Google Analytics eCommerce Tracking for WooCommerce

Google Analytics eCommerce Tracking for WooCommerce

Tracking your WooCommerce store will help you improve the visitors on your site and increase your sales. It’s a common practice to learn which products are selling most in your online store. With google analytics e-commerce tracking for WooCommerce, you’ll be able to track the smallest interactions with your products, such as how many people visited your store, read your product details, add items to their carts, and even how many customers abandon their carts without purchasing anything.

What is Google Analytics eCommerce Tracking

If you are running a website store or any eCommerce store you might have monitor the traffic of your website with Google Analytics. It allows you to optimize your site for the users to get more traffic. You can also monitor the traffic of your WooCommerce store as a general website on Google Analytics. eCommerce tracking also allows you to measure the number of transactions and revenue that your website generates. Like eCommerce tracking, Google Analytics dashboard gives you complete insights into the purchases on your store. It can help you understand your potential clients. So, you can improve the most visited product pages and make them better for your customers.

Benefits of Google Analytics eCommerce Tracking

  • Get the behavior of your customers before they make a purchase (or vice versa).
  • See the whole purchase process (initiating or abandoning). You can track maximum number of visitors.
  • See how your visitors are engaging with your products.
  • Get detailed reports like the average order value, average number of products in a transaction and the percentage of users who’ve added products to carts.
  • Know the transactions, revenues, and average order value from affiliates who are sending visitors to your website.
  • Generate product coupon reports to see if coupon codes are helping in terms of purchases, and profit revenue per purchase.
  • Understand which products customers are interested in.
  • Determine what your customers are looking for.

Features of Google Analytics eCommerce Tracking

Some important features are as under:

  • Shopping Behavior Analysis – It gives you a thorough overview of your customer’s visit. You can track each customer to find out the product views, clicks on the checkout button, finished successful purchases, and payment processes.

Google Analytics eComerce Shopping behavior Analysis

It also give you insight into where your customer’s journey breaks.

  • Checkout Behavior Analysis – Beside shopping behavior, it focuses strictly on the steps involved in your checkout.
  • Marketing report – You will get the marketing report like marketing strategies, any campaign etc. You can monitor revenue, number of orders, successful transactions, and more.
  • Track coupon code – You can also track your coupon codes. You can get complete data on which coupon code has the most sales and vice versa.
  • Display Advertising – It support for display advertising.
  • Other Tracking Features – It can track refunds monitor, products removed from carts, analyze product performance, internal promotions, affiliate performances and much more.
  • Ability to track your conversion rates – Google Analytics enables you to set specific goals and find out which customers are helping you meet those goals. Thus, provides you the perfect way to analyze your conversions.

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