Weebly vs Squarespace: Side by Side Comparison

Weebly vs Squarespace: Side by Side Comparison

Weebly vs Squarespace is a great match. The fight between two biggest website builder tool.

For those who don’t know about website builder, website builders are online platforms that allow you to create your own online store, without knowing any coding knowledge!

Ok…No more talk. Let’s move to our main topics. Comparison between Weebly vs Squarespace.

Weebly vs Squarespace

Weebly vs Squarespace: Overview

Overview of Weebly

Weebly vs Squarespace: Weebly

Weebly square is an outstanding website building tool in eCommerce industry. It was launched in 2006. It has some advanced customization tools, powerful feature set and reasonable fees.

Signing up is free and very easy. You can sign up by using Facebook, Google+ or your email address. You can launch a free website before upgrading your website and get a custom domain instead of the Weebly subdomain. There are lot of themes available to customize your store.

This website builder is neat and clean and easy to navigate. You don’t require any web design experience.

Weebly currently powers over 40 million websites, which works out at roughly 2% of all websites on the internet.

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Overview of Squarespace

Weebly vs Squarespace: Squarespace

Squarespace is also website builder software. It can be used by both individuals and businesses who want to sell their products online.

The editing interface is a bit tricky to use. You can add more elements to a page easily with a Content Block. The process is very easy because you will get the user guides just out of the box.

Some useful tools like the ability to add logos, use the app’s Style Editor and switch templates. You can easily change template colors and fonts. It has the integration with Aviary.

You can easily add products to sell online. You can sell easily any types of products like physical, downloaded or services.

Squarespace powers only over a million sites, but that’s not to say it doesn’t compete with Weebly. 

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Weebly vs Squarespace: Side by Side Comparison

Here is the full comparison.

Weebly vs Squarespace

Supported Platform
- Web based
- iPhone App
- Android App
Scores in Supported Platform3 Out of 33 Out of 3
- PhoneX
- OnlineX
- Knowledge base
- Video Tutorial
Scores in Support3 Out of 43 Out of 4
- Access ControlX
- Activity DashboardX
- Activity TrackingX
- AuthenticationX
- CommentingX
- Content Management
- Custom Forms
- Templates
- Data Import/Export
- Discount Management
- Drag and Drop Interface
- Email Integration
- File and Form ManagementX
- Image Editing
- Inventory Management
- Landing Page Templates
- Order Management and Processing
- Performance ReportX
- Photo Album
- Real Time ReportingX
- Real Time UpdatesX
- Reporting StatisticsX
- Role Based PerformanceX
- SSL Security
- Sales Tax Management
- Search Option
- Shopping Cart
- TaggingX
- Template ManagementX
- Third Party Integration
- Video SupportX
- Visitor Tracking
- eCommerce Management
Scores in Features24 out of 3531 out of 35
- Total Integration104134
- DropboxX
- Google DriveX
- SlackX
- ZapierX
- ZendeskX
- Bitium
- Twitter
- Mailchimp
- Facebook
- TrelloX
Scores in Integrations4 out of 1010 out of 10
PricingWeebly Pricing PlanSquarespace Pricing Plan
- Free Trial
- Starting Price$8/month$12/month
- Other PlanBasic - Free
Pro - $12/month
Business - $25/month
Business - $26/month
Basic Online Store - $26/month
Advanced Online Store - $40/month
Total Scores34 out of 5247 out of 52

Weebly vs Squarespace: Design Flexibility


The platform has 35 different themes to choose from. Once you will find any theme, you can preview and test it before apply.

Weebly Themes

There’s no way to preview how the themes will look on mobile and tablet screen sizes until after you apply one. Weebly’s themes are all mobile responsive.


The themes of Squarespace are luxurious. They have the best themes of any website builder on the market.

Squarespace Themes

Squarespace’s themes are also mobile responsive, and can be previewed on different screen sizes before apply. There’s a search bar also.

Both Weebly and Squarespace work with the same drag-and-drop functionality. This means you can move images and text around each section of your store simply by clicking and holding down on them.

Weebly vs Squarespace: SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) affect how highly your website ranks on the search results. The better your website’s SEO is, the higher up the page you’ll be when people search for.

Both of the platform allow you to edit things that can improve your site SEO. Here are a few things that they manage:

  • Meta Titles/Descriptions
  • URL Slugs
  • Image Alt Text

Meta title and descriptions are just the text that appears in Google’s search results. A URL slug is the text that comes after your domain e.g.
https://multivendorshoppingcarts.com/woocommerce-vs-wix-comparison/ .

Image alt text is something like that you type in to describe an image on your site. This text lets Google to know what that image is, so it can be taken into consideration when people search.

Weebly vs Squarespace: Help & Support

Everyone likes to get help instantly in different ways. That’s why it’s important factor for choosing any website builder.

When it comes to help and support, both the platform are equally enriched. Both gives help in different ways, but how it’s works for you that’s important.

Weebly has email, phone and live chat support available.

Weebly Help and Support

Squarespace has 24/7 email support and live chat available but there are no phone services.

Squarespace Help and Support

Their help centers like the search engine. You type in a question and you’ll get a list of results that link to the help guides. 

Weebly vs Squarespace: Conclusion

It’s been a great match and it’s ended all square. Though from our opinion the result is a Tie. But it should be very clear who should use Weebly and who should use Squarespace.

Weebly is for the individual or small business. It has some amazing features which are well enough to do everything, from blogging to eCommerce.

Squarespace on the other hand, is for the creatives like artists, photographers, musicians. Its themes are luxurious and you’ll get a quality website that looks like it’s been knocked up by a professional designer.

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