Connect your WooCommerce Store with Facebook and Drive Sales

Connect your WooCommerce Store with Facebook and Drive Sales

Do you want to grow your WooCommerce based eCommerce business? Then Facebook for WooCommerce is the perfect solution for you. It will connect your eCommerce store to Facebook and connect with the right people to drive sales.

Today, we are going to show you how you can easily connect your eCommerce store with Facebook. As a result, you can quickly start selling your products on Facebook.

Facebook for WooCommerce

Facebook for WooCommerce Features

Facebook is the most powerful social media to build the relationships with people. With this social media application you can find new customers and increase sales for your online store. Facebook for Woocommerce extension helps you to reach the people who really matter to your business and track the results of your advertising across different devices.

Have a look at some most important features of facebook for woocommerce wordpress plugin.

Build Audience and Optimize Ads

Facebook for WooCommerce setup the Facebook pixel to build your target audience and optimize your ads campaign to those people who are likely to buy. Relevant ads on Facebook will reach to that people who have visited to your website.

Find more Potential Customers

It automatically create carousel ads and connect your product catalog that showcase the products you sell and attract more customers to your online store.

Measure the results of your Facebook ads

After Facebook pixel set up, you can use Facebook ads reporting option to understand the sales and revenue that you get as the output from your ads.

The success story of customer is as under:

The ability to measure sales was the first sign that our business would be a success. Our first day of breaking 100-plus sales always sticks out. Point blank, our marketing plan is Facebook, Facebook, and more Facebook… Facebook is 100% the backbone of our customer acquisition efforts and it’s been made even better with the improved Facebook pixel — Ali Najafian, co-founder, Trendy Butler

Conversion Tracking

With this plugin you can track your customers whether they purchased a product, signed up for your newsletter or called your business. You can also see the direct result of your ad.


It shows your ads to those people who are most likely to take a specific action after clicking on them, like adding an item to their cart or making a purchase.


Remarketing is a clever way to connect with visitors to your website who may not have made an immediate purchase or action. It allows you to position targeted ads in front of a specific audience that had previously visited your website – as they browse elsewhere around the internet. This plugin has the feature of remarketing.

Increase sales by creating an online Facebook store

Facebook online store is very popular now a days. People are spending their time and shopping in Facebook and Instagram.

This plugin has a Facebook shop section, which enables your businesses to showcase products and drive sales from Facebook business page.

List your entire product catalog

You don’t need to add your entire products catalog to your Facebook shop page separately. You just need to click to send the entire catalog to Facebook shop page. If you change any product at your WooCommerce store, it automatically synced with your Facebook shop.

Improve Products visibility to the sellers

It is very tough to reach your products to merchandisers. With Facebook for WooCommerce extensions you can organize your products into collections and tag them in photos to improve the visibility to the sellers.


Mobile devices are so popular every one wants to purchase from their home by using mobile devices. Facebook shop feature offers a beautiful shopping experience on all mobile devices, letting you showcase your products on any screen.

Facebook Shop Integration

The Facebook shop section lets you display your products right on your Facebook business page. It’s ideal option for merchants, retail and eCommerce advertisers who want to reach customers on Facebook.

Chat With Customers on Your Website

The built in messenger chat plugin allow your customers to start a conversation with you on your website and continue in Messenger. This means your customers can interact with you anytime using Messenger’s personalized, rich-media experience. This is an important features for any online shop to gain the trust of customers.

Create a seamless chat experience

The customer chat automatically loads recent chat history between the customer and your business, meaning recent interactions with your business on, in the Messenger app, or in the customer chat plugin on your website will be visible. This helps create a single experience for your customers, and enables you to continue the conversation even after they left your website.

Keep the conversation going

With the facebook messenger plugin it is easy to follow up your customers. No need to save or capture their contact information or chat history to follow up. You can just open the messenger and continue the same conversation.

Benefits of Facebook for WooCommerce

Let’s learn about the benefits of Facebook for WooCommerce extension. Before that, we all know that the Facebook users are increasing every day. So, if we can connect our eCommerce business with Facebook we can reach more people, acquire leads and get more customers.

This extension will help you grow your business and increase customer conversion with the help of Facebook. You will be able to reach meaningful people who have interest in your products or shop. In addition, this extension gives you an opportunity to get more potential customers.

How To Install Facebook for WooCommerce

The installation of Facebook for WooCommerce is quite simple. You just requires the WooCommerce version 2.6.14 and WordPress versions 3.0 and above.

Now download the plugin from here. Just like normal plugin installation go to wp-admin→ Plugins→ Add new.

Facebook for WooCommerce Installation

Upload the downloaded zip file and then activate.

Facebook for WooCommerce Integration

Once you completed the installation you have to integrate your online your with this plugin.

In order to do so, go to:

Wp-admin → WooCommerce→ Settings

Now click on Get started option as like the below screenshot.

Facebook for WooCommerce integration
Image Credit: weDevs

When you will click on Get Started button it will redirect you to your Facebook page.

Facebook for WooCommerce welcome page

Now click on the choose a Facebook Page option and select a page from the drop-down menu. After selecting your page, click on the next button.

Facebook for WooCommerce facebook page

Now, you have to choose the option of import product. And finally click on the Finish button.

Facebook for WooCommerce product page

What’s Next……

You have completed the basic settings. Your online store is synced with your Facebook shop page and also your products. So, now your facebook page has a shop same like your online store.

Facebook for WooCommerce all products page

When visitors visit your Facebook shop page they will see your shop page like the following screenshot.

Facebook for WooCommerce Checkout

So when a customer wants to purchase a product from the facebook shop page they will just clicks on the Check Out on Website.

It will redirect to the website checkout page:

Facebook for WooCommerce Store Checkout

Facebook for WooCommerce: Final Thoughts

That’s it! We hope you now will be able to easily connect the WooCommerce store to a corresponding Facebook store and see your sales go through the roof. 

Facebook had 2.32 billion active users as of the fourth quarter of 2018. So, to get potential customers from this heavy users this plugin is perfect.

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