E-commerce- Reduce the Anxiety Client to Increase Sales

Learn to  reduce the anxiety Client to increase sales.The ecommerce must deal with all the risks that the web users know, without so far have already been trapped. Phishing, identity theft, computer viruses are examples.

E-commerce, reduce the anxiety Client to increase sales

E-commerce, reduce the anxiety Client to increase sales

The client of an ecommerce site knows there are risks when it passes its command line or when providing personal information. Do not take into account its knowledge could be a risk is fatal for your ecommerce site.
There are several things you can do to reduce the anxiety of your visitors to become customers. See how to reduce this anxiety.
The navigability of your ecommerce site
Users want to be able to easily navigate your site. Place a clear navigation at the top menu, or on the right or left side. A poor navigability is a major cause of loss of potential customers.
Last week, I was shopping online to find a croquet lawn for a sewing project. I went to the first site listed by Google, for the terms “Golden croquet” [NdT: it comes to this kind of object]. It only took me only two clicks to achieve that I shall not attempt to place an order on this site. Click on the category ‘croquet’ led me to a menu to choose the color. A second click, on “gold / yellow”, led me to a page titled “croquet”, but photos or or products. I watched the page a few seconds, and then I’m gone permanently. Remove all obstacles present on your site: the sales process should be fast and effortless.

One thing that creates anxiety is to be redirected without to be expected to a site hosted on another domain. If you integrate third-party resources to your site, do it so that it is not inconvenient for users.
Privacy policy

Anxious users want to see a clear privacy policy, somewhere on your shop, which makes them know how the information that you collect are used. Tell clearly that its data shall not be sold or exchanged, and keep this promise.
Logos and links

Display the logos and links to affiliate programs or partnership in which you participate, as well as the standards of privacy or security you follow. BBB (Better Business Bureau) and TrustE seals show consumers that your company is certified, and following standards of quality and confidentiality.

The conspicuous display of security of Verisign, Hackersafe and Thawte certificates increases the confidence of buyers. I recommend the article on a certificate SSL is worth its price to get an idea of the turnover that should make your ecommerce site to make this profitable.

Place these logos on your site, near the inscription to the newsletter, the basket, and the payment procedure. Doing this does not guarantee that you will have a ‘protected against hackers’ site, but shows the consumer that you are an honest site and that you follow the safer business practices.

Look for other opportunities to use a speech that supports your philosophy business, and the fact that you care about the privacy and security of your customers.

Testimonies customers
Make a page that lists testimonials from users of your products. The presence of a page of testimonials or ‘enthusiastic critics’ quiet the fears of users about unknown products, or of a corporation with which they have never done business before. But be honest: don’t make misleading advertising.
Warranty and return policy
If you offer guarantees and you have a return policy, make sure that your users are informed. Indicate the terms of guarantees or refund on the page “order” can reassure consumers, who on this page are on the brink of making a purchase, and if they know that there is a possible remedy for dissatisfaction for a reason, they will be more able to confirm their order. This leads us to an important thing to include on its website…
Contact information

It’s the mess does not include the name of his company, his phone number, a customer service email and physical address. Feel to your customers that you are their ally, and they will reward you by their loyalty and purchases made with confidence.
Mails from typed tracking ecommerce
People who buy online know that they must pay the shipping costs and wait for delivery. It is a fact, but they want to be informed of the progress of their order. Send a non-intrusive notification by mail, once the command has been prepared and sent. I would say not to use these mails trying to sell something else. Do however think a link facebook or Twitter, offering the opportunity to warn his contacts just placing an order on this site might be interesting.

If you have a registration for a newsletter, send a mail to welcome the day of registration. Remember that your visitors register for opportunities and periodic information, so don’t wait weeks before sending mails, without to drown them all.

Avoid long forms that request unnecessary information. Take just their name and their email address, you can always get more information and more easily later.
The graphics unit of your ecommerce site
Customers do not necessarily fall on your site by the main page. In most cases, a site has different entry points, so it’s important to have its branding on each page, as well as a consistent graphic. Use the same colors as your website on all your communication mediums such as email or postal mail.

Each page of your ecommerce site is a potential landing page.
Automatically generated content
Do not content Builder. If you want to use texts that will be read by real people, fuiez content such as Markov Engine generators. Although these tools can be sophisticated and rich keywords text, they are not usable to produce content to be read. If you make the effort to write actual content for your readers, do not use too many keywords as this will believe that it was created for the search engines. And remember to write a meta-unique description for each page of your e-commerce site.

Most of these ideas are easy to implement. Take an objective look at your site and watch missing features. The identification of your strengths and your weaknesses from the perspective of an online marketer, who knows nothing of your company can be revealing.


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