Online Shipping Calculators and Debug Mode in WooCommerce

Online Shipping Calculators and Debug Mode in WooCommerce

It is highly recommended to enable the debug mode within the shipping plugin settings section that you are using to calculate the shipping cost within your expectation. When this option will be enabled add a product to cart and you will see useful information on the cart page and/or on the checkout page that explains why shipping costs are different from your expectation.

Common Issues

The common issues are:

  • Weights and dimensions are entered properly for all products.
  • Set the Currency – some plugins support a specific currency. To confirm or change shop currency go to: WooCommerce > Settings > General.
  • Choose Shop base location – some plugins need the shop to have a specific base location. To confirm or change shop location go to: WooCommerce > Settings > General.
  • Check API keys are correct. If not, an “Authorization failed” message will display.
  • Make sure that wp_remote_get() function is enabled on your server. To verify go to: WooCommerce > System Status > Server Environment (Get Remote value)


Fedex is a online calculator which helps you to get shipping rates from Fedex APIs based on product weight, post code and other relevant details. Based on the postal code and other parameters, all available shipping services along with the rates are listed for the customers to choose.


Fedex online calculator settings

Enable debug mode by clicking on the checkbox.

Following is the sample of incorrect API credentials.

Fedex sample API


USPS is able to provide live shipping rates directly to your customers in their shopping cart as well as at checkout.


Shipping USPS settings

Enable debug mode on the checkbox.

Here is the USPS debug mode sample.

Shipping USPS sample


UPS WooCommerce lets you offer a full range of UPS shipping options.


Shipping UPS settings

Enable the UPS debug mode.

Here is the UPS sample error message.

Shipping UPS Sample Error

Australia Post

Australia Post is a premium shipping method that let you get shipping rates from Australia Post’s Shipping API which handles both domestic and international parcels.


Australia post settings

Enable Australia Post debug mode as like the above.

Here is the Australia Post error message sample.

Australia post sample

Canada Post

WooCommerce Canada Post helps you automate Canada Post shipping by displaying shipping rates in cart/checkout page, print shipping label from within WooCommerce, pack items automatically into boxes and enable shipment tracking.


Enable Canada Post debug mode like the following:

Shipping Canada Post Settings

Canada Post debug mode sample as following:

Shipping Canada post sample

New Zealand Post

New Zealand Post Shipping Calculator adds automatic integrations for New Zealand WooCommerce users. This will calculate the shipping cost and the delivery time for your customer.


Enable the debug mode of New Zealand.

Shipping New Zealand settings

New Zealand Post debug mode sample like the following:

Shipping New Zealand sample


This Purolator Shipping for WooCommerce provides integration with Purolator Webservices and your WooCommerce website. It is able to provide live shipping rates directly to your customers in their shopping cart as well as at checkout option. It also provides up-to-date package information from Purolator’s Parcel Tracking service.


Enable Purolator debug mode like the following:

SHipping purolator settings

Royal Mail

The WooCommerce Royal Mail allows you offer Royal Mail shipping rates to customers without the need for an API, as Royal Mail does not provide a public API.


2015 Flat Rates:

Enable Royal Mail debug mode like the following:

Shipping royal mail settings

Royal Mail debug mode sample as below:

Shipping royal mail sample

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