Best WordPress Plugins To Make Website Mobile Friendly in 2019

Best WordPress Plugins To Make Website Mobile Friendly in 2019

With the advance of modern technology, everything is at our hand. This is just because of mobile phone. Mobile phone users all over the world are increasing remarkably. A study says that the mobile device already surpassed the average desktop users on daily basis. So, if you are not focusing on a mobile friendly website then you will suffer in a long run. In this article, we will focus on some best WordPress plugins that will make your website mobile friendly.

WordPress Plugins for Mobile Friendly website

More than half of the traffic coming from the mobile device. Converting your website to mobile friendly version will take some thinking prior to choosing the best WordPress mobile plugins. You might have already a mobile version WordPress site but dislike the menu.

There are three different mobile interfaces to choose from:

  1. The mobile website that is also referred to as responsive website where the contents of the websites will remain same and adjustable while viewing in mobile.
  2. There are some mobile plugins that could turn your website into an app. This has completely different and more powerful features than your mobile website.
  3. Lastly, there are some WordPress mobile plugins that are only used to change mobile menu, since many websites fails to generate the descent menu of regular desktop site.

Best WordPress Mobile Plugins for 2019

The best way to start learning which WordPress mobile plugin is appropriate for you by installing them on your WordPress site and check. Here’s the short lists of plugins to test out whether they will work better with your theme than others.

1. Jetpack (Free+Premium) by

Jetpack by WordPress

With more than 1 million download Jetpack is one of the best wordpress plugins ever. This plugin works like magic for design, marketing as well as security. It also provides site analytics, automated social media posting, unlimited themes that can be implemented for your website by going into your Jetpack settings area.

The theme only works when it detects a mobile device, and it can override your current responsive theme. The most amazing thing of Jetpack mobile theme is that it has a decent number of settings for adjusting how the website looks on these smaller devices.

The best ever part is it is completely free to install and use. Overall we can say, this is one of the most reliable mobile interfaces you can find. It’s clean, fast, and ready to make your website look pretty for both users and search engines.

Download it from here.

Key Features

  • SEO tools for all social networks.
  • Integration with all WordPress mobile apps.
  • Different mobile optimized themes to choose from.
  • Secure login with authentication.
  • Dedicated support.
  • Site statics and analytics tools to keep track.

2. WPTouch (Free+Premium)


It is one of the most popular choices when WordPress site owners need to quickly turn their websites into mobile interfaces. This plugins adds a mobile responsive, elegant and simplistic touch to your website with ease. With more than 5 million download rates, this plugin is by far one of the best plugins among the users.

The key factor pf this plugin is that it quickly changes any theme you have installed and makes it more usable for people with mobile devices. One thing that’s interesting about WPtouch is that it enables a mobile version of your website that automatically passes the Google’s mobile test. This way,  it also make sure that your website is fully optimize for SEO ranking. There is a built in theme called Bauhaus that is fully customizable.

With the free version of WPtouch, your mobile version is changed to a fast, stylish, and user-friendly version made only for smaller devices like phones and tablets. In addition, you’re able to complete this process without the help of programmer. You can also switch to the premium version for additional features.

Get WPtouch from here.

Key Features

  • WPTouch admin panel and for easy customization WordPress Customizer.
  • Recommended by Google Mobile test.
  • Enhanced mobile-friendly interface.
  • Fast and dedicated customer support.
  • User-friendly interface to work with.

3. WordPress Mobile Pack (Free+Premium)

WordPress Mobile Pack

WP Mobile Pack is an excellent WordPress Mobile Plugin to create progressive web apps. There are some interesting features such as push notifications and smooth animations for the mobile interface. The plugin is compatible with both iOS and Android and tablets and also cross-browser. 

The free version has a wide range of features and a simple process for setting up your mobile website. You will get a default theme that includes six different cover pages that rotate for a fresh feel at all times. You can adjust logo, fonts, and colors, all from your WordPress dashboard. To get more customization options and a large collection of app themes, you can purchase the the Pro version starts at $99 per year.

Download the free version of WordPress Mobile Pack.

Key Features

  • Variation for App themes available to choose from.
  • Easy to add fonts, change colors, add logos and more from WordPress admin Dashboard.
  • Option for Posts Syncs and organize them accordingly.
  • Analytics and statistics available to keep track.
  • Access to multiple mobile app themes.
  • Comment Sync can be synchronized and displayed accordingly.

4. WP Mobile Edition (Free+Premium)

WP Mobile Edition

For WordPress Mobile plugin WP Mobile Edition is an amazing option to choose. With this plugin you can create a pure mobile version of your existing website. You can also optimize your website for SEO ranking. The version is compatible with Android, iOS as well as Windows.

This plugin has a manual switcher that enables the users to automatically detect the visitor’s screen and switch between the normal and mobile version. There are standard and professional mobile-ready theme that you can easily customize to your preference. You will get 8 different color schemes and more customizing options to choose.

Key Features

  • Option to add Manual Switcher to enable user automatically.
  • Lightweight and speedy for optimum performance.
  • Equipped with a mobile ad section for advertisements.
  • Translation ready and user friendly.
  • 8 different color schemes and customizing options to choose from.
  • Compatible with Android, iOS and Windows.

5. Touchy


Touchy is an exclusive Premium WordPress Mobile plugin. Offering your mobile visitors a flawless browsing experience specially for the small screen. With extensive mobile navigation option alongside the clean and marked coding, it is easy to work with and user-friendly. It has
Live Customizer integration for a real-time preview. 

Key Features

  • Incredible color customize option for each and every element.
  • Mobile-focused usability.
  • Replace able button functions with Call, Email and search option.
  • Clean marked code with easy navigation option.
  • Top tier support.


It is essential to take the right step to choose the right plugins for your mobile friendly plugins. Hope that the above mentioned list will help you to choose the best WordPress Mobile Plugin.

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