option to buy your domain separately.

Domain registration estimated cost: $15 per year (depends on domain type)


Themes are the greatest perks of launching your online store with WooCommerce on WordPress. A theme drives the entire look and feel of your WooCommerce web-store.

If you’re using WordPress, you know there are thousands of free themes available, many of which have been optimized for WooCommerce. The problem with free themes is that they don’t provide any support or contain hidden back links that you don’t want on your website. WooCommerce offers users a free Storefront theme. This is a great starting point for sellers on a shoestring budget.

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Estimated costs: ~$100 per year.

Important Plugins

WooCommerce offers tons of free plugins, but sometimes you’ll realize that you have to pay when you need a certain feature.  In most cases the plugin developer keeps it up-to-date. You definitely want to avoid any downtime or vulnerability caused by an outdated plugins that you are using.  Yoast WooCommerce SEOWPML (for multilingual websites) plugins will not only boost your online store but will also ensure great service quality.

Estimated costs: ~$49 – $89 for one plugin.

Add-ons (Extensions)

There are also add-ons available for WooCommerce apart from plugins. They are similar to plugins, but made for WooCommerce only and come with handy eCommerce functions. For example, you can add credit card pre-processors, shipping options, a customer data export function and much more. You’ll need to pay extra fee to use those. Stripe credit card gatewayTaxJar are mention able.

Site security is another issue for security purpose. If you’re running your store on a shared host, it’s advisable to install a security extension( just in case).

Estimated costs: ~$29 – $79 per year per extension

Developer costs

You can build your store by yourself because WordPress and WooCommerce are that type of platform where you don’t need to be expert developer to develop an online store. Sometimes you will need to reach out for help. Typical reasons can be raised by technical issues or a new feature that you need. Maybe you already know someone, but you’ll need some experts, like WooExpert.

Estimated costs: no limit (depends on issues)

Customer experience enhancement costs

If you have some more budget to do more with your website, the next area of focus should be enhancements that boost the customer experience and drive conversions.

Estimated costs: $79 per year.


The lists of functionality and features that you can add to your WooCommerce store is virtually endless and beyond expectations. If you’ve tight budget, you can create a high-functioning WooCommerce site for as little as $662 or $55 per month.


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