Top 15 Reasons Why You Should Migrate to WordPress CMS Over Static HTML Sites

Still managing(editing the code) your site manually with static HTML Here is the reasons why should migrate to dynamic WordPress CMS.

The time has been changed ,editing the website pages manually by editing the code of the every page has been over.But most of them still stuck with the old methods and spending huge money and time.

But there will be a promoting solution called WordPress the easy to use content management system(CMS) is available and you can take the advantage of this.Here below the reasons why should migrate to the WordPress platform from the old HTML pages.

1. It’s virtually free!
I say “virtually” because if you’re intent on your company or your blog, you will need to register a domain name and sign up with a great hosting service.

Once you have your domain name and hosting put up, installing the full WP platform is free! There’s no cost for that!

And the plugins are fantastic! Most of the top plugins are Open Source, meaning they’re free and customizable, although it’s a nice idea to provide them a donation because of their time.

2. Set it up and use it.
I still remember the times of building sites with HTML and CSS, searching for the best template, paying a master to style a niche site that ultimately I couldn’t manage myself.

And then all of the add-ons that you had to pay for extra for, memberships with other services to handle a few of the backend things you will need for your site – checking for broken links, clearing up the database, establishing an autoresponder, adding a contact form, and the list goes on.

WP plugins are simple to install, put up and use very quickly without ever leaving your personal site.

3. It’s flexible.
Once I built my first site and realized so just how flexible it truly is, it didn’t take any time and energy to rebuild the remainder of our five sites utilizing the platform!

With plugins for PayPal shopping carts and Buy Now buttons, which will be all free, you can put up a full ecommerce site on the platform! Or you can turn a preexisting blog into an ecommerce site with just a few clicks, like I did so with my husband’s craft site.

4. Search engines like it!
If you’ve ever built a niche site using HTML and CSS, you know the horrors of creating sure everything looks right in most browsers and behind the scenes where in fact the robots crawl the code.

From the in pure code and taking a look at how a few of the templates I used were “upside down” even though everything rendered correctly across the most truly effective browsers.

Search engines like it since it doesn’t matter what browser you’re using, your website looks the exact same everywhere, and the code is perfect.

5. Safe and secure.
There isn’t to worry about your blog getting hacked since WP stays on the top of security updates because of its platform.

It’s a good idea to rehearse anti-hacking measures yourself as it pertains to plugins or custom themes. Only use plugins and themes that you can find right inside your personal dashboard, so you’re downloading them from an outside source.

Every theme that WP provides for free is highly customizable so there’s really never a have to go elsewhere for a nice-looking theme and risk your security.

6. Fully Customizable.
I’ve gotten plenty of compliments on my various blogs because it’s very easy to customize the sites.

I opt for free theme which allows me to easily change up the sidebars, put up the widgets, etc. and install plugins for every site to make them unique.

7. An easy task to use.
Because it wasn’t launched until 2003, I was forced to discover ways to build my sites using pure HTML and CSS in Notepad, and then crossing my fingers hoping that your website would look great in most of the major browsers.

Inevitably, something would always make a mistake and I’d be back scanning the code to see what happened.

I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical in the beginning about any of it, until I went to construct an ecommerce site and couldn’t work out how to add a shopping cart application to my HTML site.

After seeing how easy and fast it’s to install and put up an ecommerce site with WP, I wish it had been created and launched back the late 90s before I built my first site!

Noted for its famous “5-Minute Install.” And they’re right! It is fast!

8. Plenty of support.
There are certainly a large amount of places to get support for your site. There’s a whole community of pros at including support for themes and plugins.

9. Hosts multimedia.
So long as have to utilize long HTML or CSS codes in another file to truly get your images, videos and download files to put correctly in your site. The dashboard’s media and file uploader takes care of that for you. I can breeze through adding a post or page to my blog now, like I was never able to do before on my HTML sites.

10. Mobile friendly.
If you use one of the numerous free responsive themes, you’re who is fit immediately on installation.

The theme I personally use on all of my sites isn’t responsive – yet. The designers work on it. But you are able to always use a free mobile friendly plugin so your site will always look good across a selection of mobile devices.

11. Easy integration via plugins.
WP plugins ensure it is simple to integrate with some of the very powerful platforms available to give your company that additional boost.

As an example, you can use your favourite autoresponder or payment gateway with easy to set up and set up plugins.

12. An easy task to manage.
As mentioned earlier, WP is equipped with a built-in updater for security purposes. However, in addition, it notifies you whenever there are updates for your themes and plugins. This makes managing your site very simple, since you’ll often be current on the latest updates. That may keep your site safe and fresh.

13. More than just a blog.
While WP earned its reputation as a great blogging platform that may be inserted into a preexisting website, it can be used as a fixed website. Because it includes a post and page structure, you could have daily blog posts, in addition to static pages – such as for example your Contact or About pages.

Now-a-days woo commerce which is WordPress based ,very popular eCommerce platform.Installing and designing ecommerce site is very easy with WP.Check how to install woocommerce with wordpress.

14. Saves you money.
Remember, this really is free software. However, that’s not the sole area where you’ll save money. Because it is open source and user-friendly, you won’t need to hire web-site designers or technicians to launch or maintain your site.

15. Publish your articles with one-click.
Gone are the days where you when you write a write-up, you then need to code it with HTML or CSS and then upload the page to your host’s server.

Hope this article to have some ideas about how WordPress software can help you for upgrading your website maintenance experience. We recommend you to switch over as soon as possible with all of your websites.


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