Effective Content Marketing Tips for eCommerce Business

Effective Content Marketing Tips for eCommerce Business

If you have a successful e-commerce site, you know that conversions are the key to success. First, you need to gather traffic to your store and then convert them to into leads and sales. Every other traffic-driving activity you do will work if you have a good content marketing strategy and execution. Content marketing strategy can increase your conversion rate by almost six times. In this article, we’ll cover some of the best eCommerce content marketing ideas that’ll assist you in taking your online store to the next level.

Definition of Content Marketing and It’s Importance

Content marketing is a strategy to drive traffic, written articles, tutorial videos, info-graphics, create brand awareness, earn customer loyalty, and gain a competitive edge. Most eCommerce businesses now understand the importance of content marketing for bringing in more customers and sales.

A great piece of content that you create today will live for eternity on the web tomorrow. When you create and market charming content, you are starting a chain reaction. The more informative the content, the more traffic it will gather. This will play a role in every digital marketing strategy.

An effective content marketing strategy will help you to attract your target audience, engage more visitors and improve business.

Here are some few tips that will help you set up an effective digital marketing machine for your eCommerce store.

1. Email content

Email is a great way to start your eCommerce business. According to the report of Campaign Monitor, for every $1 spent on email, it generates, on average, $38 in ROI, if everything goes right.

Email Content as Content Marketing

There’s a range of ways you can utilize emails in your eCommerce business. You can send personalized emails to your customers like welcome emails and promotional events. Seasonal and holiday offered e-mails can help boost sales, while you can also notify buyers when an item they’ve previously added to their cart is about to go out of stock or is put on sale.

A great way to drive traffic and boost sales is to send email to past customers because  you know these people already like your product or service.

You have to collect right users based on their interests – but once you have customer email addresses, it’s a great channel to communicate directly with your target audience.

2. Build Product/Service guides for your customer

With so many online shopping buyers, Product guides can be an amazing tool for content marketing. By teaching your readers how to assemble, or fix your products, you can indirectly guide them to purchase from you. You can also create how-to-guides with visuals which include all the steps for using your products.

You should provide information and answer questions is a great way in your guides to build trust. But please make sure you use these guides as a place to educate customers.

Another, increasingly popular option is to create video tutorials to engage your target audience and bring more traffic. There are lots of ways to use video as content marketing for your eCommerce site.

Products Guides as Content Marketing

3. Answer Your FAQs

Many eCommerce sites have FAQ pages to deal with common questions and give customer support. FAQ pages are a great way to have a handy resource for commonly asked questions. Create a resource for the customers to find the answers themselves.

If you’re offering a product, think about the related questions like, delivery location, shipping cost, shipment time, return policy etc,.

You can update your FAQ sheet as new questions come up. Similar to the product or service guide, FAQ pages help build trust with your customers.

FAQ as Content Marketing

4. User-generated content

User-generated content (UGC) is another an important part of the content marketing strategy for eCommerce businesses. Normally, UGC is the content created by your customers, specifically for your brand or products. It can include video clips, images, testimonials, reviews, etc.

According to study research, 85% of consumers find UGC more influential than brand-created content. For UGC, you can encourage your customers to share their feedback, stories and experiences on social media platforms.

You can share customer success stories about using your products and related services. Reach out the product review to customers and ask them to provide more information.

You can also create competitions to encourage your customers to share stories, pictures, or videos that help promote your stores product.

User Generated Content as Content Marketing

5. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging/posting on blogs or similar websites is a great way to get more traffic. In content marketing strategy blogging and email marketing virtually go hand in hand. Through guest blogging, you can reach your post to your targeted audience, increase traffic on your website, boost your website SEO, and enhance sales.

The key to effective guest blogging is ensuring that you are always writing contents for the site’s audience. Longer posts generally get more success in this regard, as they contain more detail, and are thus, more informative for readers. Give your readers attractive information, and use visual elements like images, videos, graphs, etc. to maximize engagement and interest.

Guest Blogging as Content Marketing

6. Create promotions and advertisements

Creating content is only half part of content marketing and the other half part is promoting your content. Content promotion is same important as content creation.

The three main channels you can use for advertising:

  1. Social media – You can set up paid ads on social media sites like Facebook, twitter, reddit etc.
  2. Search engines – Google Adwords and Bing both offer Pay Per Click ads.
  3. Native ads – Use Native ads in social media feeds, or as recommended content on a web page.

You don’t need to use paid advertising to get success.

However, it can be a fast way to publish your content out there and working as soon as possible.

Promotion and Advertisements as Content marketing

7. Create Evergreen Content

Specific topics are always relevant to your blog, so publish evergreen content to keep driving traffic year after year. You can take this step further by editing old content and giving it an entirely different function.

For example, if you are writing a post about an iPhone, you can talk about its new features, the best places to buy an iPhone from or how iPhone has evolved over the years. These parts will still be relevant even after the initial traffic gathered since the launch.


As you can see, eCommerce content marketing is a fabulous way of driving traffic to your store on an ongoing process and building the authority of your brand.

We covered a lot of information on content marketing in this article. You can refer back to this resource as you continue to develop and tune up your eCommerce content marketing strategy.

Hopefully, these tips will boost your content marketing strategy for eCommerce clients and compete with the market leaders in your niche.

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