Most Profitable Digital Products To Sell Online

Most Profitable Digital Products To Sell Online

With the rise of eCommerce people are getting more products to sell online. Competing with the physical products, digital products are also becoming popular in eCommerce business. Digital products have two main advantages over physical goods: no shipping and no inventory. In this article we’ll discuss about the most profitable digital products to sell online.

Sell Digital Products Online

What is Digital Product?

Digital products are are those that you can sell without the need to distribute them or pay any manufacturing costs. Since they are in digital formats, all your customers can download them. eBooks, online courses, software, graphics, website themes, photographs, and artwork are the example of digital products.

Whether you are a writer or an online business owner, selling digital products can be a great way to earn money online in 2019. Here we’ve gathered a short list of digital products you can sell online. The most profitable digital products that you can sell on your own eCommerce store are as under.

1. eBooks

The most profitable digital products to sell online is eBooks. It is holding the first choice for many online store owner for so many reasons. They are relatively simple to produce. They are also simple to distribute via marketplace or self created online store.

Due to the popularity of e-readers, tablets, computers, and even mobile phones the popularity of eBooks has skyrocketed.

Self-published books are dominating the digital product market. People are getting tired to see the same books published by the same authors and are looking for some variety.

The main beauty of creating eBooks is that you can share almost anything you know in text form. You can also educate, advise, or curate existing content with an eBook to sell on your website.


2. Software

According to the report of software contributed more than $1.14 trillion to the total US value-added GDP in 2016 and employed 2.9 million people.

Software is a program that enables a computer to perform a specific task, as opposed to the physical components of the system like hardware. If you are a good developer or have good programming knowledge you can develop products like desktop software, web-based applications, templates, mobile apps, video games, or anything else powered by code.

With the popularity of WordPress, people are looking for customize plugins. You can also develop a suit of plugins as digital products to sell online.


3. Video

Video content has become a powerful tool to deliver information online and becoming an amazing digital products to sell online. According to the report of techcrunch, 8 billion video views per day on Facebook. So, it’s very clear to imagine why video is one of the best digital products to sell.

Video can be educational, informative, or entertaining. It’s significantly more engaging than text or word, and can be easily consumed by clicking a play button and watching. Users like to watch video and to some cases they are ready to pay for it.

There are lot of reasons to sell videos as digital products online. Here are some of them:

  • Video content is highly demand-able than other product that you can read and learn.
  • If you want to learn something that is totally new to you, in that case video content will be the best solution, because it attaches the visuals to the learning process.
  • There is no shipping cost and also no inventory is required. Also the risk is very low, making videos a great option for a beginner entrepreneur.

So if you feel comfortable with video, you can start online business with video contents.

Video Content

4. Audio and Music

Audio is a powerful medium for communicating messages. There are many different types of audio digital products available. Some of them are:

  • Recorded lectures
  • Musical samples
  • Audiobooks
  • Foreign language lessons
  • Relaxing background noises
  • Karaoke versions of popular songs
  • Reusable sound effects
  • Full lyrical or instrumental music tracks

If you have passion in music you can distribute your music to platforms like Amazon or iTunes. For that, you need to establish your our audience. Create your own website and build your name via social media to reach reach a wide variety of music lovers. You can also share your music on social media platform that will help you boost your brand.

Audio and Music

5. Photography

Photos are also a popular digital products to sell online. There is a proverb that “a photo speaks more than thousand words”. Most cases, photographers have a compelling story to go along with their photo. Like a physical product, the description of your photo gives you a chance to really sell someone on it.

If you’re a photographer, you can build stock photo sites by selling your images on your own website for the price you want.

An online store is a vital part of a photographer’s portfolio. You can raise your profile by showcasing your work beautifully. With competitive pricing, and good quality photos, it’s possible to do very well selling your independent or user demanded photos on your own website.


6. Graphics Design & digital arts

If you are a graphics designer, you are in a great position to start online digital products business. Nowadays people are getting crash on themes, patterns, brushes, wallpapers, logos, pretty much anything web related you can think of.

Themes are very popular for online business. Theme Forest is the pioneer for theme business. People have downloaded some themes thousands of times with the price range between 14-30 dollars. There are over 1000 WordPress themes available.

If you are an artist, you can can sell finished pieces, drawings, and sketches. Original art with exceptionally good quality can be priced higher than graphic design.

Graphics design and digital arts

7. Templates

Templates allow you to use your powerful brain and precious time for things other than set-up and formatting. You can create and sell different types of templates for a variety of uses: resumes, media kits, logos, and social media posts. Social media templates are very popular for online business. Templates can be created with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.


8. Online courses

Online courses or tutorials is an industry rich in innovation, and is growing with unprecedented momentum. With the help of e-Learning traditional educational institutions explore new ways to make their content available to learners.

Most popular online courses that are people seeing now-how to earn money online, or how to start blogging to earn money. It’s true that there are plenty of courses available on those topics, you can be successful with an online course in any niche!

You can sell an online course on just about any topic as long as you are providing correct information and teaching something that is useful to audience.

Tutorials and courses can be recorded on video or in audio format or written lessons or a combination of all three.

Online Courses

9. Recipes

Recipes can be the valuable digital products to many people not only to housewives. If you have a blog site of food, you can utilize this option for business.

Say you have passionate on bakery and also know some recipes, just make a website and sell the recipe to restaurants, bakeries, and cuisine magazines. You can choose instagram as a social media for marketing purposes and share links to recipes of your online store.


10. Tickets

Tickets are very commonly sold items in online stores. You can sell tickets for every kind of performance, from comedy shows to wrestling.

If you are connected with organizer, tickets are a great digital product to sell online.


Final Thoughts

If you are thinking to start online business with digital products, this list of profitable digital products should give you some food for thought.

You don’t require manufacturers, suppliers, packagers and shippers that come with physical products. Pick one of the above digital product, set up your eCommerce store and start selling!


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