Top Instagram Marketing Tools for Rapid Ecommerce Growth

Top Instagram Marketing Tools for Rapid Ecommerce Growth

With the popularity of Instagram, Instagram Marketing Tools are also becoming popular day by day. It is one of the most significant social media channels for brands to focus on right now. And if you’re not still using it with proper Instagram Marketing Tools, you’re missing out on something big!

Whether you are running a small business or high volume enterprise business, including Instagram in your marketing strategy is quiet essential.

In this article, we’ve put some top Instagram Marketing Softwareto help you turbo-charge your Instagram account, grow your followers and drive engagement for your brand.

Instagram Marketing Tools

Why to Use Instagram Marketing Tools

According to statista, as of June 2018, Instagram boast 1 billion active users.

Data Revealed by Statista

According to data revealed by Instagram, more than 80% of accounts on Instagram follow the businesses they love. And over 200 million Instagram account holders visit business profiles every day.

Another data shows that, More than 800 million active users are currently using Instagram and of those millions of people, over 500 million are on the platform on a daily basis, with 80 percent of them being outside of the United States, 34 percent of them being millennial and 38 percent checking the site multiple times each day. 

Both small and big businesses have been using Instagram marketing tools to leverage Instagram effectively. Instagram marketing tools can help you scale your brand quickly.

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Top Instagram Marketing Tools

Let’s take a look at the best Instagram marketing tools you can use to customize your online promotions.

1. Instagram Marketing Tools: Buffer

Instagram Marketing Tools: Buffer

Buffer is a very handy and popular powerful tool that can help you with Instagram marketing to grow your business. It helps you schedule posts and analyze and amplify their reach and performance to the audience.It also helps you to set reminders to post videos and images too.

It has an intuitive dashboard which allows you easy access to its features and manage your accounts. The more interesting thing is that it has an app also named as Buffer’s app. You can install this app to your smartphone and monitor the progress on the go.

2. Instagram Marketing Tools: Grum

Instagram Marketing Tools: Grum

GRUM is a simple Instagram scheduler tool that is used for scheduling posts that are either an image or a video. You can select a product that you believe to advertise at a particular time like for the Holiday season. This tool will help you to do this.

It enables you to publish photos on multiple accounts at the same time. You can manage an unlimited number of accounts by using this tool. Switching between multiple accounts is very simple. Tagging and hashtags are the biggest and most used forms of marketing on Instagram and the tool lets you tag users.

3. Instagram Marketing Tools: Hashtags For Likes

HashTags for Likes

Hashtags for likes have been playing an important role throughout Instagram for bringing in the relevant audience not just from Instagram, but from other social media networks. This amazing features made it one of the most popular and widely used Instagram marketing tools ever.

It helps you save hours by suggesting the most trending hashtags that can boost the reach of your Instagram posts. And, as you know, hashtags help users to discover a post and a particular product. When you use right hashtags you can attract more people and get them to follow you.

Though you can also tag other profiles that are followed by most of the people, you can use hashtags of those people with images and videos of your products and if the following is good for a particular hashtag, more and more people will notice it. It will help to instant sales and promote conversions.

4. Instagram Marketing Tools: Hootsuite

Instagram Marketing tools: HootSuit

Hootsuit make marketing easy and seamless through Instagram. It is one of the best tools you can use in order to get your message across on multiple platforms at once.

You can schedule and post pictures and videos to Instagram securely, directly from Hootsuite. With its easy scheduling features you can come up with creative ideas about posting and uploading ads about the products you think would be the most relevant at a particular time.

It helps you use multiple Instagram business accounts to plan and execute your marketing campaigns. You can also track what other competitors are doing, what interests your audience and what are the most popular hashtags that are being used throughout social media to your benefit. 

5. Instagram Marketing Tools: Iconosquare

Instagram Marketing Tools: Iconosquare

If you are looking to create the maximum amount of engagement for your posts, then Iconosquare is the best tool to make it. It helps you leverage industry leading analytics and tools to grow your business and works very effectively with Instagram accounts.

If you have tons of images of your products, this tool will tell you which one of those would have the ability to create the maximum amount of engagement and when on Instagram.

It allows you to gauge how users interact with each of your posts so you can manage every image you share in the best way possible for it to be a redirect to your website or the product’s page itself.

You can schedule your posts in advance too. It provides a detailed break down of your followers that will help you to know them better. And it has powerful and effective analytics which will help bring you the insights necessary to understand your progress and assess your competitors analytics.  

6. Later

Instagram Marketing Tools: Later

Later is a useful marketing tool for Instagram users. It has the scheduling and media storage features.

With Later, you can build complex Instagram content calendar. It has a bulk media uploader that can be tagged and labeled. You can manage different account and create a different content library for each account. You can also use this tool with Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

7. Curalate Like2Buy – Instagram Growth Service

Curalate Like2Buy

Curalate Like2Buy offers a very useful solution to grow your eCommerce business. It help customers come to you for the product or service they’re interested in or looking for. 

When you integrate Curalate Like2Buy with your Instagram account, it will help you turn your Instagram profile into an eCommerce shop with zero effort, as well as help users buy items directly through your Instagram account, read reviews and do other things like sharing and suggesting. 

You can also customize galleries for different products for particular groups of subset users to make it easy for them to take quick decisions. It helps users to get exactly what they want from your Instagram feed by turning your feed into a personalized eCommerce storefront.

8. Repost

Repost as Instagram Marketing Growth

It is a very easy-to-use repost tool for Instagram. Brands often create their own content, but repost can help you to build a beautiful Instagram feed by curating user-generated content.

According to stats, millennial trust user-generated content 50% more than any other type of media.

Including User Generated Content (UGC) on your Instagram feed will not only save you a lot of time but can also help you build a strong community and generate sales from Instagram!

It also automates the tedious process of re-posting on Instagram so that you can focus on marketing and sharing the posts with right users.

9. Sprout Social

Sprout Social

Sprout Social gives you the opportunity to effectively manage multiple Instagram accounts at a time. Its built-in management tools enable you to schedule posts, manage comments, monitor hashtags, and run reports.

It provides you with plenty of data and all the insights of data you need to create, connect, and convert.

You can optimize your Instagram bigger campaigns with the help of analytics. Measure the impact of your content, analyze which media and messages yield the maximum engagement, and use that information to improve your custom feed.

10. Landscape


Image quality greatly affects on your overall branding. Small, blur or badly compressed images can give your brand a bad look. Landscape will help you resize and modify your images to make good images into great ones.

You can also transform one image into multiple ones, for the so-called “mosaic posts.” This tool is also great for other forms of social media due to its sharing options.

11. Showcase


With Showcase, you can monetize the traffic coming on your Instagram more seamlessly. It is an important tool for eCommerce brands which can turn your posts and other user generated content into shoppable galleries.

By using this tool, you can showcase your products on your profile and make it an online eCommerce shop, with it being on Instagram.

It offers a nice layout where it is easy for you to link the most popular products directly to the products page for easy navigation and instant buying. With your website seamlessly linked to your own Instagram profile, your visitors will have the ease of buying products directly from your Instagram profile.

12. Soldsie


Soldsie is also one of the best Instagram marketing tools that work wonders for your eCommerce business. You can use this tool to bring in more audience onto your Instagram profile.

By using comment selling, users and potential buyers will be able to comment on the products they think are interesting to them and then use Paypal or WePay for instant buying and processes.

Integration with Paypal and WePay makes it ideal to bring in customers to your product line and see what they say about them.

13. SocialRank


Another Instagram Marketing tools, SocialRank analyzes your followers and enables you to take a closer look at them.

It helps you to search profiles with the specific keywords you select. For example, you can search for all the “engineer” among your followers, and export their details onto a PDF.

It provides market intelligence, with that you can compare different accounts. You can also find influencers with right audiences for your campaigns.

14. Mailchimp


MailChimp is popular for email marketing. But it is also popular for Instagram marketing. You can use this tool to build social media followings. It also lets you track customers similar to ones that follow your pages.

15. Word Swag

Word Swag

This tool helps you put the right kind of words with your Instagram posts. You don’t need to sit fiddling with complex graphics software to create stylish quotes that can help you generate customer engagement.

The app can help you add text, add your own logo, or choose from hundreds of popular quotes, jokes, and thoughts if you’re stuck trying to think of your own in a matter of seconds. The app uses a special typing engine that suggests fonts and style based on the image in the background.


For rapid eCommerce growth, Instagram is often overlooked as a marketing tool for your business. But the recent landscape proved that it should not be overlooked.

Instagram can be a huge asset for list building, gathering traffic, and even increasing your revenue for your eCommerce business. But without a proper tool it can be harder to grow your following.

The tools we mentioned above will help you understand your audience, grow your followers and engage with the people you want to get your content in front of. 

If you think we’ve missed out any necessary tools, please put your comment below and we’ll respond to you.


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