How To Install and Configure USA ePay in WooCommerce

How To Install and Configure USA ePay in WooCommerce

WooCommerce USA ePay Payment gateway is a WooCommerce extension that allows your store to securely accept credit cards payments. It allows you to offer your customers the opportunity to stay on your eCommerce site at the time of payment and giving you maximum control over checkout. In this article we will cover how to install and configure USA ePay in WooCommerce.

Different Gateway Mode

If you used this plugin previously you might use the legacy payment gateway mode by default. But for the new installer they will not get this mode after installation.

To get the new features of this plugin existing merchandiser can “switch” to the new USA ePay payment method. To switch you have to follow the below setup and configuration step as you need to generate a new API key to use the new USA ePay API.

After the completion of whole procedure you’ll be able to switch over to the newer gateway mode from the Plugins menu by clicking “Use the USA ePay gateway”, and then re-enter your settings to use the newer features.

WooCommerce USA ePay Gateway Modes

Minimum Requirements for Installation of USA ePay

How to Install USA ePay

To install and set up USA ePay. Follow the steps below:

  • Download the extension from your WooCommerce Account and save it to your Desktop/Laptop.
  • Now Log in to your WooCommerce site.
  • Go to Plugins > Add New > Upload and select the downloaded ZIP file.
  • Click on Install Now and
  • Then Activate
  • Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Payments > USA ePay Credit Card for setup and configuration.

Setup and Configuration of USA ePay

Hope you have an active gateway account with USA ePay. Now follow these steps to get your credentials.

  • Log in to your account.
  • From your homepage menu click on “Settings”. You will see sub menu, press on “API Keys”.
  • Now click on “Add API key” button.

WooCommerce USA ePay API

  • You will see API Keys Editor page. On that page you have to fill the information.

ο Name: You have to add a Name for your website.

ο PIN: Put a PIN number here though this is optional.

ο Email Merchant Receipt To: In this box add your add your store’s email address.

ο Under “Allowed Commands”, enable all options except “Cash Sale” and “Cash Credit”.

ο Under “Payment Methods”, enable all options except E-Check as this option is not supported.

WooCommerce USA ePay API settings

  • Now click on “Apply” to save the settings and stay on the editor page. Your key will be displayed there.
  • Copy and paste this credentials into the WooCommerce USA ePay settings page.

USA ePay Plugin Settings

This settings option can be found under WooCommerce > Settings > Payments > USA ePay Credit Card:

WooCommerce USA ePay Settings

  • Enable / Disable: Put tick on the checkbox to enable the gateway to use this by customers to checkout.
  • Title: Enter a title here that will determine what users see during checkout.
  • Description: Enter a description here that will determine what users see during checkout.You have to use only HTML. If you enable Test mode during USA ePay API settings this section will also display a notice along with test credit card numbers.
  • Card Verification (CSC): If you enable this your customers require to enter their CVV / CV2 (Card Security Code) when checking out.
  • Transaction Type: From the drop down menu you have to choose either “Charge” or “Authorization”. “Authorization” option capture and settle payments in USA ePay control panel manually or on the WooCommerce orders screen after the transaction has been submitted. By default you will see “Charge”.

If you set the transaction type as “Authorization”, you will get two more options named as: Charge Virtual-Only orders and Capture Paid orders.

ο Charge Virtual-Only orders: If you enable this, capture charges for orders with only for virtual items immediately instead of authorization.

ο Capture Paid Orders: If you enable this option it will automatically capture transactions when orders change to a paid status.

WooCommerce skyverge authorization settings

  • Accepted Card Logos: In this field you can display the card logos during checkout.
  • Detailed Decline Messages: Enable this option will show detailed decline messages at checkout instead of generic error message.
  • Debug Mode: If you enable this, it will mean that you are having issues correctly processing transactions. You can save either log API requests / responses directly to the checkout / thank you page or both to the WooCommerce Error Log. You can find the WooCommerce Error Log WooCommerce > System Status > Logs.
Connection settings

WooCommerce USA ePay Connection Settings

  • Environment:  From the drop down menu you can select either “Production” or “Test”. If you select “Test” it will send transactions to your USA ePay Sandbox Account. You requires a separate login. For test account you have to create a developer account. When your account creation will complete you can enter a separate API key and PIN for your test account.
  • API Key: Enter your USA ePay account API Key here.
  • PIN: Write your USA ePay account PIN.
  • Receipt Email: If you enable this your customer will receive receipt emails from USA ePay in addition to WooCommerce emails.

Admin Usage

Capture Charges from WooCommerce Order Admin

This extension allows you to authorize charges during checkout, then later you can capture funds manually. You can do this via your USA ePay control panel, or from the WooCommerce Edit Order page. To avail this features you have to install version 2.0 or later of this extension.

Automatic Refund

You can refund transactions directly from the “Edit Order” screen of WooCommerce admin panel by clicking “Refund via USA ePay” and those actions reflected automatically in your merchant terminal. Version 2.0.0 of USA ePay support this feature.

Void Transaction

Void transaction follow the same working principle as automatic refund. If you refund an authorized transaction that hasn’t yet been captured or settled the plugin will automatically perform a void instead and cancel the order.

Customer Experience

Checkout Experience

During checkout with USA ePay customers will enter payment details on your site using an enhanced form, which improves both mobile and desktop checkout.

WooCommerce Enhance Payment form

Read more about USA ePay here.

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