WooCommerce vs OpenCart: Which one is Better eCommerce Platform?

WooCommerce vs OpenCart: Which one is Better eCommerce Platform?

WooCommerce vs OpenCart – As the title sounds, it is the comparison. Both are open source eCommerce platform and have the leading tools and features that will simplify the setting up of your online store. One of the most important choices to make when starting your store is the selection of right eCommerce platform.

Let’s dive deep into this two popular platforms and start the comparison of OpenCart to WooCommerce.

WooCommerce vs Opencart: Comparison

In eCommerce, a platform with a long history and solid background isn’t always more viable solution over a newer one. It is not rare that platforms that were once considered the best in the past to lack essential features that are needed for the modern users.

The best example of such a case is WooCommerce vs OpenCart opposition. Take a look at the Google Trends stats that shows the graph on WooCommerce vs OpenCart:

WooCommerce vs OpenCart: Google Trends Graph on WooCommerce vs Opencart

WooCommerce vs OpenCart: Brief Overview

WooCommerce Overview

Established and launched in 2011 by Woo Themes. This is a WordPress plugin that was specially designed to convert existing WordPress site easily to a eCommerce store. The main reason behind the success of this platform is – it is free and easy to installation and use. Plus a huge set of WooCommerce features that would make shopping experience very engaging for the visitors.

WooCommerce was bought by a company named Automattic who was also launched WordPress. Since it is a WordPress plugin, the functionality and usability are very easier and that is why people choose it automatically. The installation process is so simple and easier, which makes it easier for the beginners to use also. The great WordPress interface again makes it the popular choice of site builders. Any WooCommerce themes can be run practically across any WordPress theme. There are also tons of WooCommerce plugins available to customize your online store.

OpenCart Overview

OpenCart was launched in 2008 as an open source platform. It is a very user-friendly and effective platform that comes with a very intuitive and well-designed user-interface as well as a higher selection of extensions. Quick setup plus a User-friendly interface makes it an easy tool for non-tech savvy users and merchants.

You can choose from over 600 OpenCart Themes. With a huge range of features included out-of-the-box and over 13 000+ additional OpenCart plugins available to download.

Though there are plugins and themes available but the number doesn’t near that of WooCommerce and WordPress. Customizing your store is not also very easy and you will find that it lags behind in terms of performance.


The winner is WooCommerce.

WooCommerce vs OpenCart: Ease of Installation and Usage


As we mentioned earlier, WooCommerce is the best plugin to turn your existing WordPress website into an eCommerce store. Since WooCommerce is the most powerful plugin for WordPress, you have to install it just like any other plugin. Since, WooCommerce is free and open source platform, you don’t need any licences key or any monthly recurring bill. After installation and complete set up, you’ll be able to sell anything like physical products, digital products, services, subscriptions, bookings, etc.

Installation of WooCommerce to OpenCart

To install WooCommerce log in to your WordPress Admin Panel and then go to Plugins > Add New. You will get a search box. In the search box type WooCommerce” and click on “Search Plugins.

Install WooCommerce to OpenCart

When you will get the plugin like the above screenshot, just click on “Install Now” to install it. After activation the plugin, you’ll be presented with the setup wizard which will ask you a few questions about your store details. Just fill them all and you’ll be taken to your online store! 

For further details on Installation Read: How to install WooCommerce


Opencart is a standalone eCommerce platform and you have two ways to install it. One is Manually and the other is by using a single click script installer.

If you go to the first way, you will find that it’s a complicated process. But in this way you’ll get better options to customize your store. Manuall installation will require a lot of technical knowledge, so you must have to hire someone to do it for you. Depending on the developer skills, you’ll feel how it is easy to run your on daily basis.

The second way is the fastest way to setup the online store.

An example of a script that does this job is MojoMarketplace and you can see in the screenshot below that you just need to click “OpenCart” and it will take you through the quick setup wizard.

MojoMarketplace to Install Opencart

Compared to WooCommerce, OpenCart is difficult to customize and you’re confined to the product as – it is. The scripts can also run at a slow pace if you have a large store, so it can make a big difference to WooCommerce.


WooCommerce has an easier installation process than OpenCart. So, the winner is WooCommerce.

WooCommerce vs OpenCart: Themes and Design


You can find more than 2,100 free themes and also over 30,000 paid themes in both WordPress and WooCommerce. You will get magazine themes, SEO powered themes, eCommerce themes, or business themes whatever you want.

WooThemes is now the popular among all WordPress themes available because it is optimized specifically for WooCommerce. The best thing about WooCommerce is that it supports all WordPress themes to change physical store’s appearance.

There are also some exclusive themes available, that are specially designed for WooCommerce. You can design your store according to your requirement and choice.

WooCommerce Themes


After installing the OpenCart, you will get a basic store design. OpenCart also offers a set of free and paid themes which cost, on average, $60-70. If you want to customize it according to your choice then you would have to have an extensive technical knowledge of HTML and CSS. Sometimes you may need to hire expert.

OpenCart Themes

By default, OpenCart themes have the integration for Facebook, Twitter, and Google Analytics, but for other services, you will have to pay for extensions. Currently, there are more than 500 themes available.


According to the number of free and paid themes, it is easier to come to the result. And the winner is WooCommerce.

WooCommerce vs OpenCart: Pricing

“Free” is a tricky word when someone use it with open source platform. Open-source platforms are always free to download, use, and upgrade, but that does not mean you won’t have to pay any additional charges in order to customize and operate your store.


WooCommerce is free to install and use on any WordPress website. There are some related costs because you will need a website. Firstly, you have to purchase a domain name for your store which which will cost around $10 per year. Secondly, you’ll need to pay monthly for web a hosting service which will cost around $5-100 per month, depending on what kind of hosting you choose. And finally, you’ll need an SSL certificate.

WooCommerce Price

In addition to the basic costs of running a website, there’s also the cost of paid premium themes if you decide to change the look of your store. Another associate cost is for plugins and extensions to make more functional of your store.


Since, OpenCart is also open source platform so technically it sounds free too. If you go with the first way of installation as we mentioned earlier, you may need to hire expert developer, which will be costly. And the related cost like WooCommerce is also here for domain name, web hosting and SSL certificate.

OpenCart Price

For further customization, you will also require plugins and extensions which is also expensive.


It’s a tie. Since both are open source platform and free to download. You will have to carry the basic expenses.

WooCommerce vs OpenCart: Customer Support


With WooCommerce, you will always find help since there are a large number of communities available. You will always get help from the official WordPress forums. This is a huge community, with a large number of people they are always ready to help. You could always check their documentation that they offer because it is more likely that all your questions are covered.

WooCommerce Support


OpenCart has not that much of huge communities or forums to give support, like other open source platform. But the forums they have are active and you will get instant answer from a helpful developer.

OpenCart also support third-party developers on their website, so you can hire someone to help you from their lists.

OpenCart Support

Recently, OpenCart introduced two support plan that you might get interest. The first plan is one-time help for which pricing varies and you’ll need to get a quote first by filling in the form from their official website.  And the second plan is a premium support plan which costs $99 per month. The premium support plan will help you out with some minor issues like installations and bugs, but it is limited. The monthly fee covers only three bug fixes and five installations per month there is no design or development work include here.


With huge communities and forums, WooCommerce is the winner.

WooCommerce vs OpenCart: SEO


When it comes to SEO in WooCommerce, we can say that WooCommerce is SEO friendly just out of the box. You can install WooCommerce extensions and plugins to enjoy a variety of functionalities like Yoast, to write meta description, rich snippet, alt text image and so on.


Though users can easily edit or modify or update meta titles, descriptions, and other SEO keywords that attract users to your site, but a lot of code tampering is involved. For the beginners or amateurs, the process might get even more tricky.  


The winner is WooCommerce.

WooCommerce vs OpenCart: Features

List of WooCommerce Features

  • Modern and clean interface
  • Improved experience for store owners
  • WordPress Content Integration
  • Payment gateways
  • Full control of the checkout process
  • Set Default Currency
  • Support Geo-location
  • Automatic Taxes Calculation
  • Shopping Cart Behavior
  • Reduce Page Loading time
  • Add/Manage Products easily
  • Product Types and Variables
  • Inventory Management
  • Shipping Calculations
  • Cart Calculation
  • Flexible Shipping Destinations
  • Shipping Prices
  • Restrict Sales
  • Multiple Shipping Methods
  • Custom Tax Calculations
  • Geo-location enabled taxes
  • Select Customer Address
  • Tax rate definition
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Simplified Coupon System
  • Discount Coupons and codes
  • Product Reviews and Ratings
  • Owner Verification
  • Reporting
  • Dashboard
  • Analyze Products and Orders
  • CRM/Store Management
  • Support/Hosting

List of OpenCart Features

  • Unlimited Product, Categories and Manufacturers
  • Support Multi Currency and Multi Language
  • Product Reviews and Ratings
  • Open Source
  • Free Documentation
  • Template
  • Automatic Image Resize
  • 20+ Payment Gateways
  • 8+ Shipping Methods


The winner is WooCommerce.

WooCommerce vs OpenCart: Integration with Ecosystem


It is adaptable and compatible to work with all kinds of devices, including web-based devices like Windows and Mac, mobile platform. Integration with Stripe, Amazon and payments systems like USPS, FedEx, UPS and PayPal is also easier. It has unlimited integration capability and you will find it when you will use it.


OpenCart is also capable to work with a variety of devices, including web-based devices, Windows and Mac. Like WooCommerce, it can integrate with a variety of popular services like UPS, SagePay, PayPal and FedEx.


It’s a tie.

WooCommerce vs OpenCart: Video

WooCommerce Demo and Tutorial

Video Uploaded by Lidyr Creative

WooCommerce overview and review

OpenCart Demo and Tutorial

OpenCart review and overview

Video Made by: buildmyecommerce.com

For further details documentation of WooCommerce visit here.

For further details documentation of OpenCart visit here.

WooCommerce vs OpenCart: Conclusion

OpenCart vs WooCommerce platforms has their own advantages and disadvantages. So your choice will be based on your individual requirements. If you’re in need of an independent eCommerce platform, and you don’t require much customization, then OpenCart will be an excellent option for you. But if your need is to extend the quality and functionality of your store in an easier way, then WooCommerce is the perfect solution for you.


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