40 Technical SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid [Infographic]

40 Technical SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid [Infographic]

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving website’s ranking among a list of websites with a specific keyword. By improving the site ranking you can attract more traffic which should lead more en-queries and sales. With some technical SEO mistakes your website may hold back.

Let’s see the SEO traffic checker to check 40 technical SEO mistakes you should avoid to keep traffic on your website.

SEMrush publish their technical SEO mistakes to avoid in the following infographic.

40 Technical SEO Mistakes

They covered the following points:


  1. Links and redirect.
  2. Broken Internal Links.
  3. Sitemap.
  4. Robots.txt
  5. URL structure

On Page Optimization

6. Content

7. Meta description

8. Title tag

9. H1 tag

10. Images

Technical SEO

11. Page speed

12. Old technology

13. Mobile

Image Courtesy: semrush

The key takeaways from this infographic is as under.


The search engine Google consists of a crawler, an index and algorithm. When it finds your website link, it’ll read it and save all its content to it’s index.

Problems concerning links or redirects can be thorny. Some of these problems can severely hurt your website on basic level. Others shouldn’t even be seen as a mistake. With a surprising number of websites still suffering from things like redirect and loops, make sure every main page associated with your site works properly.

Broken Internal Links

Try to avoid 4xx errors and 5xx errors whenever possible on your website.


Most website owners feels that the sitemap should be seen as the heart and soul of their website. A good sitemap is going to ensure a search bot will stay on the correct path, without missing anything important with your website.

Robots.txt and URL Structure

Try to avoid any error in your robots.txt files. Many errors may lead to problems with proper indexing.

Furthermore, you may also want to keep your URL structure in mind. Your URL structure should not only be clear, but it should also adhere to a proper length. These things should be optimized for not only your visitors, but also for any search bots that are going to crawl across your site. Focusing on simple, SEO-friendly structures is the right way to move.

On-page Optimizations

Avoid duplicate content, a low text-to-HTML ratio, and also low word count on your page.

A duplicate meta-description can also cause your on-page optimization potential. Missing meta-descriptions are even worse, and this continues to be a major problem amongst the biggest websites and businesses.

Keep in mind the value of title tag to the CTR of your website. It can also be useful to remember your H1 tags, which can give your users a clear idea of what a specific webpage might be about.


Images do not directly impact your rankings, it is still something that you are going to want to keep in mind. After all, you want your users to have the best possible experience.

Technical SEO and Page Speed

You won’t want to forget about the technical SEO side. Page speed is certainly something you need to pay attention. If it isn’t fast enough, people will go somewhere else. You also have to avoid old technology.

Finally, in this day and age, every website needs to be mobile optimized.

Hope this infographic article will help you to avoid technical SEO mistakes on your website.

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