Use Woocommerce Square to Run Online Business

Use Woocommerce Square to Run Online Business

WooCommerce Square is a popular payment gateway for business organizations that attract both online and point-of-sale purchases. Square is often used with mobile devices like tablets and smartphones for remote transactions. By using this free woocommerce plugin you can expand your in-store business to online sales easily.

The minute you sign up for a free Square account, you can connect to WooCommerce and start managing online and offline sales in one streamlined system, plus accept all card payments anywhere you sell.

WooCommerce Square

WooCommerce Square Main Features

Accept Payments Online

you can use Square to accept and process payments on your WooCommerce online store. The Square plugin accepts all major debit and credit cards. Square is available in Canada, Australia, Japan, and the UK only.

Streamline Product Library Management

If you already started selling products online with WooCommerce, you’ll be able to sync your product library into your Square POS (Square point-of-sale). This will significantly cut down your time to separately input items. And each time you add a new product to the system, that’ll sync automatically too.

Easily manage your inventory

Manually sync products from WooCommerce to Square, or from Square to WooCommerce is difficult and painful. The integration of Square with WooCommerce automatically take care of inventory syncs for you.

WooCommerce Square Inventory

Your online and offline stores shouldn’t exist in a separate worlds. By syncing your Square account to WooCommerce, your in-store and online store will appear in one place on your Square Dashboard, so you can keep track on all your products.

Get Started with Square for WooCommerce

Before you can use WooCommerce and Square POS together, you need to sign up for free Square account and set up your WooCommerce website on WordPress. Once this will complete, you need to move forward to the Square for WooCommerce plug-in page and download the plug-in into your WordPress website.

From there, you can activate the plug-in and follow the Square for WooCommerce startup guide that help you complete the process.

However, to streamline the setup process, here are a few things you need to consider to ensure that your setup is quick and your initial sync is error-free.

  1. Check your SKUs: If you already have products listed in both Square POS and WooCommerce store, make sure your stock keeping units (SKUs) are an exact match i.e., no extra spaces, zeros and so on. If they aren’t an exact match, you’ll face problems on your initial sync.
  2. Decide which direction to sync: You can do your initial product sync from Square to WooCommerce or from WooCommerce to Square as we mentioned earlier. If you already use online store and and are adding to the other, this choice is simple. You can sync from the one you use to the new platform easily. But, if you’ve been using the two separate platforms independently and have product data in each, you need to decide if you want to have all or some of your product data in one platform and overwrite the other.
  3. Decide which elements to sync: You can select which products you want to sync and which you want to leave independent between the two systems. This is done in the Synchronization screen that you’ll see once your plugin is installed. You have the option to change your sync elements at any time too.

WooCommerce Square Sync

  1. Decide if you want to use Square for your online payments: If you want to use Square as your online payments, you have to set up it after installing the plugin. You can do this from the Payments screen in your WordPress WooCommerce site settings. When you select Square, then the setup walks you through a few steps to connect Square’s payment processing to your WooCommerce site.

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