WooCommerce Twilio SMS Notifications Installation and Configuration

WooCommerce Twilio SMS Notifications Installation and Configuration

WooCommerce Twilio SMS Notifications is a very powerful plugin to get notification via SMS. Both Admin and customer will get SMS notifications for all order statuses. This plugin uses Twilio API to send SMS.

WooCommerce Twilio SMS Notifications Plugin Installation

  1. Buy this extension from your WooCommerce Account
  2. Download .zip file and install into your WooCommerce store
  3. Now go to Plugins > Add New > Upload and choose the ZIP file you just downloaded
  4. Click on Install Now and then Activate the plugin
  5. Click on the Configure link and read the next section to learn how to setup and configure the plugin.

WooCommerce Twilio SMS Notifications Setup and Configuration

To set up and configure this plugin first you have to log in to your Twilio Account to get the Twilio API credentials. After log in click “Show API Credentials” on your dashboard:

WooCommerce Twilio API Credentials

Now copy your Account SID & Auth Code to enter these in the plugin settings.

WooCommerce Twilio API Credentials SID and Auth Token

For this plugin settings you’ll also require  your “From” phone number. If you don’t know this, you can get this by clicking “Phone Numbers” from the main menu.

WooCommerce Twilio API Credentials Phone Number

Now paste Account SID, Auth Token, From Number into the plugin settings under WooCommerce > Settings > SMS in the “Connection Settings” section and save them.

WooCommerce Twilio Connection Settings

That’s it. Now you are able to send SMS updates.

Plugin Settings

To configure Twilio, go to WooCommerce > Settings > SMS.

General Settings

Under general settings, you will get the following options like the screenshot.

WooCommerce Twilio General Settings

  • Opt-in Checkbox Label: In this field, type your text for the checkout page.
  • Opt-in Checkbox Default: The default option for the Op-in Checkbox label. Keep it un-checked by default.
  • Shorten URLs: Shorten all twilio SMS URLs using Google URL Shortener. Put a tick to enable this option.
  • Google API Key: If you enable Shorten URLs, Google requires an API key to use their URL shortener. You will get the guideline later how to generate one for your site.
Admin Notifications
  • Enable new order SMS admin notifications: If you enable this, as an Admin you will get SMS message to your mobile number also.
  • Admin Mobile Number: As an Admin enter your mobile number here. Add your country code if outside the US, but do not include spaces or dashes. You can add multiple mobile number separating them with a comma.
  • Admin SMS Message: Type a customize message, that will go to admin for new orders. You can include message variables (see below) to include additional information in this message.
Customer Notifications

WooCommerce Twilio Customer Notification Settings

  • Order statuses to send SMS notifications for: Check the statuses that you want SMS updates to send. Please note that SMS updates will be sent when an order changes to these statuses.
  • Default Customer SMS Message: This is the default message template.
  • Others SMS Message: You can customize each status’s message template like Pending Payment SMS message, Processing SMS Message, On Hold SMS Message, Completed SMS Message, Cancelled SMS Message, Refunded SMS Message and Failed SMS Message.
Return SMS Message

WooCommerce Twilio Return SMS Message Settings

  • Enable return SMS message: You can enable return SMS message to send customized return messages via Twilio when a customer replies to your automated SMS.
  • Response Message: Type a custom response message (maximum 160 character) to send.
Sender ID Settings
  • Enable Sender ID: Put a tick to enable sender ID to use your company’s name as the sender ID for one-way messages.
  • Sender ID: Type alphanumeric sender ID for messages.
Connection Settings

WooCommerce Twilio Connection Test Settings

  • Account SID: From your Twilio account collect Account SID.
  • Auth Token: You’ll get your Auth Token from your Twilio Account.
  • From Number: The number that Twilio will send your SMS messages from. Please note that if you have not purchased Twilio Credit, you will only be able to send SMS messages to your verified sandbox number.
  • Log Errors: If you enable this you will get errors to the PHP error log. Please only enable this if you experience issues with the plugin.
Test Message

You can send a test message by entering a test number and message, then click on “Send” button.

Google URL Shortener API key

Follow these steps to generate an API key from Google to shorten URLs, which you can enter in the plugin settings. All URL link will be in goo.gl format. To generate your API key:

  • First log into your Google account, then go to the developer console
  • From “Projects” drop down, click on “Create Project” at the top.

WooCommerce Twilio Create Google Project

  • Enter a project name for your project, such as “Store Twilio URL Shortener”.

WooCommerce Twilio Name Google Project

  • Click on Create button and wait for the page to refresh to create your project. This may take maximum a minute or two.
  • You’ll redirect to the “Library” section. Now click on the URL Shortener API link under “Other Popular APIs”.

WooCommerce Twilio Enable Link Shortener API

  • Click on “Enable” at the top of the page.

WooCommerce Twilio Enable API

  • Click the “Go to credentials” button to create credentials for your project.

WooCommerce Twilio Go To Credentials

  • Hit on “API key” link to generate an API key.

WooCommerce Twilio Create API Key

  • When you name your key, use only your site by entering http://yourstore.com/* (and https://yourstore.com/* if you have an SSL certificate) as an accepted referrer.

WooCommerce Twilio API Key Settings

  • Click on “Create” button and copy your generated API key. You’ll need to paste this in the plugin settings and URL shortening is now available.

WooCommerce Twilio API Key Generated

Message Variables

Use the following variables to dynamically add order information to your SMS messages updates. These will work for both customer and admin messages.

  • %shop_name% – Your site
  • %order_id% – the product order ID
  • %order_count% – the number of orders
  • %order_amount% – the total amount of the orders
  • %order_status% – the order status
  • %billing_name% – the customer billing name for the billing information
  • %shipping_name% – the shipping name used in the order shipping information
  • %shipping_method% – shipping method for the order

Return SMS Setup

When any customer replies to an SMS, Twilio will respond by default with a generic message that looks like this:

Thanks for the message. Configure your number's SMS URL to change this message.Reply HELP for help.Reply STOP to unsubscribe.Msg&Data rates may apply.

You can also create a customized response message by enabling the “Return SMS Message” and by enabling this in your Twilio account. To do this, you must complete these settings, then:

  1. Log into your Twilio account and go to the Phone Numbers page
  2. Select your phone number where you want to receive SMS
  3. Paste the URL from the plugin’s settings page into the Messaging > Request URL field, which looks something like this:

WooCommerce Twilio Request URL

You have finished the configuration.

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