Top 8 Best Plugins to Build Your Ecommerce Site Using WordPress CMS

Top 8 Best Plugins to Build Your Ecommerce Site Using WordPress CMS

Without a doubt, that WordPress is the most popular blog-CMS platform on the internet.

WordPress is supported in the world, in all languages. It is very easy to learn for non-insiders and easily extensible through plugins.

Some computer-savvy users love WordPress for the ease with which it allows to customize options and GUI without writing a single line of code.

Thanks to its highly reliable system extensions (plugins), and a huge ever-growing free library, it is possible to add features to its blog in 30 seconds chrono. This is why many SMEs choose WordPress to establish their online presence.

The dream of using WordPress as the basis for an e-commerce store has finally become reality. Here’s 8 best ecommerce for WordPress extensions, allowing precisely to transform your simple blog into a shop online to multiple features.

Some are free, others require a modest contribution (on the basis of services rendered), but each will provide you with a range of tools allowing you to start your business online through WordPress.

WP e-commerce

WP e-commerce is one of the most popular WordPress extensions. Although free, it does not features, lack the contrary!

wp-ecommerce wordpress ecommerce plugin

wp-ecommerce wordpress ecommerce plugin

With this extension, you can use different platforms of payment such as PayPal,, or Google Checkout. Many themes are provided as standard, and it is possible to create his own.

Forms customization, integration of the apportionment of the proceeds on social networks, category management, product options (e.g.: size, color)… It is simply a professional tool!

And its installation is disconcerting ease! Without effort, simply copy the directory on your server, enable the extension and it works!

If you are looking for an ecommerce solution that is quick to implement, or if you are limited in time or budget, WP e-commerce is the solution to your problem.
Price: free


Jigoshop is not a butcher shop online that sells the legs, but a free e-commerce extension for WordPress very promising.

With a long list of features, Jigoshop offers you full control over the management of inventory, reduction (coupon) and shipping codes. It also supports the multi-currency, VAT and various location options.

Supported payment methods are not as important as with WP e-commerce, but Paypal is part of the list. However, this remains his only real flaw.

We love finally its widgets that allow search and filtering in the lateral columns, for example. Jigoshop is free, so why not try it?
Price: free


ShopperPress is an all-in-one ecommerce for WordPress package. With more than 20 themes provided, simply just install the extension, choose the design, add your products and sell!

ShopperPress supports physical and digital products custom forms, multiple languages and more than 20 methods of online payment.

It is possible to easily integrate Google Analytics, Adsense advertising type inserts or (but I recommend for online shops: it seeks to sell, not to direct customers from competitors!).

Admittedly, the relative lack of information on the front office, once the theme customization. But if you are looking for the key in hand, ShopperPress could be your solution. And the $ 79 required for purchase include technical support team ShopperPress.
Price: $ 79


Formerly PHPurchase, Cart66 is a WordPress ecommerce solution that allows you to sell physical, digital, and same inscriptions (practices for sales of online video training).

This plugin is interfaced with Amazon S3 (sale of digital products such as ebooks) and Paypal (Instant Payment Notification and delivery). It also accepts external payment platforms (if you have a VAD contract with your bank for example).

It has all the features of a professional ecommerce solution: monitoring of stocks, promotion codes or product options.

Note however that it lacks its own storefront, unlike previous expansions. The products are added directly in pages or blogs WordPress standard. It is therefore more suitable for shops with few articles, or those involving a record to a private members area.
Price: 99$-399$


Shopp is a very popular WordPress for its ecommerce plugin on the side of SEO-friendly (it helps you automatically well to reference your pages).

Its author claims that Shopp works with 100% of the WordPress themes. Therefore, its integration into an existing site should happen relatively easily.

We like certain functions such as its instrument panel to view sales and historical products, the shortcodes and widgets that allow to easily move items Shopp in pages or articles.

Shopp offers both classical features expected of an e-commerce solution: multi-category, inventory management, history of payments, multiple images, and options for a product, email notifications and calculating shipping costs.

There is finally a system of promotional tools, and of many gateways of payment such as PayPal, Google Checkout, 2Checkout, First Data,, and many others still.
Price: 55$-299$


The extension free eShop is an alternative for those seeking an economical and simple ecommerce for their WordPress site solution.

eShop supports physical and digital products, integrates payment via and PayPal (among others) and it is compatible with WP affiliate membership extension.

Its other basic functions: management of stocks, models of configurable emails, various methods of shipping, basic statistics, retail sales of downloadable…

Like Cart66, eShop uses pages and blogs to create products: so it’s very easy to integrate a product at any point in your site.

Price: free

WP Secure Downloads

This extension WordPress was created specifically to sell digital products online (software, music, images, documents, ebooks or any other file to download).

WSD installs in 10 seconds as any other extension, with few parameters to configure. It offers useful features such as automatic integration of themes, an integrated shopping cart, and sales of subscriptions.

If you are only selling digital products, and you do not want to lose yourself with packages complex ecommerce, focusing on flexibility and simplicity, WP Secure Downloads is the ideal solution.
Price: $ 37-179$


This BuddyPress and WPMU compatible ecommerce plugin allow you to quickly and easily create an entire network of e-commerce shops. Of course, it is possible to use it for only one shop.

If you have large catalog products, for sale on various sites, or if you want to launch a network of shops to mount your small ecommerce empire, MarketPress is the extension to choose.

MarketPress manages your database cleanly because it uses custom fields for product information: a new product is created simply by adding a WordPress article.

Other functions: multi-image by product, coupons and codes, customizable email templates, multi-currency, and various configurable widgets.

The specialists of the code will finally appreciate the powerful MarketPress API. It allows to create its own payment module, or collect a percentage on sales of network shops.

Price: 39$-209$

Hope this WordPress to create your own online store.


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