The Comprehensive and Ultimate Guide To WooCommerce Widgets

The Comprehensive and Ultimate Guide To WooCommerce Widgets

In this article you will get the comprehensive and ultimate guide to WooCommerce widgets. WordPress widgets originally designed to enhance the usability and functionality of a WordPress website. If you have a WooCommerce store set up, you can choose to display specific widgets on certain WooCommerce templates. These can be very powerful tools for making the customer experience easy and intuitive.

WooCommerce Widgets Menu

First log on to your wordpress site to enter the Dashboard. Look at left-side navigation bar and scroll down to Appearance. After installation of WordPress you’ll find the Widgets Sub menu just like the following screenshot.

Widgets sub menu

Within the Widgets sub-menu, you’ll see many familiar widgets that come with every WordPress base installation. If you scroll down further, you’ll see that WooCommerce also provides several widgets by default.

The WooCommerce Included Widgets are:

WooCommerce Products Filter

It allows you to show some specific products based on a few variables.

You can Show: All Products, Featured Products, or On-sale Products

You can Order by: Date, Price, Sales, or Random

And they can be listed in Order: DESC (descending) or ASC (ascending) order. This is determined by the dates the product pages were created and published.

Product Filter

WooCommerce Cart

It allows customers to see what is in their cart  if they are on other pages.

WooCommerce Cart

WooCommerce Layered Nav

If you have created attributes for any of your products, this widget allows you to filter products by using them.

WooCommerce Layered Nav

WooCommerce Layered Nav Filter

It shows active layered nav filters, so users can see or deactivate them.

WooCommerce Layered Nav Filter

WooCommerce Price Filter

It shows a customer the products in a specific price range, depending on which page they are on. It only works on archive pages, such as your shop or product category archive.

WooCommerce Price Filter

WooCommerce Rating Filter

It shows a list of star ratings to filter products in your store.

Top Rated Filter

WooCommerce Product Categories

It gives the user a simple list of the products in a certain category, either as a dropdown or a list. It also allows you to limit the list to only showing the children (or sub) categories of the current category chosen.

Product Categories

WooCommerce Product Search

It allows customers to search through product listings.

Product Search

WooCommerce Product Tags

It allows customers to sort using product tags.

Product tags

WooCommerce Recent Product Reviews

It displays recently reviewed products.Recent Reviews

WooCommerce Recently Viewed

It displays most recently-viewed products.

Recently viewed

Adding Widgets to Your WooCommerce Store

You can add the widgets to your sidebar one by one. One way to do this is by dragging and dropping each into the sidebar box. Another way is by clicking the item, choosing “Sidebar” and clicking the “Add Widget” button just like below:

Adding Widgets

Your sidebar then becomes populated with your selected widgets, which you can move up or down by dragging in order to change the order they will show up in the WooCommerce store.

Available Widgets

Each of these widgets in the sidebar can be expanded to show your configurable options. From the simplest option of the widget’s title to the organizational properties within search and product feeds, there is much you can change with your widgets. Make them do exactly what you want.

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You can have as many or as few of these WooCommerce widgets on your site as you want. It is up to you to determine what will best serve your customers and your business needs.


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