Manage Customizer in WooCommerce

Manage Customizer in WooCommerce

Woocommerce Customizer allow you to customize many of woocommerce things with plenty of features without manually writing codes. With Customizer it is possible to manage Store Notice, Product Catalog and Product Images.

Setup WooCommerce Customizer

To find the WooCommerce Customizer login to your store to enter Dashboard. Then go to Appearance > Customize.

WooCommerce Customizer

From the Customize menu Select WooCommerce.

WooCommerce Customizer

When you will click on WooCommerce you will get three option:

  1. Store Notice
  2. Product Catalog
  3. Product Images

WooCommerce Customize options

Here is the details of each of the above.

Store Notice

WooCommerce Store notices is used to display information on the bottom of your website. This is very helpful for announcing important information such as website issues or special sales.

How to Display a Store Notice

To show a Notice to customer,

→ Go to Appearance > Customize > WooCommerce > Store Notice.

Customize Store Notice

→ Type a message you wish to enter in the text area.

Customize Store Notice option

→ Put tick mark on the box for Enable Store Notice.

Customize store notice enable

→ Look on Preview how the Store Notice looks on your site/store.

Customizer store notice preview notice

→ Click on Publish button when you satisfied and ready for your Store Notice to go live.

Customizer to publish

Edit or Remove a Store Notice

To edit or remove a store notice,

→ Go to Appearance > Customize > WooCommerce > Store Notice.

Edit or remove store notice

→ To alter the Store Notice you typed go and Edit the message in the text area to change it.

Customize store notice change edit

→ Un-mark the tick box for Enable Store Notice to stop displaying to visitors.

Un-mark tick box

→ Now click on Publish button to save the changes.

Store notice publish to change

Schedule a Store Notice

By using Schedule option you can a type promotion for a limited time or ending a sale/discount at midnight or on a specific date.

To do so,

→ Go to Appearance > Customize > WooCommerce > Store Notice to view or publish the running promotion or offer.

Store notice current promotion

→ Un-mark the tick box for Enable Store Notice.

Store Notice promotion disable

→ Select the gear wheel. You will a get panel.

→ Select Schedule option on the right menu to enter the Date and Time you want the change to take effect.

Store notice schedule change

→ Now select Schedule to make changes you entered on the future Date and Time indicated.

Store notice schedule future

Product Catalog

To find product catalog,

→ Go to Appearance > Customize > WooCommerce > Product Catalog.

Product Catalog

Product Catalog will allow you to choose:

  • What product to display on the Shop page
  • What to display on Product Category pages
  • How to sort products in a product Category
  • How many products to show in a single row
  • How many rows of products to display on a single page

Customizer Product Catalog

Shop Page Display

Your Shop Page display will display Products, Categories, or both.

→ From the drop down menu select Products or Categories.

Shop Page Display Option

→ You can Preview the selection live.

Shop page products

→ Hit on Publish to save and go live.

Products catalog Publish

Category Display

Your Category Display pages will display Products or Subcategories within a Category, or both.

→ To find Category Display select Products or Subcategories from the drop down.

Category Display Page

→ You can Preview the category page selection live.

Category Display preview

→ Click on Publish to save and go live.

Product category shop publish

Default Products Sorting

Next after Category Display you will find Default product sorting. It will allows you to control the order in which products are viewed on Shop and Category pages.

Product sort select

To choose Default Sort Order:

→ Select any one from the drop down menu:

  • Sort by Popularity.
  • Sort by average rating.
  • Sort by newness.
  • Sort by price: low to high.
  • Sort by Price: high to low.

Product sort options

→ You can Preview the default product sorting selection live.

Product default sort preview

→ Click on Publish to save and go live the sorting.

Product category shop publish

Products per Rows

It will allow you to choose the number of items that appear in a single row on Shop and Category pages.

→ Use up and down arrows to increase/decrease the number of products in a row.

Product row size

→ You can Preview the products row selection live.

Product row preview

→ Test on different devices like Computer/Laptop, Tablet or Mobile.

→ If you find same settings on different devices, Click on Publish to save and go live.

Product catalog shop publish

Rows per page

It will allow you to choose the number of rows that appear on Shop and Category pages.

→ Use up and down arrows to increase/decrease the number of rows.

Rows per page

→ You can Preview the rows selection live.

Rows page preview

→ Test on different devices like Computer/Laptop, Tablet or Mobile using the same settings.

→ Click Publish to go live.

Product catalog shop publish

Product Images

The main features of product images are:

→ To select how Catalog and Thumbnail images are sized and cropped and

→ Automatically resizes Catalog and Thumbnail images when any published change is made.

Image Types

See our article on Image Types: Fix Blurry products images in WooCommerce.

Resize and Crop Thumbnail Images

To re-size and crop,

→ Go to Appearance > Customize > WooCommerce > Product Images.

Customizer thumbnail images

→ Select any one from the following:

  • 1:1 – Square shape image

Cropped square image

  • Custom – You select the ratio that you wish to crop.

Cropped custom image

  • Uncropped – Images appear as it is. Uncropped image

→ Test on different devices like Computer/Laptop, Tablet or Mobile using the same settings for your satisfaction.

→ Click Publish to save and go live.

Publish to go live

Customizing WooCommerce Checkout

To find all checkout options go to Appearance > Customize > WooCommerce > Checkout.

Checkout customizer

As like the above screen shot you will get the following option in Checkout field:

  • Company Name Field – Depending on the data you can set it Optional or required.
  • Address line 2 Field – You can set it either optional or required.
  • Phone field – Set it as required.
  •  You can also put tick/untick on choose to highlight the required fields with an asterisk, which is the default.
  • Privacy Policy – It is recommended to type some text here that will appear on the checkout pages. The “privacy policy” link opens the page in a new window.
  • Terms and Conditions –  Put tick to agree the terms and conditions. The “terms and conditions” link opens a box on the page showing the contents of the terms and conditions page.

Terms and conditions

Without checking the required terms and conditions box an order can not be placed.

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