Dokan Multivendor WordPress Plugin Review Build WordPress Marketplace Using Dokan

Dokan Multivendor WordPress Plugin Review Build WordPress Marketplace Using Dokan

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Review of Dokan multi-vendor woocommerce plugin build with WordPress. Read the review and learn to build your own marketplace with WordPress.

Before explaining everything, here is the quick review of this theme which helps for our quick readers


  • ProsFrontend Vendor Product Management
  • Beautiful Statistics and Report(Sales,products inventory)
  • Different monetization (Product Listing Fees,Sales Commission…)
  • Responsive/Mobile Friendly Support
  • Lot of supported Features
  • Woocommerce (WordPress Ecommerce) Based
  • Comparatively Cheaper and one time price


  • It needs improvement regarding integration with other plugins and provide more customization with CSS.

We have reviewed more than 15 multi vendor solutions from the year 2013. By far this will be the most economical multi vendor solution. So if you are thinking to build multi vendor using WordPress means, this will be the great solution you can find.

This plugin will be a great choice if you would like to build your marketplace with WordPress. Even if you looking multi vendor solutions with any other solutions like Magento, Opencart, Prestashop, we highly recommend go for this plugin its because, this will be the only available mature solution (Recommended for live site) in the market. Of course, we are using the same plugin for our own marketplace (used with two or more domains) and we highly recommend this one after personally using this product.

Little introduction of  woocommerce

Woocommerce is one of the popular e-commerce platform build with widely popular, open source CMS, WordPress. Woocommece powers thousands of e-commerce website ranging from individual stores to enterprise e-commerce solutions. Being backed with WordPress, woocommerce has variety of advantages like easy of use, user friendly, growing community of developers, freely available downloads (child themes, addons), ever growing support sources through forums, bloggers, companies, and individuals.


Dokan is a WordPress plugin that converts the normal ecommerce site into multi seller (vendor/merchant) marketplace just like Amazon, Ebay, Etsy… You can use the woocommerce (Free WordPress ecommerce plugin) to create the normal eCommerce first and then you can install the Dokan WordPress plugin (Install as a normal plugin) to convert into multi-seller marketplace.

Demo of the working Dokan WordPress Plugin WordPress Multi Seller Marketplace Solution

Below you can find some of the features that offered by the Dokan plugin.

The user interface will change and provide according to the respective user levels such as

Guests or visitors will see the products listing which is available for purchase

Registered users or buyers have their own or dedicated dashboard where they can find their previous orders,manage their credentials,shipping profiles,


Dashboard View of the Seller

Sellers dashboard offers variety of features such as

  • Managing products: Individual products  can be added or multiple products can be imported in bulk
  • Eye catching reports: The seller dashboard designed with the eye catching report that will be generated automatically and it provides quick clues about no of products in the inventory, total number of orders and sales in the particular time period.
  • coupon management: Coupons management function offers multiple features such as creating coupons,limiting the coupons usage with time (date of expiry), usage (maximum number of times can the particular coupon can be used), fixed amount or percentage discount of the coupon.
  • Managing reviews: Product reviews can be managed from the seller dashboard,any time the seller can approve,modify or delete the product reviews.
  • Managing orders: Order status can be updated like completed,in-progress,shipped

Managing products through seller dashboard

maintaing order from dashboard

Managing orders using seller dashboard

Managing coupons using seller coupon functions


Separate dashboards– Each vendor has their separate dashboard where they take control of their products and other settings,which makes the job easier for administrator.

Assigning seller commission percentage by the Administrator

Different monetization possible-As a administrator you can have flexible way of monetising your service,you can collect a certain percentage from the sold product price  or you can charge the membership fees from the buyer.

Individual stores– Each sellers have their own store assigned with separate store URLS that will helps the vendors to maintain their privacy with other stores. The sellers can customize the look and feel (logo, color scheme, images) of their stores to match with their own branding.

Product Moderation: Every time the product is added by the seller, it will comes for the administrator moderation, upon approval only, the products will be published and listed on the marketplace. This will helps to stay away from the spam content (porn, copyright violated materials) spread with the marketplace.
But not all the time, you can just verify the products, especially when if the store grows with the time then the moderation became tedious job,for this,the theme offers the function to publish the products from the particular sellers with out moderation.By making the particular product as “Trusted Seller” ,you can make them publish their products with out undergoing moderation queue.
Theme Pricing
The theme comes with 3 pricing modules ,according to the number of domains the software can be used.
Single site license-$199
5 Sites license- $299
Unlimited site license- $499 (To use with unlimited domains)
All this plans comes with one year free updates and support through their official forum.

Website: Dokan Theme Website

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