Set Up Free Shipping in WooCommerce

Set Up Free Shipping in WooCommerce

Free shipping is a great offer to attract customers to buy products from online store. To attract your customers you have to set up the free shipping option in WooCommerce properly. In this article we will cover how to set up the free shipping in WooCommerce properly.

Setup and Configuration of Free Shipping

To offer the free shipping method in any online store, it must be added to a Shipping Zone and you can add this as many as you like in Shipping Zones. To get started,

→ Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping.

→ Then Select a Shipping Zone and click the + icon to Add Shipping Method. A new window like the following display.

Free Shipping method

→ From the drop down menu select Free Shipping like the following screenshot and click on Add Shipping Method.

Add Free Shipping

→ Click on the Free Shipping row that you wish to define.

Free Shipping zone

This will take you to a different screen to configure the free shipping method for that specific shipping zone.

Free Shipping Zone details

• Enter a Title that displays to customers in checkout.

• Now select Free Shipping Requires… in the drop down menu. When you will click on the drop down menu, you will see the following options like the above screenshot:

− N/A – Not available.

− A Valid Free Shipping Coupon – A coupon that enabled for free shipping.

− A Minimum Order Amount – Set the minimum amount in the field.

− A Minimum Order Amount OR a Coupon

− A Minimum Order Amount AND a Coupon

→ Now Save the Changes.

Create Free Shipping Coupons

You can create a coupon. To create,

  • Go to WooCommerce > Coupons.
  • Click on Add Coupon.
  • Tick the Allow Free Shipping checkbox.
  • Then Publish.

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You can also enable free shipping for coupons.

  • Go to the Free Shipping option you set up earlier.
  • Select the option A valid free shipping coupon from the drop down.(Free Shipping Requires..)
  • Save the changes.

All your customers will be able to use the coupon for free shipping.

Coupon vs. Minimum Amount

If you set a minimum amount and have free shipping coupons, the coupons take priority. If the customer has a coupons, the minimum amount is ignored. If the customers has no coupon, then minimum amount will be checked.

Advanced Options of Free Shipping

Enabling or disabling Free shipping via hooks

In WordPress, Hooks allow you to change or add code without editing core files. They are used extensively throughout WordPress and WooCommerce. Hooks are very useful for developers.

There are two types of hooks available in WooCommerce: actions and filters.

  • Action allow you to insert custom code at various points and
  • Filter allow you to manipulate and return a variable which it passes.

Note that, WooCommerce does allow you to create custom templates for your site, it’s usually best to avoid this if it is possible. New versions of various templates are often released along with the plugin updates.

The free shipping method has an is_available function that can be hooked into like the following code:

return apply_filters( 'woocommerce_shipping_' . $this->id . '_is_available', $is_available );

This means you can use add_filter() on woocommerce_shipping_free_shipping_is_available and this will return true or false.

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