Boost Your eCommerce Sales With Facebook Ads

Boost Your eCommerce Sales With Facebook Ads

The growth and popularity of social media for eCommerce marketing is worth mentioning. In last few years Facebook has become the popular market place for the re-seller and marketers. Though the main intent of Facebook start out to connect you with people who are very close to you. But with over 2 billion monthly active users this social media becomes the marketplace where brands can connect over 2 billion potential customers. In Fact, Facebook driven 18% web traffic in 2018 and became the second highest traffic driver after google. The best way to utilize the Facebook for marketing purpose is through Facebook ads. Facebook ads can be the best marketing strategy to boost your eCommerce sales. In this article, we will discuss about some strategies to increase eCommerce sales with Facebook ads.

Here are some of the strategies you can use to increase traffic and conversions.

1. Use Dynamic Products Facebook Ads

Conveying the right message to the right person at the right time may bring a huge traffic and conversions. This is what you can do exactly with Facebook dynamic ads.

Unlike regular image and video ads templates, Dynamic Products Ads’ templates will pull images, product names, pricing and other information from your product catalog. And on the basis of the product details you upload to Facebook. It also target people with highly-relevant products from your product catalog.

With dynamic ads you can display single or multi product ads to customers who have already viewed your product, placed it in their shopping cart, or purchased products.

Dynamic Products Facebook Ads

Here are some steps to create Dynamic Product Ads:

  • Upload your product catalog

List your products in an XML or CSV File with attributes like product ID, product name, description, and landing page, image URLs, etc. Keep headers for each row on the top of each column. This product catalog will serve as a virtual database where all information will be displayed for each product.

Upload Products Catalog

  • Add a custom audience pixel 

Dynamic Product Ads use the same pixel that is used to create website Custom Audiences. With some modifications, you can use the same code for Facebook Dynamic Ads. You can find the Pixel code in your ad account under Ads Manager >> Pixels.

Facebook Pixel Code

  • Create a dynamic Ad template

Create the ad template filled with your offer. Give your ads a title, specify keywords to pull product information from the product catalog. Facebook will automatically populate the ad and appear directly on the audience News feed or in the Right-Hand column.

  • Run Your Campaign

You can run ads for all products of your entire catalog or just certain categories.

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads show only those products that are in stock and those with the current price rate. When a customer buys a product from you, the ads are automatically turned off across deliver.

2. Use Multi-Product Ads

Facebook now allows you to choose a multi-product ad. This option will give you the ability to show multiple products in a single ad. There are so many reasons why this particular ad type increases click-through-rate and decreases your costs.

Facebook Multi-Products ad

  • Customers want to scroll down and see more products. This can give your customers more options to choose from.
  • With Multi-products ads you can show a group of products that work together. By using this option tell a story how multiple products interact.
  • You can also use them to show a wider range of products.

3. Build A Lookalike Audience

Facebook Lookalike tools can help you to find new customers based on your past customers characteristics. If you have a long customer list, it will help you to create a huge lookalike audience. More customer data you have, more accurately you will be able to create your lookalike audience.

Facebook Lookalike tools

If you want to create e a good lookalike audience, you have to make sure that your customer list is perfect. You must have brand products and repeat customers on the list. These will help your list be more effective.

If your content worked with your customers, there are good chances that it might work with the lookalike audience too.

There are four types of Facebook Lookalike audience:

  1. Video Lookalike audience.
  2. Email list lookalike audience.
  3. Conversion Lookalike audience.
  4. Page like Lookalike audience.

4. Facebook Re targeting Campaigns

According to a report 72% of online shoppers on average abandon their carts without completing a purchase. Without re targeting campaign, only 8% of them will come back to buy.

According to the report of Wishpond, 70% of web visitors who are retargeted with display ads are more likely to convert on your site.

Following pictures shows a buyer’s journey which is divided into five phases:

Facebook re targetting

Facebook re targeting campaigns display the better information on the products people are already interested in. With updated information, they instantly trigger back into their buying journey and end up with buying the products. It is an effective means of reconnecting with people who visited your store but did not make a purchase.

Facebook re targeting campaign helps boost conversion rate and lowers the overall cost per customer acquisition. But, the main benefit is that re targeting ad appears to only those people who are genuinely interested in your products.

5. Facebook Video Ad

When you make an advertise on Facebook, always think of your audience in two categories: people who already know your brand and those who are not. According to a statistics more than half of daily Facebook users watch videos every single day.

Your customers are much more likely watch a video, as it instantly starts playing when they scroll over it.

Following are the few strategies to make video ad:

  • Make a short video with traditional commercial style. Choose a 10 seconds video that work well as Facebook ads. There are lots of free and high-quality tools to create effective and profitable videos for Facebook ad campaigns.
  • Create a new campaign using Website Conversions objective.
  • Start your campaign with target audiences, that means people already familiar with your brand.
  • Create an advertise with compelling ad copy(Short, Long, Long-Ass).
  • The main goal of your video advertisement is to engage your potential customers. Do experiments and control that instinct to make everything is running perfectly.

6. Audience Optimization

Most people use Facebook for socializing and connecting with others. Very few visit Facebook to make purchases. You have to target those audiences. With Audience Optimization you can achieve this. It is an organic targeting tool that increases the reach and engagement of the posts on Facebook.

If you have an idea of who are your target audience, you can simply feed that information into Facebook to get start. You can target your audience based on their locations, demographics, and interests.

The main features of Audience optimization are:

  • You can use tags to describe interests of people who are most likely to find the post useful.
  • Restriction is also an attractive feature of this tool. You can restrict your posts’ visibility to specific demographics.

Audience optimization is available for all pages. Only admin have to enable this tool.


Before you start with any Facebook ad campaign, test it on a smaller scale by running A/B tests. You can use the Facebook Ad strategies mentioned above to develop your own tactics.

With the consistency and and sticking to your strategy, you can achieve better results over time. Please make sure to use Facebook analytics to check the performance of your ads.

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