Magento Multivendor Ecommerce Store Extension Review

Magento Multivendor Ecommerce Store Extension Review

Here is the in-depth review of  Magento Multivendor Ecommerce store extension from the best addons for Magento multi seller solutions.

Quick Review


  • Special Dashboard for vendors
  • Auto approve certain vendor products
  • Statistical sales chart available for the vendors
  • Assign commission percentage for vendors individually or in bulk
  • Subscriptions based listing fees collection from the vendors(Pay per usage/listing)
  • Payout sales commissions for vendors individually or in bulk


Lot of modules are still missing to start a professional marketplace
Not a matured solution,not recommended for a live site

There will be better solution from vnecom magento marketplace solution available

Demo and Download Magento Multivendor Ecommerce Store Extension For more detailed review and features of this plugin,read the information below.

Magento Multivendor Ecommerce Store Extension

The Magento Multivendor Ecommerce store extension is simple yet powerful  multiple vendors solution build on Magento.By installing this addon,one can create/change the existing e-commerce functionality of the Magento into a full fledged mutli seller marketplace like Amazon,Etsy,Ebay …

1-multi Vendor Marketplace Magento Extension from ocodewire

The working of the plugin is pretty much simple,vendors can create the products from their special dashboard and there they will have the option to additionally list this item to the marketplace centre or they just keep the product  displayed on their product URL itself.And upon the Administrator approval the products will be displayed also to  the site marketplace from vendors product listing(You can find more information in the up-coming sections)

After installing the plugin ,you can find the interface technically categorized into following
Front End-,vendors/merchants,administrator(site owner). These categorized pages have its intended purposes to serve its aim.

Front End

Front end is the default landing page which will be open/visible  to all type of users(visitors,registered members(clients/buyers). Most of the front end contains the default functions/controls comes with the core Magento software. Such as

Products Listing-Listing of products using the magento widgets like(best selling products,featured products,products from particular category)

Product Comparison Feature-Product comparison box to select products and compare the features and pricing of multiple products.

Shopping cart contents-Contents of the shopping cart(name of the product with price or empty cart info)

Header Section-Header section contains Top menu, primary menu and search box
Top Menu -Top menu contains the menu items of the pages(checkout page,Cart page) which is created by Magento e-commerce module
Primary menu-Primary menu contains the menu items of the content pages.
Search box-Search box enables you to search  and find the content from the both(product pages and well as the content pages)

Footer Section-Footer Section contains important URLs of the website like(important content pages/shopping cart pages) and this can be easily modified using the footer editing section.

Opinion Poll-The opinion poll created in the administrator dashboard will be displayed at the front page and any one can participate(administrator can have control,who can vote for the poll)

user registration form-Registration form to maintain the profile,to access the buyer dashboard, and the registration form also have the option(field option) to became the vendor(can be used a vendor signup form).

Administrator Assigning commissions for the Vendors using Administrator Control Panel

Administrator Assigning commissions for the Vendors using Administrator Control Panel

Login Form-Login form to access buyers dashboard and vendors control panel

Vendor Dashboard Functions
Vendors dashboard contains special functions so that they can best utilize their merchant account properly.

Categories-Sellers can create the categories and groups the products under these categories.

Products Management-Products can be created from the merchant dashboard with all the required fields (quantity,sell price,offer price,SKU number…).Any time vendor can manage the product(edit the product details,delete the un-wanted products from the inventory).

Vendor Adding New Products from Their Dashboard

Vendor Adding New Products from Their Dashboard

Product attributes-Vendors can also create custom product attributes and assign these attributes to a product.

Types of products– Magento Multivendor Ecommerce store extension supports three types of products namely Physical product(physical products like clothes,electric items,computers,furniture…),Virtual products(It won’t exist physically but provide values such as insurance,consulting,online courses,training program/tutorials/tuition fees like various other services),Downloadable products)(Digital goods such as software,ebooks,mp3,videos which are downloadable)

Supported Product Type/Formats

Supported Product Type/Formats

Vendor Product Listing-Vendors have their own/unique URL in which their products are nicely listed under their name.

Marketplace Listings-When creating the products the merchants have the option to list their products to the central marketplace.The product listing requests made by the merchants are approved by the site administrator,upon approval the products are also listed with the marketplace.

Vendor Reports-Vendor Dashboard powered with rich report system which provides quick statistics about
Total sales(Total sales made by the vendor in the particular time period(months,weeks,days,year,all time) ), Latest orders(Recent orders with order status,order amount,product name),all these information are displayed with nice detailed charts.

Merchant profile management-Vendors can maintain his profile(Update the merchant name,logo,contact information,social media information).The vendor profile page is the branding page for the vendor on which the reader and buyers can view more information about the merchants.The page also showcases the best sellers,featured products,daily deal product page on its profile page.

Merchant Shop Pages-The merchant shop page contains the products are created by the particular vendor.The shop page showcases the recently listed items ,featured items,daily deals products product from the vendor and best selling products from the particular vendor)

Payment Methods-Using the available payment methods(Paypal,credit card,Bank Deposit,cheque…),the vendor can choose the way they would like to get payments for the products from their buyers.

Vendor Ratings and Feedback-Vendor can receive the ratings and feedback from the buyers and they can manage this from their dashboard.

Admin End Features
Admin end is the control panel of which have administrator functions to control the site settings,vendors,products,orders and many other features.Here you can find more details of these features.

Vendor signup request approval-The vendor signup requests made by the members usign the signup form are brought back to the administrator approval.Once the request has been approved,their membership is upgraded with “Vendor” privileges which offers the necessary merchant functions.The merchant will get notification e-mail once they got approved.

Manage Vendors-At any time the vendors profile are managed through the administrator end.The administrator can enable/disable the membership,edit the profile details,downgrade the vendor into buyer,delete the membership permanently.And the admin(site owner) can also manage the products which is under the particular merchant,products enable/disable,edit,delete products are possible with the admin functions.

Auto Approve Vendor Products-When ever the products added by the particular merchant,it will be brought back to the administrator for approval.This option will helps the marketplace being listed with any kind of un-authorised/prohibited(porn,pharmacy,weapons…),copyrighted materials.This option will helps as handy when the new/un-trusted merchants upload the items with out knowing the marketplace terms.
But when the site grows with time,this approval process became tedios process for administrator and also vendors are get frustrated about the time being wasted for waited till approval of the products.To overcome this issue,the plugin comes with such feature,using this one can add the particular vendor into the trusted level,and the products listed by the particular member are automatically approved with out administrator approval(And of-course the administrator can manage the product at any time using their functions)

Assigning Vendor Commissions-For every vendor the administrator can assign different commissions.For example if the particular vendors are promoting well means,you can collect less commissions and encourage them to sell more.

Administrator Assigning commissions for the Vendors using Administrator Control Panel

Administrator Assigning commissions for the Vendors using Administrator Control Panel

Customer Groups-The administrator can also create customer groups and set different commissions for the different group.For example less commissions collect from student groups,non profit product buyers.

Subscription or Listing fees-Addition to the percentage of commission colleges from the vendors,the administer can make additional money by charging the listing fees in-terms of membership subscription.The subscription feature offers different packages that comes with different resource usage(limits with product listing/produc uploading E.g 100 Products for Silver membership…)

Using this vendors will pay the site owners a nominal subscription fees for usign their e-commerce platform which drives extra revenue.At any time,the features can be enabled/disabled from the administrator settings

Commission Payouts-Admin can pay the vendors individually or they can send bulk payments at once using the Mass payment making options(Paypal adaptive payments).Vendors are required to attach a Paypal account to their profile to receive these commissions.

Pricing: The plugin is price $324.00(Per Domain installation price)
Demo and Download Magento Multivendor Ecommerce Store Extension


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