Best Configurations And Settings for WooCommerce

Best Configurations And Settings for WooCommerce

To set up your online store on the WooCommerce platform, you have to configure and setup the WooCommerce to enable it to function effectively. Here are the guidelines of best configurations and settings for WooCommerce.

Getting Started

To start first go to WooCommerce > Settings. you can follow the procedure given below:

Getting started

Sections in General Settings

There are two sections, in the General Settings of WooCommerce: General Options and Currency Options.

General Options

In this option, you will be able to configure some very basic settings regarding your online store in WooCommerce. The screen shots of General Options is as under:

General Options

Now we will discuss each of the options of General Options in details so that you will get more clear concept on those options.

Base Locations – Here you will opt for the country you are selling from. You can select the taxes to your relevant country. From the drop down list select your country name.

Base Location

Selling Location(s) – Here you can define the countries where you will be selling your products. You can choose all countries or a specific country to sell your products.

Selling Locations

In Selling Locations section, you will get three options:

  •  Sell to All Countries – This will enable you to sell products to all the countries       where ever your base location is.
  •  Sell to All Countries, Except For… – This option will enable you to sell products to all countries, except the countries that you have excluded.
  •  Sell to Specific Countries – This option will enable you to choose to sell products to specific countries.

Shipping Location(s) – Here you can configure the locations you wish to ship your products to. As in the case of Selling locations, you can choose to ship to any location of your choice based on considerations that are in the best interest of your store.

Shipping location

In Shipping locations section, you will get four options:

  • Ship to all countries you sell to – allow you to choose to ship your products to all countries you want to sell.
  • Ship to all countries – By using this, you have the option to ship your products to all countries where ever they are located.
  • Ship to specific countries only – In this section, you can choose to ship your products to specific countries only, based on considerations that have the best interest to your online store.
  • Disable Shipping and Shipping calculations – This option will disable the option of shipping your products and any calculations related to shipping charges.

Default Customer Location – In this section you can define the default customer location. This will also enable the tax calculation and shipping rates to be charged to your customers.

Default Customer Location

In Default Customer location section, you will get four options:

  • Shop base address  – it tells the system to assume that they are in the same location as your shop.
  • No address – If you select this it gives them no location, and thus no taxes are calculated.
  • Geolocate address – it verifies their current location and taxes will be calculated accordingly.
  • Geolocate (With Page Caching Support) – it is similar to the previous            option, only difference is that geolocation is done using Ajax. If you are using a page caching support on your store then this method is effective.

Enable Taxes – Here you can enable or disable taxes of your online store. It should be remembered that unless you enable taxes in General Settings, the Tax tab will not appear in WooCommerce > Settings. Here is a screenshot of the setting to enable taxes:

Enable Taxes

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Store Notice – If you select the Store Notice checkbox you can enable your site-wide store notice text. This will help you share any store notice to your customers or site visitors. Here you can put your discount or special offers that you are currently offering or planning to offer in the near future.

Store Notice

Store Notice Text – When you enable the Store Notice checkbox, the Store Notice Text field will automatically appear below it. Here, you can enter the text you want to display on your online store.

Store Notice Text

As an example, in the screenshot above the Store Notice Text set as Avail attractive discounts up to 50% in Feb!!!. It will appear right on the top of your online store.

Store Notice Text Display

Currency Options

This options will affect the way to display the prices on the front-end. You will get various components in this section of General Settings as seen in the screenshot given below:

Currency Options

Now we will discuss each of the options of Currency Options in details so that you will get more clear concept on those options.

Currency – InWooCommerce you will have a huge range of custom currencies that allows you to select an existing currency’s symbol or label. You can select only one currency here.


Currency Position –  In WooCommerce you can choose the default currency position for your prices, like LeftRightLeft with spaceand Right with space.

Currency Position

Thousand Separator – This option allows the user to set the thousand separator for the displayed prices. For example, you can use (,) as a thousand separator which will be displayed in prices like 1,000.

Thousand Separator

Decimal Separator – With this option you can set the decimal for the displayed prices. For example, you can set (.) as a decimal separator which will be displayed in prices like 10.00.

Decimal Separator

Number of Decimals – This option will choose how many numbers to display to the right of the decimal when displaying prices: 100.00 or 100

Number of Decimals

When you have completed the configuration of all these options please click on the Save Changes button to save the changes.

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