Setup a Banggood Dropshipping Store with WooCommerce

Setup a Banggood Dropshipping Store with WooCommerce

There are different plugins to setup Banggood Dropshipping Store. But with ShopMaster you can easily import products from Banggood to your WooCommerce store with a single click.

In this article, we will show how to import Banggood products to your dropshipping store automatically using ShopMaster WooCommerce plugin.

Set Up Banggood Dropshipping Store

As we know AliExpress is very popular as dropshipping store. But Banggood is a good alternatives of AliExpress dropshipping.

The main reason for its popularity is:

> Most of the products price available in Banggood is comparatively cheaper than AliExpress and

> The Shipping duration offered by Banggood is lower than AliExpress.

Both Banggood, DhGate dropshipping, and Taobao are some great alternatives of AliExpress. But the main problem is to import products directly from these stores to your dropshipping store automatically.

There are so many Shopify based apps or add-ons available like DSMatePro and others that allow you to import products directly from Banggood to your store, but there isn’t any for WooCommerce except ShopMaster.

Setup Banggood Dropshipping with WooCommerce Store

With ShopMaster you can automatically add products from DHGate, Banggood, and other similar stores directly to WooCommerce, Ebay, Wish, and Shopify.

The steps are as under:

Step 1: Set Up ShopMaster Account for Banggood Dropshipping Plugin

Visit the official website of ShopMaster and create an account. It is free to use. You can also install Chrome extension with ShopMaster to import products.

ShopMaster Account

Step 2: Create REST API Key in WooCommerce

Once your ShopMaster account will be completed, you will be able to import products to your WooCommerce Dropshipping store. Let’s see, how it’s possible. You have to create a REST API permission in WooCommerce.

Go to: Settings>Advanced tab>REST API>Add key to create an API key.

Create a REST API Permission in WooCommerce Dropshipping Store

Now, you will have to ‘Generate new API Key.’ To do so, you have to fill up the field like the following:

  • Description: Write the description of API.
  • User: Select the username from the drop-down menu
  • Permission: Grant Read/Write permission to the user
Grant ReadWrite Permission to the User for Dropshipping Store

Once completed all the steps, you will get the Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, and QRCode like the following screenshot.

Consumer Key Secret Key and QRCode

Step 3: Connect ShopMaster with WooCommerce

Now, add these details to the ShopMaster WooCommerce form page. Go to the dashboard of ShopMaster plugin and then select Listings > WooCommerce > Add.

Add WooCommerce Dropshipping Store to ShopMaster

If you are opening it for the first time, you will get like the following setup wizard.

ShopMaster Dashboard

Select WooCommerce, and add the following details.

Setup Wizard Steps

Your WooCommerce dropshipping store will now get connected to your ShopMaster account.

Step 4: Install ShopMaster Chrome Extension

If you are using Google chrome as your web browser, you can add ShopMaster Chrome extension to your browser. Just click on Add to Chrome like the following screenshot to install.

ShopMaster Google Chrome Extension

Once you have installed the extension, you can easily import products from Banggood, DHGate, and AliExpress.

Step 5: Import Products from Bangood Dropshipping Store

For demonstration purposes we used here chrome extension of ShopMaster to import products from Banggood.

Once you click on the button ‘Import to ShopMaster’ the product will automatically get imported to your WooCommerce Dropshipping store.

Import Products Using ShopMaster

Make sure to check the location.

Now, select ‘Import to Store’ to import the product directly to the WooCommerce Dropshipping store. It is a simple process, and will hardly take a minute to complete.

Product Setup Import to Store
Importing Item

Once you have imported the product, ShopMaster will display the confirmation message like the following.

Product Imported from Banggood

Just activate the listing on your WooCommerce store. Once you have activated the listing, it will show up on your WooCommerce dropshipping store.

Activate Listing on WooCommerce Dropshipping Store

You can see that the product is in ‘Uncategorized’ section of your ShopMaster Dashboard. Select the categories to edit the description and other relevant attributes of products.

Edit the Description and Other Relevant Attributes
ShopMaster Dashboard Product

You can also split a products into multiple ones because this way you don’t have to add a single product to your store. In most cases, it is obvious that new dropshipping stores have less inventory. With more products available on the store in time, it will be easier for customers to choose the one that they like on the home page or product page.

Split Products

Now, you are ready to focus on making profits from your WooCommerce Dropshipping store.

How to Use Banggood

1. Run Special Programs to Optimize your Margins

Wholesale Program – Banggood offers wholesale services, where buyers can buy products of different categories in large quantities. You can also save up to 30% off in this program in addition to the cash coupons that you can use to buy products to sell and get free fast 7 business day shipping.

Drop shipping program – Banggood Drop Shipping program is one of the best services offered in this site for drop shippers. There is no membership fee, and the discounts range from 5% to 20%. That is a big opportunity for you as a beginner to stay at the top of the competition.

To sign-up with their Drop-shipping Program, you have to apply first and provide all the necessary information they need to add their program. Then wait for an notification email.

Once approved, you will receive another email confirming that you are included in the program. In that email notification you will get the steps on how to start using the drop shipping program.

Banggood Review Club – There is another program named as Banggood review club. Through this program you will receive Banggood points by sharing your opinions about your shopping experience on their website and also by leaving a review on the product page. There are also corresponding points for each type of review that you will leave. If you buy and try a product; you will get 10 points and for posting a picture using or wearing the product, you will get another 10 points. You can also get points for writing a review and posting a review of the product.

2. Products you should and should not drop ship from Banggood

Banggood is selling good quality consumer electronics like projectors, earphones, TV boxes, etc. Most of the drop shippers have said that Banggood is a good source for electronic products and most of the blogs and video reviews about Banggood products are all electronics category.

Stay alert while choosing the electronic products that you want to sell. Make sure that there aren’t too many moving interconnected parts which might break during the delivery process and cause a higher rate of returns or unsatisfied customers.

3. Delivery Options

Banggood Dropshipping store offers a wide range of delivery options for delivering your order depending on your location. In addition to China, they also have warehouses in the US, UK, Australia, and France but the stocks there are limited. See the list below that shows the shipping methods and the expected delivery time.

Delivery Options of Banggood

Shipping from Chinese Warehouse
Airmail and Register AirmailAreaTime
United States, Canada, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, France, Japan, Republic of Korea, United Kingdom7-20 business days
Australia, New Zealand, Singapore7-25 business days
Belgium, Finland, Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland7-25 business days
Russia, Denmark, India10-30 business days
Mexico15-35 business days
Brazil20-50 business days
Other countries7-35 business days
Priority Direct MailAustria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Poland6-14 business days
United Kingdom4-9 business days
Germany, France,United States7-12 business days
Australia7-13 business days
Spain10-15 business days
European Direct MailAustria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia (Slovak Republic), Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom7-25 business days
Brazil Direct MailBrazil15-25 business days
Southeast Asia Direct MailVietnam, Philippines, Srilanka2-9 business days
SEA Direct MailSingapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia3-7 business days
South Africa Direct MailSouth Africa7-15 business days
Turkey Direct MailTurkey7-15 business days
Japan Direct MailJapan3-9 business days
India Direct MailIndia8-16 business days
South Korea Direct MailKorea9-16 business days
Canada Direct MailCanada5-15 business days
Russia Direct MailRussian Federation15-22 business days
Ukraine Direct MailUkraine12-18 business days
Middle East Direct MailUnited Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar5-12 business days
Electric Vehicle Direct MailCzech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Spain, Austria, Croatia, Canada12-19 business days
European Railway Direct MailAustria, CzechRepublic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia (Slovak Republic), Slovenia, Spain, United Kingdom40-50 business days
EMS Express Mail ServiceBrazil25-50 business days
Other countries7-15 business days
Expedited ShippingOther countries5-8 business days

Shipping from EU, USA, and AU Local Warehouses

Shipping from EU, USA, and AU Local Warehouses
EU WarehouseUK3-6 business days
Other EU countries7-10 business days
USA WarehouseUSA3-6 business days
Other American countries7-10 business days
AU WarehouseAustralia5-8 business days

Shipping From French Warehouse

Shipping From French Warehouse
German Post AirmailGermany, Ireland, United Kingdom, Austria, Iceland, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Norway, Finland, Netherlands, Greece, Portugal3-8 Business Days
DPD Direct MailFrance, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, CzechRepublic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, UnitedKingdom5-8 Business Days

4. Payment Methods

The most trusted and commonly used payment gateway is PayPal, credit or debit card payments are also accepted, only available for specific countries which Banggood intermediaries operate in, same as with the other payment gateways. PayPal payments are also covered with PayPal Buyer Protection which includes the items price and applicable shipping fees.

Bangood Payment Method

Banggood Dropshipping with WooCommerce Store

If you are starting your dropshipping store for the first time, then using Banggood will be a great choice because of all the products are available on Banggood dropshipping store. And, if you are already a dropshipping owner and looking for new Chinese stores that can act as AliExpress alternatives, then Banggood is the right one for you!


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