WordPress Multi Vendor Shopping Cart Plugins Review

WordPress Multi Vendor Shopping Cart Plugins Review

Looking to build marketplace with WordPress?Find our WordPress multi vendor shopping carts plugin review to find the best solutions.

Creating/Building Marketplace with WordPress
Currently there is two or more multi vendor shopping cart plug-in available for WordPress to start your own marketplace with the WordPress platform. Here you can find review of this extensions/modules.

Here is the updated ranking of Top WordPress multi vendor/store solutions

1)Dokan WordPress Theme ( 5 out of 5 rating)

2)Woocommerce Product Vendors(3 out of 5)

3)Premium WPMUDEV MarketPress Plugin( 2 out of 5)
4)Getshopped Multiple Vendors Plugin( 2 out of 5)
5)CartPress Ecommerce Marketplace Plugin(2 out of 5)
6)WordPress service Plugin (1 out of 5)

The following below are the previously written review,please use the links given in the above ranks/ratings to find the best WordPress solution.

The marketpress (Now known as WP E-commerce Plugin) plug-in is first ever developed WordPress shopping cart plugin to support both WordPress single and WordPress Multi sites. That means you can create ecommerce portals with single vendor products or with list of products from multiple products. For multiple vendors site they have their own dashboard where they can upload their products and manage the other settings like Tax,shipping and other configurations.

Marketpress WordPress Multi Vendor Plugin -Store Demo products with cart content

As a super administrator (The marketplace owner),you can charge the merchants(vendors) percentage of commissions(Fixed percentage or varied upon specific vendors) for every successful sale of the product. But it not just limited to make payments from product commissions but you can also make money by design and sell the subscription packages which used to  control the resource usage ( number of products can be listed, Disk space use…) with the particular vendors. You can create various levels of membership levels to offer different pricing for the members. So you need to make money until the products being sold.

Price:  $79
Technical Information
Language: PHP
Version 2.8.3
Supports upto : WordPress 3.5.1 ,Multisite 3.5.1, BuddyPress 1.6.3


  • Variety of good features
  • Rock solid support
  • Unlimited installation license (Use with unlimited sites with single license)
  • Frequent updates
  • Cheapest price

As a WordPress extension, you have to do some branding (Remove UN-necessary menus and content) with the member dashboard(You can overcome  this ,using the plugin  “Ultimate Branding” which is also comes from the house of Premium WPMUDEV)

I am watching this plug-in for years and its constantly evolved with periodical updates to adhere with the latest WordPress standards and marketplace requirements.
Highly recommended to purchase this plug-in, if you are determined to start your marketplace only with WordPress.

Visit MarketPress Website

Cart for WordPress Plugin

Cart WordPress plugin is the matured extension developed to support multiple vendor’s marketplace. It comes with variety of good features but the best part is it comes with the flexible feature to collect payments either in the form of commissions or charging listing fees for every product uploaded with the site.

The another great feature of this module is ,it supports Paypal adaptive payments which has the feature of automatic sales amount calculation of different vendors in-case of single order of bulk products from the same buyer(Same buyer at the same instance of time).

E.g. Buyer comes to the central marketplace, selects products from different vendors and orders the items at once.
Now the shopping cart, supports this PayPal adaptive payments calculates the sales amounts of the different vendors and credits to their account and also credits the super administrator account for the sales commissions. Everything will be done automatic without any manual aid.

Price: $1495

Technical Requirement

  • PHP 5.x or higher
  • MySQL 3.2 and above
  • Apache Web Server (http, https)
  • GD Library Support (version 2 recommended)
  • cURL Library Support
  • ZLib Support


  • Flexible ways to make money
  • PayPal adaptive payments
  • Mini sites for vendors
  • HTTPS or SSL support


  • Pricing is costly
  • No clear demo or support information is not available

If you are satisfied with the currently features of the software not much concerned about pricing and periodical updates, then you can definitely consider this module to buy.

Getshopped Multiple Vendors Plugin
This will be the only free wordpress plugin(namely wpsc-vendors) that build for multi vendor requirement. Comes from the house of Getshopped.org, the early wordpress e-commerce plugin developers.It was the extra add-on to use with the core Ecommerce plugin from Getshopped. So you have to install the core ecommerce plug-in first and install this simple add-on to convert the shopping cart with multi vendors feature.

Product sales view by the vendor from their dashboard

Product sales view by the vendor from their dashboard

Being build with the popular ecommerce plug-in you may get all the goodness of the core extension (ecommerce features) and the additional multi vendor support.

Here is how the plugin got works.

  • Install the core plugin and the wpsc-vendors addon.
  • Login as the super administrator of the site and create vendor accounts.
  • Using the admin created credentials; the vendor can login to the dashboard and do their relevant actions assigned to them.

Here is the available different “Vendor” user types and their privileges

Vendor administrator– This user has the complete privileges of the particular vendor account. Can add products, modify the already created products. And the user also has the privilege to view the sales statistics of the products.

Vendor editor– The user has the privileges to create new products and edit existing products .No privilege to view the sales statistics.

Vendor- This user has the privilege just like the default “Subscriber” user of the WordPress.Only view and updates their profile information.

Price : Free


  • All the goodness of the core ecommerce plugin
  • Only free plugin available for wordpress multi vendor purpose


  • Only having few vendor functions
  • The commission structure for vendors can’t be configured and tracked accurately
  • Not production ready

Technical information
Supports upto : WordPress 3.5.1 ,Multisite 3.5.1

If you are not planned to use with the live site and just want to test your WordPress site with the marketplace plugin,you can try it out.
[button link=”http://www.multivendorshoppingcarts.com/Getshopped-Multi-Vendor-Website” color=”#f38713″ size=”3″ style=”1″ dark=”0″ radius=”auto” target=”self”]Visit GetShopped Plugin Website[/button]

CartPress Ecommerce Marketplace Plugin
This is one of the recently released  plug-in available for WordPress. Here is the some of the features found with this module

Cartpress -Assigning the vendor commissions from the admin page

Cartpress -Assigning the vendor commissions from the admin page

The software supports multiple member categories such as administrators, suppliers, producers or vendors. And merchants (vendors) have their dashboard to manage their products and list the products for sell. Can configure commission percentage for each vendor. Viewing of payment reporting is also possible

Pricing: $99
Technical information: Not Available

Cheapest pricing module available


  • Lacking lot of features
  • Not production ready

This module lacking lot of features needed to build a professional marketplace. Not production ready and not recommended for live websites.


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