Why Magento is Best choice For Ecommerce Websites

Why Magento is Best choice For Ecommerce Websites

Find the reasons why Magento is the best choice for ecommerce sites includes indidivual stores or marketplace.

Magento is Open Source. Open Source = free!

Yes,It is true, Magento comes with 3 versions as a whole:
Magento Community Edition (free)
Magento Enterprise Edition (paid)
Magento Go (paid and hosted on the servers of Magento)

The most popular of all may be the Community Edition, which is completely open source and boasts perhaps the largest and the developer community most platforms of electronic commerce on the Internet.

 Magento is Best choice For Ecommerce marketplace

Magento is Best choice For Ecommerce marketplace

Magento is free to download and install. You can possibly modify the code root cause however you must adapt to species web page that will be the construction and install extensions that can be easily obtainable through the Magento market. Magento Connect, incidentally also is actually the largest of the land market e-commerce application.

Woking platform is regularly updated community of developers take care of it, security flaws are stained and will clog making extremely safe from the point of view of electronic commerce. If you want even higher safety standards, you could always select Enterprise Edition which comes with a bridge of secure payment that comes with the PCI data security standards.

The best part may be the free and easily available troubleshooting that you could choose between the community and the big developers forums.

Made to measure for E-commerce

Magento began its life as a platform created for e-commerce unlike WordPress, Drupal or Joomla which can be contained mainly exercise routines management platforms offer the option for ecommerce plugins.
The core account containing Magento make in building e-commerce sites there is a real breeze. Many e-commerce Magento key functions are:

User dashboards
Customer segmentation
Inventory management
Send advanced and supplier management
It allows the grouping of goods
Built in capabilities to increase sales and cross-selling
CMS option

Freedom to choose the Hosting service
Unlike other ‘suitable for the e-commerce’ platforms such as Volusion, Magento and Shopify helps to choose the hosting service you want. This prevents that their low costs and gives you the flexibility to change hosts if you own in trouble along with its already existing.

If you still need a hosted platform capacity, Magento Go gives you exactly that along with the benefits that Magento community come with editing platform.

Magento not penalizes you for increasingly large
Several complaints from users of other platforms of electronic commerce may be the incremental cost that comes with every small feature that is added to the site. With Magento, be open source, that concern is a full no-tema. Add a number of features as you like to your website, without having to spend a penny.
Another problem may be the limits to the quantity of products, products and codes of article that could be loaded and displayed on a platform. While you grow bigger, as well as your store becomes more prolific, you start to pay fees exponentially higher for your e-commerce platform provider. This is another area where you spend nothing on Magento.
Expand and grow as much as you wish, and Magento will grow along, without any additional cost.

Easy to integrate third-party applications
It really is natural to desire to do your most simple health by connecting applications or already made plugins that integrate additional features to its web site, instead of the encoding of each new feature from scratch.
For some other eCommerce platforms, integration of applications of holidays is completely within the office of the service provider. You can only possibly integrate applications that leave you and often is a substantial price linked to the process.
Extending Magento API helps to hook up to almost any application or plugin of your choice easily. So if gateway payment, web analytics or the shipping and tracking; Locate the application to your liking and plug it into your Magento site with in no time.

Modular and customizable
E-commerce companies come in different shapes and sizes. What works for a fashion retailer could not benefit to a hardware and power tools salesman. Similarly size and the scale of the operation, the requirements of the client, etc. pose different challenges in the environment of electronic commerce.

Become an open source platform, Magento is expected to be inherently highly modular and customizable. However, with the best intelligence of coding, Magento becomes like PuTTY in his hands.

Its extremely modular technology allows you to develop beautiful front end customer experiences by modifying or plug designs and templates of your choice. The backend workflows can be redesigned to adapt to your organization and make reliable rewriting code, modification of the events and networks.

Quick. Really fast.
47% of today’s Internet users expect a site to load in less than 2 seconds. A little more than that and simply close the tab and move forward with their lives. Every customer who leaves without buying leaves behind another dent in its overall conversion rate.

With such pressure on yield, which like a platform that loads fast, allows the caching of pages with ease, while still allowing you to have as many bells and whistles you need on your e-commerce website.

Magento gives you all this and more. Allows you to store cached pages easily using Varnish, retrieve data from huge databases in milliseconds, queries process immediately and pages load quickly enough to please impatient customers.

Built for SEO
We all know how important that is to create our web sites as SEO friendly as possible. We also know the monotony involved in the optimization of all aspects of each page on the website for SEO. This can be a big drag on the famous sites of ecommerce running on hundreds or a large number of pages.

Magento saves you the problem of development of the creation of SEO optimized URLs, meta tags, descriptions, rewrites of URLs, site maps, navigation and category and more structures. Its source code is sold with many of these features built in law, which saves you a lot of trouble and time, while ensuring that the site is search.

Go mobile from the first moment
To as in January 2014, 66.8% of us consumer owned smartphones. Americans take more time surfing the web on Smartphones which in desktop computers.

You have a notebook optimized site has not been more urgent than now. The good news is that it is now very easy to produce web sites mobile friendly using Magento HTML5 capabilities. Magento gives your mobile site audio/visual and capabilities of drag and drop, gesture-based controls, as well as an image for different screen sizes.

Run several web sites with a common fund system
While almost all the other platform – open source e-commerce either – you have only a tent using a system; with Magento, you can run multiple web sites into a single common fund system.

Each web site can have distinctly different designs and design with their own stores. You can even have different domains for each site. Control these simultaneously through a single unified management panel using Magento. This capability is just a blessing for companies in e-commerce that operate in multiple niche categories.

Go international with Magento
A sizable and growing number of ecommerce sites United States visitors come from Europe, Asia and Australia. They spend much more than domestic visitors per visit and have greater stiffness.

Unfortunately, most web sites do not allow payments in international currencies, avoiding therefore the percentage of international users of fast growth, since you can. Solve this dilemma by building your website with Magento that supports multiple currencies and tax rates. It is compatible with the personalization of your web site in the local languages, the text in the left whenever necessary, as well as local cookie notification policies.

Magento offers almost everything an ecommerce site would need to show products, carry out transactions online, customer offer and execute all backend processes efficiently. However, is not just a plug-and-play platform e-commerce

Hopefully the above reasons are well enough to choose Magento for your ecommerce needs any way if you have any further questions,ask with the comment form below.


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