A Comprehensive Guide To Use WooCommerce Shortcodes

WooCommerce comes with several shortcodes that can be used to add a various type of functionality to your post, pages, widget, sidebar, etc without any type to write a code. In this article, I made a complete list to cover the shortcodes included with WooCommerce and their usage so that new/advanced users can take full benefits from WooCommerce.

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How to Update WooCommerce in Right Way Without Breaking Online Store

Updates of WooCommerce are common phenomena. It is required to Update WooCommerce to meet with the required changes. When you update  WooCommerce, it is expected to be better than the previous version and should add more features to it. Once you decide on WooCommerce Upgrade to any other version you have to make sure the theme you have installed will be compatible with the new version. The same thing is with other plugins you use. You can update WooCommerce to the latest version both manually and automatically.  If you have it at automation, you can expect smooth automatic updates.

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How to Install and Uninstall WooCommerce [Step by Step Tutorial]

WooCommerce is an open source e-commerce plugin for WordPress that allows user to sell anything. It is designed for small to large-sized online merchants using WordPress.

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Benefits of Internet Marketing

Advertising on the web have grow to be one of the best and most generally accepted type of international communication. Web advertising communication consists of the worldwide sharing of concepts, ideas, and details about services.

On-line advertising communication is initiated by means of using advertising media automobiles corresponding to social media networks, boards, e-mail, advertisements, blogs, press launch, RSS distribution, and different promotional instruments.

If in case you have an internet site promoting services or products, it could possibly allow you to generate visitors of tourists to your web site and earlier than you realize it, you’re getting leads and making gross sales. Producing visitors to your web site is essential, however in fact, your web site must look distinctive, properly-structured, wealthy contents, and search engine optimized. It will make you stand out and above your rivals. Nevertheless, these new guests will assist in phrase-of-mouth communication by telling others about your distinctive and wealthy content material web site.

The web marketplace is getting flooded each day. These have resulted to a number of giant corporations hiring on-line advertising specialists to do an awesome job in selling their net companies. It’s the small- and medium-sized enterprises who’re in search of value efficient options. In fact, if an organization doesn’t have the cash to rent a providers supplier and they’re wiling to study as a lot as they will about advertising on the web, they might do an ideal job of selling their web site.

The large advantages of selling on the web are far past what this text can include. However I’ll attempt my greatest to share with you a number of the GREATEST BENEFITS of Web Advertising:

International Voice: Web advertising retains a corporation in fixed reference to the web enterprise world. You may be up to date well timed on the newest enterprise development across the globe. Additionally most on-line consumers need to know the existence of need-satisfying services or products, and the place to buy them from.

Low Advertising Price range: You can begin advertising on-line with little or no or no price range in any respect. There are loads of free on-line advertising instruments.

Spherical-the-Clock Advertising: Your net advertising will proceed to work even when you are asleep. Meaning, your clients can store on-line anytime they need.

International Visibility: The Web is a world vast net of billions of individuals from totally different corners of the world…! Meaning, your merchandise, providers and concepts could be seen by anybody nearly anyplace on the planet.

International Gross sales: Finally, net enterprise house owners anticipate using its advertising energy to broaden and improve the gross sales of their services worldwide.

International Promotion of New Merchandise: New merchandise are notably troublesome to achieve the enterprise world due to robust competitions. However a excessive failure fee amongst new-product introductions might be drastically lowered when correct advertising methods are utilized.

International Model Choice: Strategic advertising on the web can do a lot to reinforce the worth of a model within the on-line purchaser’s thoughts by mentioning the satisfactions to be acquired, the worldwide acceptance of the band, and different advantages of curiosity.

International Company Picture: The considered use of web advertising also can do a lot to reinforce the “company picture” of an organization globally – the methods on-line consumers in several corners of the world would understand the corporate.

It is very important develop a worldwide company picture, as this assist in merchandise gross sales in addition to worldwide enterprise issues.

One of many disadvantages of selling on the web is that until you possibly can market professionally, few clients and prospects will take you significantly. That’s the reason you want to study as a lot as you possibly can about web advertising or rent an organization that gives skilled web advertising providers.

I hope your net enterprise is basically having fun with this large advantages, like mine!

MarketPress Review WordPress Multi Vendor Plugin from Premium WPMUDEV

MarketPress(Now known as WordPress E-Commerce) is the easiest to use,yet powerful ecommerce shopping cart plugin available for WordPress today. It was one of the earliest developed WordPress plugin to support multi vendor ecommerce features and it was found to be the most frequently updated plugin in this category. I am watching this plugin for years and found to be one of the greatest plugins that build for this category.

Quick Review


  • Variety of good features
  • Frequent updates
  • Rock solid support
  • Cheapest price
  • Variety of money making methods (product sales or charge subscription fees)
  • Supports WordPress single site, multi site and Buddypress
  • Unlimited license (Buy single license and install with multiple domains)


As a WordPress plugin, the dashboard needs some branding (Remove UN-necessary dashboard menus and content) with the member dashboard (You can easily overcome this, using the plugin  “Ultimate Branding” which is also comes from the house of Premium WPMUDEV)

Marketpress WordPress Multi Vendor Plugin -Store Demo products with cart content

Highly recommended to purchase this plug-in, if you are determined to start your marketplace only with WordPress.You can’t find the best wordpress multiple vendor plug-in other than this.


Now we have some  better alternative solutions like Dokan Multivendor Plugin (Scored 5 out of 5)  to build multi store marketplace on WordPress

You can also read the below detailed features review of this module to make decisions by yourself.


Supports both physical and digital goods  – Supports both physical products and digital (Electronic)goods with all the relevant features required to operate.

Supports multiple payment gateways– The plugin supports variety of payment gateways such PayPal Express Checkout, Authorize.net AIM, Google checkout, Moneybookers, 2checkout, Cubepoints, eWay shared payments.

Wide theme compatibility– Compatible to work with any WordPress themes works seamlessly works with all the WordPress templates.

Fully internationalized– Easy to translate into any language, comes with the pre localization support with more than 15 languages and can also internationalize into any language. And the language support comes from the WPML.

Shipping calculations– Supports manual and dynamic shipping calculations. In the dynamic calculations, the shipping information is calculated automatically by integrating with the shipping providers service like DHL,UPS and others.
In the manual method, you can configure the shipping upon the location of the buyers ( Country, State or Address)

Tax calculations– Tax information can be calculated dynamically by defining the fixed or varying percentage of tax according to the product price .E.g You can make exempt from the tax if the product is below $50.Fully supports VAT system.

Google analytics ecommerce integration– Can easily be integrated with the Google analytics for Ecommerce which helps you track the ecommerce sales and goals using Google analytics.

Unlimited Product Variations- Supports unlimited product variations (E.g Size, Color, Type) and it’s directly connected with the price change. E.g Product 1 with size 5″=50$, Product 1 with size 8″=$70

Discount coupons support- Can generate coupons and set validity date, number of uses, selected products on which the coupons may apply. Customers can redeem the coupons during the product order page.

In-Build themes– Comes with the in-build theme that fully supports the features of the plug-in and it was extremely customized using the theme options and preset CSS styles and there is nothing to with the code.

Widgets support- Drag and drop widgets to add the products in the sidebar, footer, hot selling products with image thumbnails and many other things with the store.

Multiple currencies support– Supports multiple currencies from the various countries and the buyers can easily change between these currencies using the currency menu displayed on the store front end.

Affiliate platform integration-Comes with the affiliate platform integration support to enable the affiliate promotion for the products. Super administrator can set affiliate percentage for promotion, add promotional materials ( Create text links and banner images) and manage the payouts. The affiliate can join programs, create affiliate links, track sales and traffic statistics. Update payment information and request payouts.

Product stock tracking- Projects stocks can be tracked effectively using the stock threshold system which triggers the alerts to the vendors/administrators if the product quantity is lower than the configured minimum required value. You can also create alerts per product variation.

Product order limits– Can create order limits for products per order, which configure the allowed product numbers per order.

AJAX Cart– The cart comes with the full AJAX support that updates and processes other requests without page loading. This will provides more pleasing interface to the buyers.

Product shortcodes– Products can be easily inserted to any page or posts using the short code feature come with the plugin. Just use the short code varied with the product ID to place the particular product, it was such easy.

Anonymous checkout– Plug-in supports anonymous checkout feature that lets the buyers buy the products without registering with the website, it helps to decrease the chances of the shopping cart abandonment.

External checkout or links– Products can be added with the external checkout system/links like (Amazon, Ebay, Clickbank or other affiliate page).

Network of blogs– Can create network of stores and blogs using the WordPress multi site system which helps to design the site like Etsy marketplace.

Global product feeds– Support product feeds across the network, can generate the feeds and create the global listing of the product in the base (core domain) store.

Custom profile fields- Profile fields are easily customized (Create and update custom fields) for products and as well as for the users.

2016 Shopping Cart Review of Magento Marketplace by Vnecoms

Please Note: This is a completely brand new review of Vnecoms Marketplace Multi-Vendor. You can find an older review here.

Magento is an open source platform, similar to WordPress, except it focuses primarily on e-commerce, and it is certainly one of the best ways to build an online store, particularly a multi-vendor one. But you can’t simply allow multiple vendors through your website without the help of an extension. That extension is the Vnecoms Marketplace Multi-Vendor Module, which lets you convert a pre-existing Magento site into a multi-vendor marketplace.

A marketplace benefits both sellers and store owners. Sellers are able to benefit from the reputation of an existing store and don’t have to open their own store. In addition, welcoming other vendors to a store increases the number and variety of products, thus increasing potential sales conversions for the store owner.

So, if you want to turn your online store into a multi-seller platform, you’ll need to add an extension to add this advanced functionality. There are many options out there. But today we are going to review the Magento marketplace extension by vnecoms.


The Magento Marketplace by vnecoms is a multiple vendor extension for the Magento Platform. Vendors can easily create and manage their own account on the mobile friendly website. They can easily add and manage their own products within the Marketplace.


Before getting into the details, let’s take a quick look at the features of Vnecoms multi-vendor marketplace:

  • 3 Extension Modes
  • Vendor Group, Commission, Product, and Transaction Management
  • Vendor Credit Account
  • Withdrawal Management
  • Simple Vendor Registration and Login
  • Easy Vendor Attributes Management and Account Approval
  • Responsive Vendor cPanel
  • User-friendly Dashboard
  • Configurable Product
  • Downloadable and Virtual Product Supported
  • Product Custom options
  • Full control over products approvals and order management
  • Easy Shipments Management
  • Vendor Credit memo Management
  • Multiple shopping carts for each vendor
  • Split order to multiple orders
  • Support all Magento themes
  • Multiple websites support
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Fully Customizable
  • Responsive Customer Support

Now, let’s take a detailed look at the features this multi-vendor extension has to offer.


There are three modes of the marketplace extension:

  1. General

In this mode, all products in a shopping cart from vendors will be processed together as one order. Vendors can only see specific information about the order. Vendors cannot see products of other vendors from their order.

  1. Advanced

In this mode products on shopping cart will be separated by vendors and they will be processed by each vendor. Vendors have full access to their orders, invoices, shipments, credit memo.

  1. Advanced X

In this mode products on shopping cart will NOT be separated by vendors. One shopping cart is used for all vendor products, one-time checkout for all vendor products and orders are still split by each vendor. The vendor can have full access to his orders, invoices, shipments and credit memo. This mode only works with some payment methods, not all.


This Magento marketplace extension supports a wide range of products from Physical Products to Virtual Products, from Grouped Products to Bundle Products. It also supports Downloadable Products.


Flexible Commission Calculation

The admin can create multiple commission rules to charge vendors. For example, marketplace owner can charge 5% per order for marketplace commission and fixed $2 for each order for a transaction fee. The owner can use flexible conditions to filter products that will be applied by the commission rule. The commission can be fixed price or percent of the product price.

Vendor Grouping

The Magento marketplace provides the ability to manage vendors by the group. You can assign a different set of rules for each vendor group. You can also set up different commissions for each group e.g. Free vendors will need to pay 15% for each order, but let’s say Gold vendors, who pay $100/month, will not need to be charged any fee per order.

Flexible Vendors Management

The marketplace administrator can manage all vendors from Magento back end. Marketplace owners can also manage all vendor’s attributes from admin panel. You can add new vendor’s attribute to display on vendor registration page.

 Easy Transactions Management

The marketplace owner is able to manage all credit transactions from all vendors. The admin can create new transactions to add or subtract vendor’s credit for troubleshooting precautions.

Vendor Account Approval

After a vendor registers for an account on the marketplace, they will need to verify their email account and wait for an admin to approve the account for additional security. The Administrator can disable this step from the configuration as well. Admins can also filter pending vendors by approving or disabling vendors.

Vendor’s Product Approval

All newly added products may need to be approved by Admin before it can be published live on the marketplace website. Admins can disable the product approval from the configuration.

Advanced Vendor Grouping

With Advanced Vendor Group Plug-in, you can set limitations for each vendor group. For example, all vendors in the Bronze group can only add 20 products, does not allow to manage categories, does not allow to customize their pages etc. etc. This is a very helpful Magento plug-in of this multi-vendor extension for setting different tiered memberships.

Vendor Membership

Vendor Membership plug-in is one of the top plug-ins that allows the store owner to make money from your vendors. This plugin allows admins to charge their vendors a monthly fee. The vendor can upgrade/renew his account by purchasing a packaged product. Each vendor membership package will be a virtual product with two attributes “Related Vendor Group” and “Period (months).” After the vendor pays for the membership package the account will be upgraded to the corresponding group and the expiry date. If the vendor is already in the group, the system will update the expiry date only.


Vendor Login

In the Marketplace extension by Vnecoms, the vendor login page is different from the customer login page. Vendors can use their vendor identifier or email to log in.

Vendor Login Page

Vendor Account Registration

The marketplace extension allows vendors and sellers to register for an account to start selling products on the marketplace website. The Admin can disable this feature from the configuration as well. The Admin can also easily add new fields on the registration form by adding new vendor attributes from the admin panel.

Vendor Forgot Password Option

If a vendor does not remember his password, he can recover it simply by clicking ‘Forgot Password’. He simply needs to enter the vendor identifier or the email assigned to the account and then an email providing the new password will be sent out.

Responsive Vendor C-Panel

The Multiple Vendor Marketplace Script allows vendors to manage their products and orders on any device from anywhere. This feature is very helpful for the vendors to manage their store.

User-Friendly Vendor Dashboard

From the vendor dashboard, vendors can have an overview about their store. The vendor will able to see the credit amount, total sales, last 5 orders, last 5 transactions, last 5 reviews and more.

Vendor Panel

Vendor Credit Account

Each vendor has his own credit account. After a customer pays for an order, the money is added to vendor credit account. Vendors can see their credit amount from the dashboard. The vendor can withdraw the money from his credit account to his bank, PayPal, etc. After a vendor submits a withdrawal, he can see all withdrawal requests from his status report.

Easy Product Management

A vendor is able to manage his products from the vendor control panel. Vendors have full access to their products. Vendors’ products may need to be reviewed and approved by the administrator.

Custom Product Options

The vendor can add custom options for his products. The vendor can set a price for each custom options to charge more fees to the customer.

Vendor Manages Orders

Vendors are allowed to manage only their orders. They can see the list of orders. They can set the filter to get the orders they want. They can also view order information, add comments to order and create shipments for each order.

Vendor Manages Invoices

Vendors can create invoices for their pending orders. Vendors are able to see the list of invoices and can print them together or separated. They can view invoice information and also add comments to invoices.

Vendor Manages Credit Memos

Vendors can create a credit memo for their orders. Vendors are also able to see the list of credit memos and print them together or separated. They can also view credit memo information and add comments to credit memos.

Vendor Home Page

With the Vendor Home Page plug-in; vendors have their own page to display their products. This page has the same design as the marketplace website and only display all vendor’s products and the vendor profile.

Vendor CMS

The Vendor CMS plug-in is a powerful plug-in for Magento multiple vendors extension. It allows vendors to have full access to their page. Vendors are able to add static pages (Customer Service, Privacy Policy, FAQs, etc.), static content to their page. Vendors can also set their homepage as a static page. Thanks to this plug-in, vendors can add static content to any position on their pages.

Products by Categories

The Category plug-in allows the vendor to manage and display products by categories. This helps the customer to easily find products. The vendor can manage multiple category levels.

Image Banners for every Vendor

With the Banner Manager Plug-in, vendors are allowed to manage image banners for their website. Vendors can add images and adjust them on any position of their page. The Banner Manager plug-in supports many kinds of jQuery sliders. Vendors can add multiple banners to any of their pages.

Featured Products Plug-in

The Featured Products plug-in allows vendors to set products as `featured` and display it on the homepage, category page or another static page. Vendors just need to edit the product and set the featured attribute to ‘Yes’.

Select and Sell Feature

Select And Sell is a plug-in of Magento multiple vendors extension that allows vendors to create products very quickly by copying and modifying data from existing products.

Vendor FAQ Page

The Vendor FAQ plug-in allows vendors to create a separate list of question and answers, which is specific to a particular category. This module enables vendors to solve customer queries quickly by providing relevant FAQs. The customer can send questions from the FAQ page. Vendors can add/edit or update FAQs through their vendor C-Panel.

Vendor Store Locator

The Vendor Store Locator plug-in is an amazing tool for vendors who have physical locations as retailers. The module helped in adding store addresses to the website and navigating visitors to the required location. With the Vendor Store Locator extension, vendors can easily display all of their stores on the map. Vendors can create as many locations as needed. They just have to specify the address of their store and it is automatically detected on the map. The store locations URL can be added to the vendor profile so customers can easily find it. Customers get to know all existing locations on the map and view the detailed information about them by clicking the store icon.

News by Vendor

The Vendor News plug-in helps vendors make their store more interactive and keep visitors abreast of the latest business updates, developments, and achievements. It is used to display fully-fledged news on the page. The module has a number of flexible tuning options including the possibility to create categories, add comments to each news item, add pictures to news and much more. Also, this extension can be used as a blog on vendor page. It can also be integrated with social networks like Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

Vendor on Vacation

The Vendor Vacation plugin allows vendors to show a notice message on their store/product pages if they are on vacation.

Custom Order Number

This extension enables vendors to have custom prefixes, starting number and increment rate to titles of orders, invoices, shipments and credit memos. With this plug-in, vendors can easily work with their documents.


Price Comparison

The Price Comparison plug-in allows customers to compare prices from different vendors since the marketplace website may have some vendors which are selling the same products and each vendor may have their own product pricing.

Search by Vendor

Vendor Catalog Search is a plug-in of Magento multiple vendors extension which allows customers to search for products inside a vendor’s store. The search bar only returns products from current sellers.

Vendor Review / Rating

Vendor Review plug-in allows the customer to leave a review for vendors after processing a purchase from that vendor. This review/rating can be seen by other customers. The vendor rating is shown on the vendor’s profile so customers can base their buying decisions on real reviews and ratings. The vendor can view all reviews which customers left for them and only the Admin can edit/delete vendor reviews.

Instant Messaging System

With the Message Plug-in, customers can send messages to the vendor. Customer and vendor will get a notification email when a message arrives. Vendors are notified about unread messages when they log in to the vendor dashboard. Vendors can manage all their messages and send replies to customers. Customers can manage all their messages and send instant replies to vendors.


Supported Payment Methods

The Magento marketplace extension supports all the same payment methods as the standard Magento system. Customers can pay through Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, Switch/Solo, checks/money orders and other payment solutions.

PayPal Adaptive Payment

The PayPal Adaptive Payment plug-in allows you to handle payments between a sender of a payment and one or more receivers of the payment.

There are two payment types

Parallel payment: If you own a shopping cart, you are not required to receive payments directly. You can facilitate payments between the sender and receivers that provide the actual goods. With parallel payments, the sender can see the transaction to each receiver.

Chained payment: The sender pays the primary receiver an amount, from which the primary receiver pays secondary receivers. The sender only knows about the primary receiver, not the secondary receivers. The secondary receivers only know about the primary receiver, not the sender.

Shipping Management

Vendors can create shipments for their orders. Vendors are also able to see the list of shipments and they can print them together or separated. Vendors can view shipping information, add comments and track numbers to shipments.

Multiple Flat rate Shipping

Vendor Multiple Flat rate Shipping feature allows the vendor to setup multiple flat rate shipping. The flat rate shipping can be easily added. From front-end checkout, customers are required to select the shipping method for each vendors’ products.


The Vnecoms has stopped providing the Platinum and Standard package of Marketplace due to the preparation of the Marketplace on Magento 2.0 releasing, from 30th of July. Now only Custom package, that costs $349.00, is available. Also, special discounts can be availed by purchasing additional plugins to enhance the functionalities of the marketplace.

The details of the discounts are as follows:

  • + $30 Discount for adding any 3 plugins
  • + $70 Discount for adding any 5 plugins
  • + $100 Discount for adding any 8+ plugins


With no intention to overpraise it, the marketplace extension by Vnecoms seems to be the best in terms of price, functionality, and usability. The vendor is created as a user role in admin back end, and the back end is nicely styled not to scare people away with Magento standard back end theme. Vendors can manage orders, create shipments, ship products. Store admin is able to create flexible commission rules (per order, per transaction, etc.), create vendor groups with group-wise commission rate, manage all the transactions, products, orders, invoices, etc. The extension allows to have a single order for many vendors or split the order by vendor so that user will submit payment for each vendor separately.

At this price point, you won’t get many features for $349. To increase the functionalities, the add-ons have to be purchased additionally and most of them are really vital for a successful marketplace platform.

2016 X-Cart Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart Software Review

Please note: this is a completely new review for X-Cart Multi-vendor platform. The older review can be found here.

When first investigating your shopping cart approach, your most basic needs are simple. You should be able to observe inventory, track purchases, and accept payments. The truth is not so simple, because you want confirming tools to see what your customers are buying, search engine optimization (SEO) tools to be sure your store shows up in browsing results and ways to acquire payments from alternative sources such as Facebook and eBay. You might find all this a little bit discouraging, but you don’t have to worry because X-Cart can make things simple for you.

X-Cart gives sellers the utmost flexibility by providing the program with the hosted service or a licensed version you can download and mount on your hosted website. It really is a solid system offering a wide selection of advanced tools for selling online. It is not simple to use, but it does offer everything you will ever need in one place.

In this specific article, we’ll offer an in-depth overview of this leading PHP shopping cart e-commerce software.

x cart storefront


X-Cart is a commercial open source shopping cart software platform. It can help users to make and operate an e-commerce site. X-Cart offers both a cloud-based cart and a downloadable self-hosted licensed software option that users can purchase and install on the server. There is also a multi-vendor system in its special version called “X-Cart Ultimate” where you can create an online store where multiple suppliers can sell their own products and control their purchases through an individual web store.

Before we get into its features and functionalities, let’s take a look at the quick summary of its features.

  • Good marketing and search capabilities
  • Better than average SEO
  • Traditional, express, ‘fast street’ and one-page checkout
  • Order monitoring and customer order history
  • Option to add customer reviews and ratings
  • Completes UPS, USPS, and FedEx delivery calculations instantly
  • Offers printable invoices and receipts
  • Includes a CMS editor and a WYSIWYG catalog
  • Product option component may be used to sell solitary items with variations
  • Intuitive back end
  • Reporting offers valuable information regarding web page views and conversions
  • Better product filters

Now let’s take a detailed look at the features this Online shopping cart software offers.

Customization and Design

Awesome Design Templates

Plenty of great design web templates to quickly setup your store without adding much work in developing. The users can pick a common template and begin customizing. HTML-enriched product descriptions, custom product report and tabs and manual attachments, plus record uploads for the clients and the capability to create members-only categories.

Adaptive Design

There’s no dependence on another mobile storefront. The standard storefront automatically adapts when opened on a cellphone or tablet. On resizing, the web browser windows the elements automatically rearrange. Plus it’s fully appropriate for Google’s latest recommendations for mobile, and the single URL results in better SEO.

Customization with Webmaster mode

With the Webmaster mode, the user can quickly modify a template by clicking on the element while browsing the storefront and the results are displayed instantly once the changes are applied. It’s as easy as modifying the HTML page with “Firebug” or “Developer Tools”

Extensive Modifications

Every feature or design aspect is fully customizable. Because of X Cart’s modular architecture, you can customize individual elements without fretting about making global changes. The upgrade remains a breeze if the website is tailored to your requirements.

Smart Zoom and Thumbnail generator

An unlimited number of product images and images for variants, in-page Smart zoom to show every detail of the product and a product thumbnail generator with a built-in sharpness filter.

Features for Administration

X-Cart Admin Dashboard

Advanced Order Management

Modify orders on behalf of your customers: add/remove products, modify selected options and variants. Update pricing, taxes, discounts, delivery methods and shipping costs.

X-Cart POS system

With Point of Sale (POS) system, you can control products, orders, and inventory of both retail and online stores within a single web interface, where you can also accept payments, print receipts, and bar-code labels.

Mobile POS System

Process credit card payments on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. The Point of Sale is with you anywhere you go with your business, be it a trade show or your brick-and-mortar boutique.

Root Administrator account 

The Admin can control every aspect of the store and can moderate the provider’s accounts and the goods they are selling.


Vendor Specific Features

Sell almost everything

X-Cart supports a variety of physical goods and digital goods. Product options with optional price modifiers are also available. Vendors can also set product variants, global and product-specific attributes.

Inventory tracking

Vendors can track the number of products and variants in stock, plus they can see bestsellers and low stock products on their dashboard.


With this feature, Vendors can set the initial price, duration, and the minimum bid increment. They can also monitor each lot and change auction parameters on-the-fly as needed.

“Call for price” Feature

With this feature, the entire store can be converted into a plain catalog or a “call for price” button for selected goods can be given to the customers.

Separate Vendor Back-End

Each Vendor manages his/her own products and orders independently of other providers via a personal password-protected account. The handy dashboard also shows quick statistics like recent orders, bestsellers, low-inventory products, the number of orders and revenue for a selected period.

Additional Features

With features like “Customers also bought” and “Recently viewed” displayed on the store, the sales of products can be boosted up. Also, vendors can display options like Cross-sale, New arrivals and “Coming Soon.”

Features for customers

Refined Filters

Powerful product filters narrow search results by price and in-stock availability, as well as specific attributes like size, color, fabric and pattern, capacity, display size or any other custom parameters.

Better Search options

Lightning-fast search with suggestions and spell-checking powered by “Cloud search” makes it very easy for the customers to reach their desired products accurately. Synonyms support, promotions, and statistics make it an even more powerful marketing tool.

Multi-currency and multilingual Support

Customers can see product prices, as well as shipping costs and totals in different currencies. The storefront can be translated to any language or an existing translation to make the store closer to the audience from around the world.

Product comparison

Allow your customers to compare alike products side by side to find exactly what they are looking for.

Quick access

Quick access to shopping cart contents and check out on any page of the store. Optional “Pay with Amazon” and “PayPal Express Checkout” buttons can be enabled.

Social login

Customer registration can be made simple and fast by enabling the usage of an existing Facebook or Google Plus account.

Anonymous checkout

Customers can place orders without account registration, whereas admin can easily tracking all “anonymous orders” assigned to the same email address.

Product Ratings & Reviews

Customers can provide valuable ratings and reviews about the products and their shopping experience. Similarly, Tweet, G+ and Pin buttons make it easy to share content and products.

Payment and Shipping Features

Over 25 payment integrations enable secure payment gateway-hosted payment page to accept credit cards without any PCI-DSS hassle at all, without ever actually touching the sensitive credit card info, including popular gateways like Authorize.net. X-Cart makes PCI compliance easy whether customers check out right from your storefront via a merchant-hosted payment page or are redirected to a payment gateway-hosted payment page.

Security and Fraud Prevention

Powerful fraud prevention tools: in-house “anti-fraud” service and integration with Kount, all-in-one fraud and risk management solution.

Complete Order Status

Payment status and fulfillment status of the order are separated to manage the orders effectively.

Multiple Transactions Support

Support of multiple transactions per order, which the administrator can manage independently from each other.

Flexible tax system

Sales Tax for the United States, VAT for Europe, PST/GST/HST for Canada. VAT exemption with online VAT ID validation via the free web service Vies.

Integration with AvaTax

AvaTax automatically assigns hundreds of thousands of taxability rules and the latest jurisdiction boundaries to deliver the right rate and tax calculation

Enhanced Shipping Features

Features like real-time shipping quotes from Australia Post, Canada Post, FedEx, UPS and USPS, custom-defined delivery methods with flat rates, weight, order total- and per-item based shipping cost, pre-login shipping cost calculation, order tracking numbers and Shiplark that automates your shipping and prints FedEx, UPS, and USPS labels in one click are also available.

Features for Marketing and SEO

X-Cart gives you all the tools you need to get top ranks and high CTR in organic search

Multilingual Catalog

Setup your catalog (titles, descriptions, metadata, options and attributes, products and categories) in multiple languages. Everything is SEO friendly, so both your customers and search engines will love it.

Integration with eBay

Connect your store and manage your eBay listings. Individually or in bulk, manually or automatically. Add or update products, orders, product attributes and variants, images, descriptions, and prices.


Power your newsletters with MailChimp, an email marketing app that allows up to 12,000 free emails monthly.

Other Features for SEO

  • Clean URLs generated automatically based on the product title or defined manually
  • Configurable page titles and META tags for products, categories, and static pages
  • XML sitemap to help Google crawlers index your website properly
  • Rich snippets shown in search results make it easier for users to understand what the page is about

Expansion and Upgrades

 Large marketplace for third party Extensions

Install Extensions and design templates in a couple of clicks without leaving the admin area of the store, just like in Google Play or App Store, and instantly enjoy your new features!

Easy Upgrade 

The flexible modular architecture allows you to tailor the e-commerce platform to your precise needs without affecting the core, guaranteeing that even a heavily customized store remains easy to upgrade.

X-Cart Hosting Service

If the idea of handling your own X-Cart software on your site makes you nervous, you might want to consider X-Cart Hosting Service. Hosting makes X-Cart similar to Shopify and BigCommerce, as everything is managed for you by a virtual private server. So you don’t have to worry about upgrades and configuration.


There are always a lot of useful features that can be personalized to fit the bill. The program lands prepared to customize with basic styles that may be shaped into a one-of-a-kind store. In contrast to some other shopping carts which may have become clunky or obscure with age, X-Cart keeps improving. However, it requires a high level of technical competence, which may raise the barrier of entry above what many merchants can manage. Large downsides of X-Cart include additional fees, including fees for support, the regular monthly hosting cost, and the one-time license agreement, which makes this service very costly. However, if cost is not really a concern when deciding to add a shopping cart software to your site, then X-Cart is a sound choice.

Magento Marketplace Extension from vnecoms.com Multi Vendor Solution Review

In-depth review of Magento Marketplace Extension from vnecoms.com. Find building multi vendor marketplace using vnecoms.com solution. Demo and Download links for plugin also included.

Demo of the Magento Marketplace Extension from vnecoms.com Multi Vendor Solution

Vnecoms Magento Marketplace Extension Website


Features List (Quick View)
Different checkout modes
Vendor Grouping and Group based Pricing
Most of all Payment Gateways support
Multiple Product Types support
Front end vendor registration and login
Product Listing Moderation
Exclusion of Particular Product from Moderation
Sales statistics
Advanced order management feature
Complete Product Management
Vendor Credits(Commission) Processing
Vendors withdraw requests management
Vendor membership fees
Product Listing Fees
Paypal Adaptive Payments
Paypal chained payments
Multiple Flatrate Shipping
Vendors Messaging system
Advanced store branding
CMS Pages
Banner Management
Reviews and rating system
Featured Products
Products search feature
Price Comparison
Store locator
Vendor on Vacation
Custom Order Number Generation


Using vnecoms.com magento marketplace extension you can create your own marketplace on Magento system. By creating a marketplace,the website owner will accepts seller (vendor/merchant) registration with your site which lets them to sell their good with your marketplace. Sellers will have complete access on their products,orders,invoices,shipments and credit memos. Each seller will have their own control panel on the marketplace to list their products and services. They also can modify the look and feel (layout/template) of their vendor panel.The plugin allows the website owner to collect payment from the sellers for selling the products with the marketplace.

You can also read the complete review of this Magento extension in the following sections.

Different Checkout Modes
Vnecoms.com magento marketplace extension offers three different checkout modes for your marketplace and you have the flexibility to choose between these choices according to your preferences.

General Checkout Mode
In this mode, all the products in the one order are processed through single checkout system. In this mode,vendors only see the order details of their products not the order details of the products from other vendors (Its kind of privacy mode for vendors). The order details consists of few important details of the particular order.But the site owner(administrator) can view the complete details of the order (Complete order history of all the vendors and product details). This method has the advantage of offering privacy for vendors about their orders shared between other vendors.

Advanced Checkout Mode

In the advanced checkout mode,the order of the products from the different vendors are processed through different checkout systems. That means, the during checkout,if they order two or more product from different vendors, they will see different checkout buttons for each vendors. By clicking/selecting between the available checkout options,buyers can make payment for the particular orders.

The greatest advantage of this method is,buyers have the flexibility to choose (enable/disable) their preferred checkout methods (credit card, bank payments, check, cash on deposit…) rather than the globally (site owner) configured payment options.

For example, Vendor “A” would like to accept payments only through “Cash on Deposit” rather than accepting payments through online to avoid transaction fees or tax issues.

Advanced “X” Mode
The advanced “X” checkout mode is much like “General checkout mode” (single checkout system for all vendor products) but the only difference is ,this mode offers more details information about the orders placed where the “General checkout mode” offers only few details about the particular order.

Vendor Grouping
Vnecoms magento marketplace extension offers advanced vendor grouping feature using this one can segment the users and collect payment with more collective fashion. This extension lets you to segment the users in to different groups and let them pay different pricing according to their assigned group.

Vendor Grouping and Separate Pricing for use Groups Magento Marketplace

For instance:
Free Vendors (merchants with free membership) has to to pay 10% transaction fees for every order.
But Premium vendors (Vendors who pay certain membership fees e.g $50/Month) doesn’t has to pay any transaction fees for their orders.
Really cool features???

Supported Payment Methods
This extension supports all the payment methods offered by Magento ecommerce software E.g credit card, Paypal, Google checkout, Sagepay, worldpay, Bank Deposit,telephone order…

Supported Product Types
The magento marketplace plugin supports the following product types

Simple products: Simple physical products
Configurable products: Products pricing varies with configurable options
Grouped products: Products grouped to one another to offer combo/bulk purchase pricing.
Virtual products: The products listed to offer certain service (course fees, reservation, appointment, booking fees…)
Downloadable products: Products can be downloadable (software, MP3, videos, music, audio files, photos, ebooks, white papers, credentials, reports, guides…)

Vendors Registration Form

Visitors can apply to become the vendors using the vendors registration form available the menu. Any time the site owner can disable the signup by turning off this options from their admin panel.

Vendor Application Form Magento Marketplace Addon

Separate Login for Vendors
The add on offers separate login page for vendors where they can login to their dashboard and manage their available options.

Vendor Account Approval
All the filled vendor application forms are forwarded to the administrator for approval. The administrator will review the apply requests and approve/disapprove the requests from their dashboard. The best part of the vnecoms magento marketplace extension is its offers variety of configuration options for vendors while approving their vendor requests.

Vendor group: From the dashboard,the administrator will assign/change the vendor to the particular group (free members/premium members…)
Different welcome mail options: Can send different welcome mails according to the user group they have assigned or some other welcome mail format the administrator prefers.
Email sender: Administrator can select from the available e-mail addresses (Department support, billing, technical…) to send the welcome mails.
E-mail confirmation: Can turn on/turnoff email confirmation for the vendors.
Confirmation E-mail: Can choose between emails on which the confirmation e-mail can be send.

The admin controls also comes with the filter options to find the particular vendors. E.g Filter vendors with “Pending” status and “Approve” “Disapprove” their requests at once.

Vendor Control Panel
Vendor Control Panel is the place where sellers can manage their available controls (Managing the products, orders, checkout options, shipping…)

Vendor Dashboard
Vendor Dashboard provides quick stats about the total sales amount in the particular time period (month, year, weekly, daily) or total number of orders, recent 5 orders, recent 5 transactions, and latest 5 reviews.

Vendor Dashboard offers Sales Charts Magento Multi Vendor Extension

All these information are presented with nice looking graphics with chart presentation which helps the administrator will get the quick look about the sales

Vendor Order Management
Vendor Dashboard provides the merchants with lot of tools to manage their orders.
Using the order menu, sellers can have quick look at the orders info (order number, date, bill name, shipping name, currency, order status).

Vendors can also perform quick search the particular order by order number, particular time period (monthly, weekly, daily), particular date, email …And can export the order details to CSV format.

Complete Order Details and Processing
By selecting order number,administrator can view more details about the particular order and process the same.

The order details includes order history (total number of products), total order numbers, total order amount, payment date, payment method, shipment details, address of the buyer…

Vendors can also change shipment status (pending to processing/completed), assign tracking number, add comments to the particular orders.

Vendor Product Management
Vendors can manage their products (create/edit) from their dashboard. They can create the product with all the necessary details and add taxes, shipping payments, choose payment options and finally list the products in the marketplace.
Once the products are created from the vendor dashboard, it will be forwarded to the administrator for moderation before publishing in the marketplace.

Product Approval
Administrator will review all the product list requests comes from the vendors and enable/disable their requests using their available options.

Administrator can either manually verify the every individual products in detail or bulk select the products and perform the certain option.

Disable the Product Moderation
When the market place grows with time, the product listing moderation process became more tedious process. At this time, it was wise to reduce the work load by removing the this restrictions on certain conditions. At this time, the plugin works as handy and this will lets you to auto approval of products comes from the particular vendor (Trusted vendor), or products from certain product groups (Physical products rather than digital goods…)

Vendor Credits
After the successful completion of buyer order (successful payment completion and order delivery), the vendor sales amount will be credited to their account as “Vendor Credits”. Vendors can view their available credits from their dashboard

With Draw Funds
Vendors can withdraw their funds (vendors credits) as soon as they reached their withdraw criteria (minimum withdraw funds) set by the site administrator.

Vendors can request payment has to be transferred to their preferred payment methods (Paypal, bank account…)

Processing withdraw Requests by Admin
Once the vendors have made the withdraw request,the requests are brought back to the administrator for the approval from there the administrator can approve or decline the requests.

Advanced Vendor Grouping
Using Advanced vendor grouping Add-on, you can assign more advanced privileges or employ restrictions on the membership.

For instance:
Bronze member can create 20 products and can not access certain categories and can not brand their store page.
Gold member can create 60 products and can access more categories and can brand (customize) their store page.

This will helps the site owner for convincing their sellers to upgrade their membership and help the administrator to make more money.

Vendor Membership
Using vendor membership plugin, you can create membership that auto expire after some period of time (months) and you can also charge your vendors for membership fees.

PayPal Adaptive Payments
Using Paypal adaptive payments system integration, the payments for the particular order contains various good to the multiple vendors can be divided accordingly and sent it to the merchants.

Chained Payments
The chained payments works as same as Adaptive payments (Parallel payment processing and dividing the particular vendor commission) but the difference is, in the chained payment method, the sender (buyer) pays to the primary receiver and from the Primary receiver the payment will be send it to the secondary receiver. So the buyer won’t knows any thing about the secondary receiver details (Its about privacy module for adaptive payment system)

You can configure this details from the admin panel payment settings options.

Multiple Flat Rate Shipping
Vendors can create multiple flat rate shipping configurations. Using this vendors can assign different pricing upon the delivery time priority and shipping service selection.

using this the buyers can have the choice of choosing between the shipping delivery priority (Quicker delivery costs more,normal delivery costs standard price) for every products from different vendors.

Contact Vendors
Using Messaging plugin, the customers can send messages to the vendors and the vendors will receive the e-mail notification of such message when it arrives.

Vendors also notified about the unread mails when they login to their dashboard

After reading the mails, the merchants can reply back the messages send by their customers.

Store Page
Vendor Store page is the exclusive page for the particular vendor. In this store, only the products from the particular vendor are listed.

The vendor store page contains the vendor profile (Company logo, Address, contact phone numbers, reviews, vendor products, banner).

Vendor CMS plugin allows the merchants to add/modify the required pages which are present in their store page.

Using this one can add required static pages (privacy policy, terms of service, refund policy, contact info…), all of this page content can be managed through powerful WYSIWYG  editor. After adding this page content, the pages will be added to the top navigation menu automatically.

Category Level Listing
Vendor Category plug-in lets you to create multiple level categories and let them display products in the store using category level.

Review Rating
Customers who bought the products previously from the particular vendors can review the product and as well as the vendor who supplied the product. The reviews rating will helps to make better buying decisions over the products.

Vendors can view the ratings from the buyers but only the admin proceed with edit/delete options.

Banner Manager
Banner manager plug-in lets the merchants upload banners from their dashboard which will be displayed in the vendor store pages.

It also comes with the in-build banner slider (j-query sliders) and it supports various popular j-query sliders.

You can also upload multiple images (dynamic sliders) to the banner slider and let them display as auto scrolling sliders.

Featured Products
Featured Products plug-in lets the sellers to feature their products on home page.B y making a product as a featured one, the particular product may receive more views and helps to increase the sales.

You may simply enable the product as featured one it will be automatically displayed on home page.

Alternatively you can create a page for featured products and add the featured product code on that page.

Search Vendor Specific Products
Vendor Catalog Search enables the visitors to search for the given query with the products from vendor database.

Create Products By other Product Attributes
Select And Sell is a plug-in of vnecoms magento multiple vendors extension lets the buyers to create products quickly by copying the other product attributes.

By simply selecting the product to copy,you can easily duplicate the particular product property and create a new product quick.

Price Comparison
Price comparison feature lets the buyers to compare the products to one another. This will be very important feature when people tend to compare the products with different models (features and price comparison.

But not just models comparison, the buyers can also compare the price for same product that comes from different vendors. By using this option, buyers can choose between the better pricing, vendors with high rating.

Store Locator
Store locator add-on helps the merchants to add physical location of the retailers of their products (if they have). Vendors just to provide their address in the configuration options and the map will be updated automatically.

Using news plugin,sellers can publish the latest announcements such as (discounts, newly added products, certifications, awards) any other information which helps to increase the trust with the buyers.

Vendor on Vacation
Vendor on Vacation plugin helps the sellers to display the notification message when they are in vacation. This message will be displayed on the vendor store page.This will helps the buyers to understand the support service may not available during vacation.

By turning on the vacation configuration option,the notification messages are simply posted on the store pages,and when it requires the message can be easily turned off from the control panel options.

Custom Order Number Generation
Custom order number add-on offers custom order number creation feature,using this vendors can create their own custom order numbers which helps more branding for their store.

They can configure the combination of alphabets and numbers,starting number,increment ratio between orders,invoices,shipment and credit memos. This is kind of unique marketplace feature that we ever come across.

Advanced checkout options (Unique Feature)
Vendor Grouping and Group based Pricing
Vendor membership fees
Product Listing Fees
Paypal Adaptive Payments
Paypal chained payments
Multiple Flatrate Shipping
Reviews and rating system
Featured Products
Advanced store branding
Custom Order Number Generation (Unique Feature)

Nothing so far!

As it comes with most advanced features we have reviewed so far, definitely vnecoms magento marketplace is the perfect choice for anyone who looking to build multi vendor solutions with Magento.

You can use the below link to find the live demo and download link to this software.

Vnecoms Magento Marketplace Extension Website

Please do provide your valuable opinion and feedback using the comment box below.

Magento Marketplace Multi Vendor Module Review

Read in-depth review of Magento Marketplace Multi Vendor Module and learn how to build your own Amazon or Etsy like marketplace in minutes.

Magento Marketplace Multi Vendor Module is the premium extension from Webkul that comes with lot of good features to build your mutli vendor marketplace using Magento as a base e-commerce software.This module provides extended functionality to the core Magento to build multi seller/merchant marketplace which does not comes with Magento shopping cart by default.So by choosing the plugin one can have the goodness of Magento and the power of marketplace functionality.


Seller signup and choosing store URL while registration Magento Marketplace Module

The module provides following core functionalities

  • Buyer functionalities
  • Seller/merchant Functionalities
  • Affiliate promotions(For affiliates) and control(managing affiliate program and affiliates)
  • Administrator(site owner) functionalities

Buyers  Functions
The buyer dashboard contains the following functionalities such as

  • Address book-To hold the important contacts that the buyer would like to remember
  • Order tracking-Tracking the status of the orders that has been placed by the buyer themself
  • Shipping profile-Shipping profile information that contains the billing and shipping addresses.
  • Product and merchant reviews-Buyer can post review(feedback) on the product that they have purchased and they also provide the rating of the vendor who sells the product.This review will be posted after the approval of the administrator.
  • File downloads-This section contains the download link of the digital goods(software,MP3,documents,PDF or any other) if they have purchased already.

Seller Functions

  • Seller Dashboard-The seller dashboard is the default landing page what they see,after they login to their control panel.The dashboard contains
  • Recent orders-Recent 5 orders that shows the order details of orderID,date,total order amount,order status.
  • Profile branding-The best part of this extension is ,it offers best of branding customisation for seller profiles or store.Using this ,the seller can brand their store to suit their preferences so it will looks like ,the products are hosted on their own site and not with the thrid party website.Using the branding options,the vendor can upload their logo,promotional or notification banner,change the background colour(Use colour ticker or input HTML colour code),change the meta title and description of the store.
  • Adding new products-The seller can add new products one by one manually or upload the multiple items once using the CSV bulk upload option.When adding the new product,one can find the following fieldsname(name of the product),full description(detailed description of the product,will be shown in the product page),short description(summary of the product,will be used to displayed on category or widget pages),SKU number,Price(original price of the product),special price(special offer price,after discount,the total discount will be calculated by comparing this price with the original price and the software will show the savings automatically in the price section,helps to boost up the sales),special price duration(number of days the special price will be available,after some time the product price will be revert back to the original price),image(image for the product,thumbnail for the product will be created automatically from the uploaded image),stock number(number of quantities that the product available)
  • Transaction details-Transaction details shows the transaction ID(unique identification number to identify the particular transaction),date of transaction,amount(total amount of transaction,product price*number of products ordered),product name(name of the product)

Dashboard view of Seller Control panel Magento Marketplace Add

Configuring Branding for Seller profile and Store using Magento Marketplace extension

View of Seller Profile Page

Seller adding new product using the seller control panel

Affiliate promotional Functions
The affiliate promotion panel is the common panel which is available for both buyers and sellers (Both of them can promote the marketplace products using the affiliate tools present in the affiliate promotion panel).

The affiliate promotional panel offers the following functionalities such as

  • Banner and Text ads-Affiliates can select and use both banner and text which available in the particular section.The creative preview option ,lets the affiliates to preview the creative before using with their channel promotion.
  • E-mail campaign-The affiliates can send e-mail campaigns right from their control panel,they can just input the e-mail addresses(e-mail addresses of the recipients or potential buyers),title of the email(e-mail subject),message(body of the e-mail) and press the “Send” button,and the system will sends the email campaign automatically.The “Add Products” option present in the e-mail campaign option,lets you to browse the products and embed with the email message.
  • Traffic sources-Affiliates can also monitor the traffic sources from where the traffic is generated.By using the option,the affiliates can optimize their promotion strategy by reviewing the which traffic source converts/works best.
  • Sales monitoring-Sales monitoring provide clues about sales generated through their affiliate links in the particular time period.They can view the sales by comparing in the particular time period(Day,week,month,all time).
  • Payment processing-Payment method update-Any time,you can update your preferred payment method to receive your affiliate commissions ,you have earned.You can select been the available options(Paypal,Cheque,wire transfer or any other) and receive the incentives.

Administrator Functions

  • Administrator Dashboard-The administrator dashboard contains the following
  • Last 5 orders,last 5 search terms(search terms that produced the traffic to the marketplace from search engines),life time sales(total sales amount so far from the start of the marketplace),average orders(Average sales order amount),best sellers(best selling products for the particular time period day/week/month),most viewed products(products that viewed higher number of times,new customers(new customers or potential buyers who have subscribed to the marketplace),orders chart(Graphical chart representation of total orders processed in the particular time),amounts chart(Graph chart of total amount of sales income  has been generated in the particular time period)
  • Managing products-Any time,the administrator can view the information and approve the product before listed in to the marketplace.This moderation panel lets the administrator have the control of the products has been listed in the marketplace(administrator can disapprove the product,if its found to be ir-relevant for some reasons(copyright violated,adult,pharmaceutical,gambling or any other).The administrator,the product viewing option provides the product details such as ,seller name(name of the seller who list the product),product name(name of the product which is going to be listed),price stock(number of quantity that they product available in stock,status(current status of the product),preview(preview the product image)
  • Managing sellers-Administrator can view the seller information and take actions (approve,ban,add to trust) on sellers.The seller information panel provides the following information of the seller like seller name,email(contact email of the seller,mode of payment(seller’s preferred mode of payment),telephone(Telephonic contact information),address(address of the seller),date(when the seller profile has been activated)
  • Seller Commissions– Seller commission admin panel lets you to view and change the commissions of the seller,the beauty of the function is ,the module lets the administrator can set different pricing for vendor(less percentage for higher performing vendors).Viewing the control panel provides the following information like ID(Identification number of the particular commission is paid/scheduled),name(name of the seller who receive the commissions),percentage(percentage of commission that was assigned to the particular seller),Total sales(Total number of orders has been generated through the particular vendor),total amount(Total amount of sales has been generated through the particular vendor),a,amount received(Total amount paid so far to the seller),Amount remain(total amount has been pending which has to be paid to the seller),last payment(Date of the last payment has been made to the seller),Pay link(Payment link to initiate/start the pending payment option to the seller).
  • Feedback/review management-The feedback management lets the administrator to approve or delete the product review or seller feedbacks comes from the buyers.Administrator can approve ,edit or discard thecomments(if found to be in appropriate or rude).But the tool is not only used for just managing the comment but it also helps to make decisions like removing the seller who have very poor rating or higher negative feedback,otherwise the brand image of the marketplace will be ruined.
  • Managing Affiliates-Affiliate management option lets the admin(site owner) to view the affiliate details and their performance.The information can viewed are id(unique affiliate id to identify the particular affiliate,name(Name of the affiliate,clicks(Total clicks generated by the affiliate),unique click(Unique clicks generated by the affiliate),Approved sales(Total number of sales approved for the affiliate links),Pending sales(Total number of sales pending for the affiliate links),balance(Total amount in balance and has to be paid for the affiliate),status(Status of the affiliate ,pending/approved)
  • Affiliate creative management-Using this option,administrator can add new creative(banner or text creative),the creative are uploaded and listed with relevant title,description,targeted link,size,so that it can be easily viewed and used by the affiliates.The creative uploaded for the affiliate in the administrator will be available to the affiliate control panel for their usage.
  • Commission rates-The addon provide the option for the administrator to configure the commission rate for different promotions such as PPC(pay per click),Unique PPC(Unique Pay Per Click traffic),fixed(Fixed amount for making the sale of the product) or percentage commission(Percentage of commission from the total sales).The administrator also can update the affiliate terms using WHYSIWIG editor and term will be displayed in the affiliate signup form.
  • Administrator also can enable or disable the affiliate registration,auto approve affiliates(Enable auto approve or manually approve every affiliates),setting the initial bonus for the affiliate,minimum payout(minimum amount of balance required to process payout),processing date( Default date for every-month to process affiliate incentive)


Exra/Addtional Modules

We have explained all the core module functions offered by this plugin,but we have not finished yet.The core module functionality can be further extended using the following below modules(To obtain the below functions you have to buy this below modules separately)

  • Paypal Adaptive Payment-Automatically calculates the seller commision and sends to the multiple sellers at once.
  • Custom attribute-Add custom attributes to the products and also to the other required objects
  • MarketPlace Seller Order Confirmation / shipping management
  • Mass upload-Bulk upload the products to the catalogue using the CSV upload option
  • Seller Groups-Group the sellers and assign different privileges,commission percentage
  • seller product search-Search the products from the particular seller
  • Blog-Create blog and publish blog posts
  • Marketplace Seller Auction-Create product auction
  • Membership-Offer premium membership for listing the products with the marketplace
  • buyer seller chat-Offer live chat between buyer and seller to increase sales
  • Advanced Report-Advanced reports to retrive the results using various parameters
  • Bundle Product-Bundle the products and offer special pricing(Sales will be boosted by choosing the bundle buying and saving option)
  • Daily Deals-Create the products to the daily deals list and promote it,the products are listed everyday with special pricing for increased sales
  • Seller List-Seller listing widget for cross promotion in the marketplace
  • Seller Locator
  • Seller Vacation-Provides notification message while the seller is on vacation(Avoids misunderstanding of buyers ,when they wait for response from the seller while they are in vacation)
  • Seller Price Comparison-Comparison of product price with other sellers
  • Amazon S3 Downloadable Product-Uploading the downloadable products with Amazon S3 and providing the download link(Saves your website bandwidth)
  • Ebay Connector-Import your ebay products to the marketplace(Save time and effort)


Final Review Results


  • Supports both physical and digital goods
  • Advanced branding options for vendor profile and stores
  • Option to configure different commission percentage for each seller
  • Feature rich affiliate promotional channel
  • Extend the features to next level using other supported addons.
  • Open Source code,customization is breeze

Seems the pricing($349) is little bit higher for a module(But it won’t be issue if you are serious buyer looking for premium features).

If you are looking to build multi vendor solution on Magento ,then Magento Marketplace is the best in class module available and it’s highly recommended.

Website: Magento Marketplace Website

Dokan Multivendor WordPress Plugin Review Build WordPress Marketplace Using Dokan

Please Note: There is an update to this post here, but this is still a great, informative post with some unique nuggets not found in the other post.

Review of Dokan multi-vendor woocommerce plugin build with WordPress. Read the review and learn to build your own marketplace with WordPress.

Before explaining everything, here is the quick review of this theme which helps for our quick readers


  • ProsFrontend Vendor Product Management
  • Beautiful Statistics and Report(Sales,products inventory)
  • Different monetization (Product Listing Fees,Sales Commission…)
  • Responsive/Mobile Friendly Support
  • Lot of supported Features
  • Woocommerce (WordPress Ecommerce) Based
  • Comparatively Cheaper and one time price


  • It needs improvement regarding integration with other plugins and provide more customization with CSS.


We have reviewed more than 15 multi vendor solutions from the year 2013. By far this will be the most economical multi vendor solution. So if you are thinking to build multi vendor using WordPress means, this will be the great solution you can find.

This plugin will be a great choice if you would like to build your marketplace with WordPress. Even if you looking multi vendor solutions with any other solutions like Magento, Opencart, Prestashop, we highly recommend go for this plugin its because, this will be the only available mature solution (Recommended for live site) in the market. Of course, we are using the same plugin for our own marketplace (used with two or more domains) and we highly recommend this one after personally using this product.

Little introduction of  woocommerce

Woocommerce is one of the popular e-commerce platform build with widely popular, open source CMS, WordPress. Woocommece powers thousands of e-commerce website ranging from individual stores to enterprise e-commerce solutions. Being backed with WordPress, woocommerce has variety of advantages like easy of use, user friendly, growing community of developers, freely available downloads (child themes, addons), ever growing support sources through forums, bloggers, companies, and individuals.



Dokan is a WordPress plugin that converts the normal ecommerce site into multi seller (vendor/merchant) marketplace just like Amazon, Ebay, Etsy… You can use the woocommerce (Free WordPress ecommerce plugin) to create the normal eCommerce first and then you can install the Dokan WordPress plugin (Install as a normal plugin) to convert into multi-seller marketplace.

Demo of the working Dokan WordPress Plugin WordPress Multi Seller Marketplace Solution

Below you can find some of the features that offered by the Dokan plugin.

The user interface will change and provide according to the respective user levels such as

Guests or visitors will see the products listing which is available for purchase

Registered users or buyers have their own or dedicated dashboard where they can find their previous orders,manage their credentials,shipping profiles,


Dashboard View of the Seller

Sellers dashboard offers variety of features such as

  • Managing products: Individual products  can be added or multiple products can be imported in bulk
  • Eye catching reports: The seller dashboard designed with the eye catching report that will be generated automatically and it provides quick clues about no of products in the inventory, total number of orders and sales in the particular time period.
  • coupon management: Coupons management function offers multiple features such as creating coupons,limiting the coupons usage with time (date of expiry), usage (maximum number of times can the particular coupon can be used), fixed amount or percentage discount of the coupon.
  • Managing reviews: Product reviews can be managed from the seller dashboard,any time the seller can approve,modify or delete the product reviews.
  • Managing orders: Order status can be updated like completed,in-progress,shipped

Managing products through seller dashboard


maintaing order from dashboard

Managing orders using seller dashboard


Managing coupons using seller coupon functions



Separate dashboards– Each vendor has their separate dashboard where they take control of their products and other settings,which makes the job easier for administrator.

Assigning seller commission percentage by the Administrator

Different monetization possible-As a administrator you can have flexible way of monetising your service,you can collect a certain percentage from the sold product price  or you can charge the membership fees from the buyer.

Individual stores– Each sellers have their own store assigned with separate store URLS that will helps the vendors to maintain their privacy with other stores. The sellers can customize the look and feel (logo, color scheme, images) of their stores to match with their own branding.


Product Moderation: Every time the product is added by the seller, it will comes for the administrator moderation, upon approval only, the products will be published and listed on the marketplace. This will helps to stay away from the spam content (porn, copyright violated materials) spread with the marketplace.
But not all the time, you can just verify the products, especially when if the store grows with the time then the moderation became tedious job,for this,the theme offers the function to publish the products from the particular sellers with out moderation.By making the particular product as “Trusted Seller” ,you can make them publish their products with out undergoing moderation queue.
Theme Pricing
The theme comes with 3 pricing modules ,according to the number of domains the software can be used.
Single site license-$199
5 Sites license- $299
Unlimited site license- $499 (To use with unlimited domains)
All this plans comes with one year free updates and support through their official forum.

Website: Dokan Theme Website

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