WooCommerce Amazon and eBay Integration – Codisto LINQ by Codisto

WooCommerce Amazon and eBay Integration – Codisto LINQ by Codisto

WooCommerce is the leading eCommerce plug-in for WordPress. WooCommerce integration with Amazon and eBay is absolutely essential for you if you want to maximize the growth and outreach of your business. You can use Codisto LINQ, a free WordPress plugin, to manage your site. This plugin will help you sync WooCommerce with Amazon and eBay. In this article you’ll get the codisto linq review.

The Amazon and eBay integration enables merchants to automate the creation and management of marketplace listings, keep inventory, pricing and product details synced across connected sales channels and integrate Amazon and eBay orders into their existing WooCommerce workflows. You can also create unique products to feature on Amazon from the WooCommerce admin. The plugin will auto assign a category to the products that you synchronize on eBay. Though you can’t import amazon products to woocommerce, you can map them once you upload those products on WooCommerce.

Codisto LINQ

Features of WooCommerce Amazon & eBay Integration

  • You can get the entire products list of WooCommerce product catalog on Amazon and eBay in minutes.
  • It is possible create Amazon and eBay products list individually, in groups of filter or in Bulk.
  • With this plugin you can link your existing Amazon and eBay lists to their matching products in your WooCommerce catalog.
  • Set separate pricing, fulfillment rules and product details for Amazon and eBay lists on your existing WooCommerce catalog data.
  • Receive marketplace orders.
  • Sync inventory, orders, pricing and product details.
  • It supports all global Amazon and eBay marketplaces.
  • Plugin offers easy spreadsheet style management of all your marketplace listings from a single screen within WooCommerce.
  • Options for domestic and international shipping on eBay.
  • Automatic shipment tracking.
  • Easy to install and setup, no data migration.
  • 30-day free trial to use.

Amazon and eBay Integration

This plugin allows WooCommerce merchants to connect their stores with Amazon’s and eBay’s global network of over forty online marketplaces. The Setup Wizard will guide you through to connecting your first Amazon or eBay account.

With the Codisto Xpress Grid you can connect to multiple Amazon or eBay accounts and manage them all from one easy tabbed spreadsheet style view.

Connect WooCommerce with Amazon and eBay


After successful connection to your first marketplace and set defaults, you can bulk-list your entire product catalog on Amazon or eBay in minutes.

You can select individual products or groups of products using any WooCommerce field to list, edit, or set rules for separate marketplace listing values.



You can synchronize your existing marketplace listings to their matching products in your WooCommerce catalog. It is also providing a central reference for inventory and sales data that is crucial for maintaining accurate stock counts and publishing up-to-date pricing across all your connected sales channels.

It can sync inventory, orders, pricing and product details in real time. Inventory counts will update automatically as soon as a sale occurs, marketplace orders will immediately send to WooCommerce, and changes to pricing, product details or inventory rules will instantly reflect on your Amazon and eBay listings.

Sync WooCommerce Amazon and eBay


With the Codisto XpressGrid you can manage all your connected Amazon and eBay sales channels in one, easy-to-use spreadsheet style interface where you can search and filter on any field, view and edit all your marketplace listings and easily turn sync on or off for any fields.

Manage channels

Control over your store

With  rules and operators you can set separate values for your marketplace listings and even combine multiple custom fields to populate marketplace listings.

You can add price increases/decreases, inventory buffers, automated currency conversions and flexible shipping rules for your Amazon & eBay listings.

Control over your site

Support and Help

With 24/7 phone support, email support and live chat available in all time-zones you’ll soon discover why Codisto’s expert customer support team.

Support and Help

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