How To Create An Online Book Store Marketplace With Dokan

How To Create An Online Book Store Marketplace With Dokan

With the popularity of eCommerce business, online book store marketplace is also becoming popular. Developers are looking forward to build online book store marketplace for their customers. Most of them are struggling, just because of choosing the wrong eCommerce platform.

If you are also facing the same problem, yes you are in the right place. With Dokan multi-vendor wordpress marketplace plugin you can easily create an online book store marketplace for your successful eCommerce business.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to create an ebook store website with Dokan.

Online Book store Marketplace

The Three S’s of eCommerce Business to Create Online Book Store Marketplace

  1. Storage Space:
    Some eCommerce marketplace builders put a cap on your sales, so choose one offers for the inventory space and bandwidth to fit your needs. The best eCommerce platform will let your online marketplace sell online without limitations.
  2. Safety Protocols:
    Choose a security program that offers fraud protection and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. This is for the protection of your marketplace and your customers. SSL technology makes it possible to send online payments securely and is a must-have on all eCommerce websites.
  3. Site Design:
    Your eCommerce platform should have a user-friendly interface. The best eCommerce websites and functions of each tool should be clear and it should be easy to select your desired options. A top-notch website builder will make it easy to build your online marketplace. An extensive FAQ and 24X7 customer support team can make a world of difference. Also, keep in minds the needs of your customers. Imagine that you’re shopping from your own online marketplace. Well-designed and organized menus, filters, and sorting options will minimize the amount of time it takes to find a product and purchase it. Consider also the “look” of your marketplace. Many eCommerce website builders offer professionally-designed templates that are both pleasing to the eye and can improve a customer’s overall shopping experience. Just like in a physical store, a cluttered and disorganized e-store display will leave customers frustrated and empty-handed, whereas a streamlined and enjoyable buying process will encourage buyers for purchasing.

How to Create An Book Store Marketplace With Dokan

To create a successful book store marketplace you need the following:

Domain Name and Web Hosting

The first step to create an book store marketplace is to choose a domain name for your business.

You can check the availability of your domain name on several websites. Like To buy a new domain you can get that service from bellow sites,

Now, let’s move forward about web hosting.

Websites are made of with files such as html files, CSS files, image files, etc. When you visit a website, your browser makes a request to a server which returns these files.

This doesn’t mean that you need to buy your own server and manage the hardware. Instead of this you pay someone else to use their server. When you pay someone for space on their server we say they are “hosting” your website.

It’s very much important to get a secured web hosting service. Otherwise, your site will take time to load, or become vulnerable. You can get secure web hosting service from HostGator. Or you can go to the above-mentioned service providers. They also provide secure web hosting.

WordPress Website

Here are some methods on how to install WordPress.

Method #1: Choose a host that comes with WordPress pre-installed

The easiest way to install WordPress is to just pick a host that does it free or automatically for you. Nowadays, many WordPress-specific hosts will let you choose to have pre-installed WordPress.

Here are a few recommended hosts that offer pre-install WordPress for you:

  • Bluehost – affordable and comes with pre-installed WordPress.
  • SiteGround – has tons of WordPress service marketplace-specific features that make your life easier.

Method #2: How to install WordPress via cPanel and auto-installers

cPanel is the dashboard that most web hosts providers give their customers. When you sign up for hosting, your host should give you with login details for cPanel.

In your cPanel interface, your host should give you an auto-installer. Auto-installers basically automate the full WordPress install process. So instead of doing everything manually, you just input some basic information, click a button, and the auto-installer installs WordPress for you.

 Method #3: How to install WordPress manually

Download the latest version of WordPress from

Then unzip the zip file and upload it to the public_html (or similar) directory of your website. If you’re not sure how to log in to FTP, ask your hosting provider for your FTP account information.

The rest will be done by your web hosting provider.

For further installation details Read.

Install WooCommerce to Add eCommerce Capabilities to Your Website

WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that adds all the essential eCommerce features instantly to your site: shopping carts, checkout, payment processing, etc. There are a lot of paid extensions available to add more eCommerce features to your site.

If you’ve never used WordPress, it’s not so difficult to install the plugin. You can search for plugins and install them straight from your WordPress admin dashboard.

WooCommerce Install to create Online Book store

After a successful installation, you will get a setup wizard that lets you configure your store easily. Just follow the steps and change what you need to.

WooCommerce Wizard Ready

Turn your eCommerce site to multi-vendor Book Store Marketplace by Dokan

WooCommerce creates only single store for your website. You can add products and manage orders from the back-end. As we are trying to create a marketplace, we require multi-vendor features.

Dokan multi-vendor plugin will give you the privilege to make a complete multi-vendor marketplace of your own. 

To activate Dokan you have to follow a similar installation and activation process just like WooCommerce. Furthermore, Dokan Lite is totally freemium plugin. If you are interested to check out the professional packages of Dokan Multivendor Plugin, you can visit here.

Login to Dashboard > Plugin > Add New > Click search > Type “Dokan” > Install > Activate.

Dokan has its own built-in configuration wizard. You have to do it according to your requirement. For better understanding, you can see the below video tutorial of Dokan setup process or follow the complete documentation to activate Dokan.

Individual Online Book Store for Vendors

Dokan lets your vendors to create their own individual stores. The vendors can customize and manage their own stores.

Vendor Individual Stores for Book Store

Vendors get a dashboard from where they can perform specific actions that lets them get the best out of their online stores.

Dokan Dashboard

Creating Your Digital Products: Books or Apps

WooCommerce allows you to add products from the back-end. Using Dokan, you can bring that potentiality to the front-end for vendors using Dokan.

A vendor must log in to their account and go to vendor dashboard. After setting up store, they need to add their products from the Product menu. While adding a product, they must select Downloadable product in the product type section. This will enable digital product options.

Dokan eBook Product

After writing all the details, you will be able add the downloadable file and its name. When everything is done, you can publish the product.

Dokan pdf Book store Download Options

When the product is published, it will be listed in your store and also the homepage of the marketplace. This way multiple vendors can add their products and sell them in the marketplace.

Dokan Vendor stores

Buying & Selling of Digital Products

In your newly created Bookstore or digital store, you can add any type of digital product and showcase in the product store page. Any vendor can register and create their own online stores if the admin enables this feature.

On the other hand, your customers visit your online store and add the product they want to buy in the cart. From there they can checkout using various payment methods including PayPal, Credit Cards, Bank Transfer and other options.

Cart Checkout Dokan

When a customer successfully pays for the product, they can download it from their own accounts. Admin can get the full amount and vendors can withdraw their earning from their dashboard.

Dokan vendor withdraw system

Select A Suitable WordPress Theme for Your Online Book Store Marketplace

Use this handy Dokan theme for your online book store marketplace. Or you can choose other Dokan Multivendor compatible themes. There are 30+ Dokan Compatible themes available in the market.

Congratulations!!! You have successfully built your own online book store marketplace. Now send an invitation to your followers and community to sell their book on your book store marketplace. They can easily register from the front-end of your marketplace.

Final Words to Create Online Book Store Marketplace

Creating any type of eCommerce store is very easy with the help of WordPress & WooCommerce. And Dokan is the best solution for a multi-vendor marketplace. If you are planning to create a online book store marketplace Dokan will be the best solution for you.

While using Dokan, you don’t require to know any technical knowledge. Without any coding knowledge you can create your own marketplace with Dokan.


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