WooCommerce Currency Converter Widget Installation and Configuration

WooCommerce Currency Converter Widget Installation and Configuration

The WooCommerce Currency Converter Widget displays a list of currencies on your Cart page, which your customers can choose dynamically. It syncs with the latest exchange rates on real time and converts the displayed price on the front-end. In this tutorial we will cover the installation and configuration of WooCommerce currency converter widget.

How to Install WooCommerce Currency Converter Widget

To install and set up of this widget. Follow the steps below:

  • Download the extension from your WooCommerce Account and save it to your Desktop/Laptop.
  • Now Log in to your WooCommerce site.
  • Go to Plugins > Add New > Upload and select the downloaded ZIP file.
  • Click on Install Now and
  • Then Activate

Open Exchange Rate API

This WooCommerce widget works by using the API of Open Source Exchange Rates. To use your own API key sign up here.

Entering API Key

When you will get own API key your own key, add it via WooCommerce > Settings > General > Open Exchange Rate API.

Note: You can find the Open Exchange Rate API at WooCommerce > Settings > API > Keys/Apps prior to WooCommerce version 3.4.

Currency Convert Open exchange rate API

Now click on Save changes.

Setup and Configuration of WooCommerce Currency Converter Widget

For adding the currency converter widget,

  • Navigate to Appearance > Widgets.
  • Drag and drop the WooCommerce Currency Converter, listed under Available Widgets on the left, to one of your sidebars. The screen will look like the following:

Currency Converter Widget Settings

  • Now select and complete the field one by one as your preference.

ο Title: Name the widget as per your requirement

ο Currency codes: In this field enter currency code per line. For currency code list visit here.

ο Currency display mode: You can choose either buttons or select box.

ο Widget message: The message that will be displayed for user.

ο Show currency symbols in widget: Default settings is currency codes only.

ο Show reset link: If you enable this, a ‘reset’ button will be shown to reset the currency back to your store’s default.

ο Disable location detection: You can put a tick on the check box to turn off detection of the user’s location. If you enable this, on the basis of your customer’s location (determine with IP address) the display of currency will dynamically change.

  • Now Save the changes.

Customer Usage

If you enable Buttons and Geolocation, for detecting user in a country using the euro and highlighting EUR:

Buttons Geolocation

If Select Box and Geolocation is enabled for detecting user in a country using the euro and pre-selecting in dropdown:

Select Box Geolocation

For selecting Buttons and Currency Symbols and enabling Geolocation, for detecting user in a country using the euro and highlighting :

Buttons Symbols Geolocation

If you select Buttons and disable Geolocation, unable to detect same user’s location and defaulting to USD.

Buttons Only

You can change all prices (formatted using the woocommerce_price() core function) including:

  • Product prices
  • Sale prices
  • Cart/checkout totals
  • Shipping

Currency Convert Cart

The WooCommerce Currency Converter Widget saves your time and effort by automatically updating product prices using the latest exchange rates. It is the ideal tool for WordPress woocommerce site owners wishing to sell products in multiple currencies.

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