How to Write Epic Product Descriptions (Examples + Templates)

How to Write Epic Product Descriptions (Examples + Templates)

How to write product descriptions? This might not be a common question you are thinking. A well-written product description can make or break your business. An effective and creative product description is one of the most important aspects of your online shop when it comes to conversion.

By injecting creativity and product benefits into your product description, your store becomes more likely to convert the casual browser into potential customers. While most of the customers make their purchase decision on the product photo but the product description helps fill in the gaps to determine whether or not the product is the right choice for the customer. 

Write Product Descriptions

In this article, you’ll learn how to write epic product descriptions and find a product description writer, writing product description examples, and an easy to follow product description template.

What is A Product Description?

A product description is the information of products that describes the features and benefits of a product to a customer. The main goal of the product description is to provide enough information to the customer to compel them to buy the product immediately.

In your product description try to cover these questions like:

How your products fulfill the needs? What problems does it solve? How your customer gain from using your product? What makes the difference from other products on the market?

Should You Write Product Descriptions?

Like some other aspect of your website, product descriptions may or may not be needed. Depend on websites layout, personality, and style it may require a different product description template.

Some stores may be the best with only bullet point descriptions. Others may require a long paragraph, or a mix of bullet points and a paragraph. And some websites may convert best with no copy at all or direct product copywriting.

Here’s a online store product description sample with no copy. According to the case study by VWO, an online store called FreestyleXtreme ran a split test. The test included two landing pages – one with product description and another without. They found that the page without copy converted 31.88% better and had a 96% confidence level.  

Online Store Product Description Sample

There are several reasons why the product descriptions didn’t convert well. Possibly they weren’t written correctly for the audience, they were not placed in the correct visible area, or were written in the wrong format.

Now, let’s have a look why you should have product descriptions on your store.

Product descriptions can help to improve your search engine optimization (SEO). By including specific keywords, you can help improve your site rank high on Google. Without epic product descriptions, you may be able to optimize your product images for keywords, but your product page may not appear high in search results due to proper description.

Good product descriptions can also educate your customer on the product. The product description offers supplemental information of product that the picture can’t do on its own. By providing customers with the key information, you can prevent a build up of customer service inquiries. It also helps customers to know that which product is right for them and which not.

Some Influential Words to Write Product Descriptions

The 20 most influential words, via David Ogilvy.

  • Suddenly
  • Now
  • Announcing
  • Introducing
  • Improvement
  • Amazing
  • Sensational
  • Remarkable
  • Revolutionary
  • Startling
  • Miracle
  • Magic
  • Offer
  • Quick
  • Easy
  • Wanted
  • Challenge
  • Compare
  • Bargain
  • Hurry

Using the above listed keywords you can help captivate your reader and persuade them into action. You can use these words in product descriptions, titles, email subject lines, and more.

Unbounce reveals several words and phrases that people shouldn’t be using in their copy, product description, and more.

These are:

  • Market-leading
  • Breakthrough
  • Innovative
  • Stunning
  • Ultimate
  • and more.

These words are poor choices if they aren’t accurately placed.

It’s important that a product description writer is to be honest and transparent when describing the product.

Saying a product is free when it really isn’t is illusive. Saying your product is of the highest quality when you have countless complains about the product quality isn’t going to trick visitor into liking your product.

Being honest and transparent doesn’t mean writing all of your products flaws but highlighting its strengths. Put an emphasis on the look of the product when writing description on it.

You’ll also want to bring your customer into the product description using direct words like you. Help your customers visualize themselves using your product. Make them a part of your product’s story.

Keeping it very casual can also help your product description stand out. You’re not writing a thesis, but an epic description to bring your product and your customer together. Use contractions words in your writing like you’re, you’d, who’d, etc.

How to Write Product Descriptions

1. Know Your Target Audience

The first step of writing product descriptions is to define your target audience.

You have to be able to define which features would be of most interest to your potential customers.

If you sell fun products like ugly Christmas sweaters or food shaped jewelry you could inject humor onto it. Your copy should be playful and light as customers buying those types of products would likely appreciate an entertaining and funny product description. However, humor doesn’t work on all drop-shipping niches. For example, you wouldn’t want to inject humor into a product description about life jackets, coffins, or in other sensitive issues.

2. Focus on Product Benefits

As a store owner, you are reasonably excited to share all of the qualities of your products. You want to show that your product is the best and most unique.

The buyer, however, may not be interested in the features of the product. Instead, they may want to know how it can benefit them.

A product feature is a realistic statement about the product that provides technical information. On the other hand, a product benefit tells how the product can improve and fulfill the buyer’s life.

Before you start writing your product descriptions, make an detail outline of the features and benefits of your product. Think about how the product can increases pleasure and reduces a pain point.

For every feature that you list, figure out how this will directly benefit the customer.

3. Tell a Full Story

A good product description should give all relevant details, convince the customer of its benefits, and pack with an emotional punch.

Emotions influence buyer behavior, so your product description is the perfect place to generate emotions.

So, use your product description to tell a full story. It could be the story of why your customer needs this product to solve their issues. Or a story of the products benefits. Or just an entertaining story about the product that draws your customer attention.

4. Use Natural Language to Write Your Own

Try to use natural language and avoid using the manufacturer’s product descriptions. Natural tone is one that you would use in a real conversation which will help your customer connect with your brand.

By writing your own copy, you can avoid being penalized by Google for duplicate or thin copy. You also improve your chances of writing a epic product description that converts your customer.

5. Use Power Words

There are several words and phrases that naturally elicit an emotional response in humans.

By using these words and phrases, you can more easily convince your customers to take the leap and make the purchase.

Jon Morrow describes these as “power words.” 

Use Power Words in Writing Product Description

While writing your product descriptions, look for any descriptive words or adjectives that could use a little bit of dressing up.

Rather than using words like “nice” or “high-quality”, use power words like “stunning” or “sensational”.

By scattering these good descriptive words into your product descriptions, you are subtly convincing the buyers that your products are exciting, impressive, and worth the purchase.

6. Make it Scannable

Make your product descriptions easy to scan by including bullet points, short paragraphs with a few sentences each, lots of white space, and different size fonts.

Ingredients and specifications can easily be put into bullet points. The story and highlights can be easily put into a short paragraph. The product title can be put into a title.

By making your product description easier to read, you are less likely to lose a potential customer during the checkout process.

7. Optimize Your Product Descriptions for Search Engines

The easiest way to optimize your product descriptions is to use a tool like On Page SEO Checker on your shopify store. You’ll want to use the keywords that are relevant to your product. For example, if you want to sell makeup brushes, you’ll want to be specific such as ‘unicorn makeup brush’ or ‘mermaid makeup brush.’

For good measure, and in line with best SEO practices, Shopify recommends to place your keyword in your

  • Page titles
  • Meta descriptions
  • Image ALT tags and
  • Product descriptions

8. Use Good Images

63% of customers still think that a product image is more important than the description or even the reviews.

So, the important aspect of your product description is actually in the image itself.

Quality images will show the customer all of the key features about your product.

Research shows that customers who are able to hold a product in their hands are much more likely to have the desire to own the same. The same can be said for images or videos that encourage to touch.

Product Description Examples

Have a look at this product by The Salt Lady.

Write Product Descriptions for eCommerce SEO

The buyer persona is not just any person who is buying a lamp.

Rather than focusing on the decorative features of the lamp, like most other product descriptions for lamps, The Salt Lady focuses on the features that would appeal to the buyer persona the most.

Product Descriptions Mod Cloth

If you look at the above example, the product description is short and sweet with only two sentences. It include scannable bullet points. The first sentence of the description compliments the customer by mentioning their ‘glimmering charisma’. The second sentence compliments the potential customer again in relation to the product.

Good Product Description

Nasty Gal using the tone of “fun loving girlfriend” throughout the entire site, even in the product titles.

Rather than selling regular high-heel shoes, they are selling sassy shoes that one young girl might recommend to another.

This tone is carried throughout the website, from the product titles, product descriptions, color scheme, down to the very name of the company.

Creative Product Description

Chubbies is a great creative product description example. As shown in the picture above are called ‘The Mojitos’ likely due to its minty green color. Their initial description runs with the mojito theme though their product picture fails to show a mojito which would likely blend pretty nicely. They mention the product benefits such as ‘keep you oh-so comfortable.’

Product Description Template

There are various methods on how to write product descriptions. If you’re ever stuck on a format you can follow this simple template while writing your copy.

3-Step Product Description Template

  1. Complement the customer in relation to the product.
  2. Mention the benefit of product in relation to the feature.
  3. Provide a simple recommendation.

For example, if you want to sell unicorn brushes you may try this product description example:

Like this unicorn brush, you’re one of a kind. These brushes are made with synthetic bristles to clean easily. Pair this set with our mermaid brushes for a complete set of makeup brushes.

If you’re selling a cloth, you might follow this product description example:

Nothing will flatter your curves better than this bootylicious evening cloth. Made of a stretchy spandex, this cloth will hug your body on all the right spots while highlighting your silhouette. With a simple pair of white pumps, you’ll complete your look to help you look flawless.

How to Find a Product Description Writer

Struggling to find out how to write product descriptions that sell? If English isn’t your first language, you might want to hire a product description writer or generator.

Finding a good writer requires patience. You can use sites like ProBloggerFiverr, or Guru to find good quality product description writers. Look at a writer’s reviews, previous work experience, and who they’ve worked for in the past to determine the quality of their product description writing.

How to Write Product Descriptions: Conclusion

Writing your product descriptions will require creativity and testing. Don’t be afraid to test our above mentioned product descriptions write template to help you improve your format. Writing product descriptions that sell takes a bit of experimentation but with some patience you could end up in this post one day as a product description example.

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