Product Shipping Classes in WooCommerce

Product Shipping Classes in WooCommerce

WooCommerce product shipping classes will allow you to add classes to items or variations that can control how costs are calculated. For example, this can allow you to add shipping or handling surcharges for certain items in addition to your standard shipping costs.

Add a New Shipping Classes

You have to go to the Shipping Classes settings by navigating through the following path:

WooCommerce → Settings → Shipping → Shipping Classes

All your existing shipping classes will be listed here just like the following screenshot.

WooCommerce Shipping classes

To add a new shipping class, click on Add Shipping Class button. A new row will appear there.

Add Shipping classes

You will probably notice how the page is separated on two sections same like the Tags and Categories management pages. On the left section you will find a simple interface for creating a Shipping Class and to be able to do so you will need to configure the following options.

Name – This is the name of the Shipping Class that you are creating

Slug – The slug for the URL of this Shipping Class

Parent – There should be a parent of this Shipping Class

Description – This is the basic description of the Shipping Class

Once you are ready with the configuration of these fields please click on the Add New Shipping Class button so you can be able to save the class.

Shipping classes

Edit and Delete Existing Shipping Classes

You can go to the list of shipping classes by simply hovering over an existing Shipping Class you will be presented with the Edit link which you should use in order to access the editing interface.

Edit & delete

Once you click on that Edit button you will be redirected to the editing page where you will be able to configure the options based on your needs.

When you complete the editing click on the Update button and you will be able to save the edits.

Edit and delete

The final option we will discuss is the delete action which will basically delete a Shipping Class. This option is available again from the Shipping Class management page upon hovering over a Shipping Class.

Delete shipping classes

When you click on the Delete button the Shipping Class you have chosen will be deleted after appearing a simple confirmation message.

Add products to a shipping class

Once you have a shipping class or classes configured, you have to assign a shipping class to products. You can make the set up manually per product or you can edit a few products in bulk.

Edit a single product

If you want to edit a single product, just go to the edit screen of a product simply by clicking the product name on the product list. Next, go to the Product data metabox, click the Shipping tab and select the shipping class that you want to assign.

WooCommerce Shipping Classes

Update the product to save changes.

Add shipping classes in bulk

If you want to assign more than one product to a shipping class, simply select the products, select an Edit option and Apply the operation.

WooCommerce Shipping classes bulk edit

Update to save changes.

WooCommerce Shipping classes bulk update

WooCommerce recommends one more step while setting up Product shipping classes to your store. You can temporarily enable Shipping Debug Mode after updating the shipping class settings. Once the shipping debug mode is activated, you can verify all your shipping rates and classes are correctly updated. Keep in mind to disable the debug mode after verifying your settings.

You can enable and disable Shipping debug mode just like the following:

Go to WooCommerce > System Status >Tools

Scroll down and tick to enable debug mode.

Untick to disable.

Shipping debug mode

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